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Bittel, Tifanie Aintza

on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:38 am


   FULL NAME: Tifanie Aintza Bittel  (changed via deed poll - formerly Tifanie Aintza Dubois-Bittel)


   AGE: 22 (b. 2006)

   ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Beauxbatons Grad

   WAND: Willow, unicorn hair, 11 3/4 inches + springy

   PLAY BY: Miranda Kerr




   BODY BUILD: slender & athletic


It seems one cannot attend Beauxbatons without learning a thing or two, and for Tifanie it was to make the best of what she had.  She will never compete with veela women, but Tifanie learned early that proper application of conditioner will keep her ordinary, brown hair smooth as silk.  And her eyes may be simple, cornflower blue rather than the deep ocean colour some of her classmates possessed, but when outlined in just the right amount of mascara, they do the job.

Besides, Tifanie has other things to do with her time than worry about whether people like her looks. So her clothes may all be black.  It's not that she can't wear colours, it's just that black goes with black, as everyone knows.  Besides, it's slimming.  She might have stowed that quill in her bun (it's useful, okay?) and yes, she rides her broomstick while wearing a skirt and heels.  There's no law against being pretty and prompt.



+ persuasive
+ amicable
+ shrewd
- critical
- brusque
- intolerant


+ bacon & eggs
+ mirrors
+ good manners
- The English
- Mouldering old castles
- Freezing cold wastelands


To succeed with her work at the Ministry
To find out what happened to her sister


Tifanie likes to criticise everything about English culture at every opportunity. There are always lots of opportunities.

   BOGGART: That Caelani may be dead, although as Caelani was rumoured to be leading the Death Eaters and was never declared dead by either side, this is unlikely.

   PATRONUS:  The journey to the Triwizard Tournament.  It was during that sliver of time when she was still privileged enough to be chosen, but hadn't been rejected from the cup yet.

   DEMENTOR: That one moment when the Headmaster of Hogwarts said everyone working in the school was a Death Eater.

   VERITASERUM: we don't know yet.

   MIRROR OF ERISED: Find her sister, or what happened to her


Tifanie has a fairly laid back personality. She can seem very outgoing and friendly to speak to, but this is really a force of habit. In reality, Tifanie has some very solid convictions and doesn't really like people who don't share her ideals. She'll still be nice to them on the surface, but she won't think of them as real friends.


   FATHER:  Fabian Bittel

   MOTHER:  Syndoche Dubois

   SIBLING/S:  Caelani Bittel (29)

   OTHER: Raoul Dubois (stepfather)

   BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood

   SPECIES: Human

   SOCIAL STATUS: Technically, Tifanie's family is wealthy; her father comes from old money.  However, her own job doesn't pay exceptionally well.





Tifanie was born in England and spent a few years growing up here, just as her sister did, however, when her parents divorced she went with her mother to France and spent several more years growing up in Marseilles.


Theoretically, Tifanie could have joined her sister at Hogwarts, but she instead decided to start school at Beauxbatons. Not only was it closer to home, but she already knew some witches and wizards who would be there with her.

In Tifanie's opinion, Beauxbatons was superior to Hogwarts in every way, and unlike the other students, she had first hand knowledge of what Hogwarts was like in letters from Caelani. It seemed that school was going to the dogs. Things got progressively worse and worse until she suddenly got a letter saying Calli was working there. When the opportunity to actually go and see it for herself came in the form of the Triwizard Tournament, Tifanie was one of the first with her hand in the air.


Since graduation, Tifanie has worked as an Arithmancer for the French Ministry.  Her gift for mathematics along with being dual-lingual made her a shoe in for the position.  She's studied muggle "coding" languages and is currently part of a project aimed at creating a magical variation on the internet.  

She recently transferred to the British Ministry (an opportunity uniquely available to Tiff through dual citizenship) in order to complete the project and, unbeknownst to her superiors, investigate the disappearance of her older sister.


   ALSO KNOWN AS: Selwyn


   HOW YOU FOUND US:  I think...


   CHARACTER PURPOSE:  MAGI-net.  Calli.  It's all you've ever dreamed of.


Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: Bittel, Tifanie Aintza

on Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:55 am
Its nice to see Caelani's sister.  I didn't expect it, and I like the idea.  Opens up all sorts of plotting ideas. 

She looks good.

Accepted and sorted to grads.

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