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Second Year Ravenclaw
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MONTAGUE, Calixta Juliette

on Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:27 am


   FULL NAME: Calixta Juliette Montague


   AGE: 11

   ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

   CLASSES: Whatever's available

   WAND: Fir, dragon heartstring, 11 inches, rigid

   PLAY BY: Sasha Luss




   BODY BUILD: the gangliness of youth, yet to fill out.


Calixta has what is known as a boy-shaped figure which gives her an androgynous look. However, it is not so severe that she could be mistaken for a boy, and of course, she keeps her hair long to emphasise her femininity.

Calixta favours simple, yet well tailored clothing made of soft, natural fabrics. Unlike some of her generation, she does not wish to emulate crass muggle excesses, for reasons that ought to be obvious.




{+} determination
{+} stylish
{+} outgoing & friendly
{-} stubborn
{-} vain
{-} quick tempered


{+} being right, in the sense of getting good grades, having teachers like her, etc
{+} being better than other people, in any way at all
{+} winning, at quidditch and in exams
{+} by extension, other people's failure
{-} not getting her own way
{-} Slytherins who just aren't cunning.  Go join Hufflepuff.
{-} People who think it's cool to pick on the poor muggleborns.  It's not their fault they were born inferior.  It's people like that who make our house look bad, honestly.


Oh Good Merlin, this school is such a tragedy.  It needs help.


Being melodramatic.

   BOGGART: Well, that marriage law was scary, and she wasn't even old enough to get caught by it.  But seriously, she might have ended up engaged to a muggleborn.  Ew.

   PATRONUS: climbing the apple tree outside her window and eating the apples until she was sick.

   DEMENTOR: When she was five, the family dog died and Calixta was the one who found it.

   VERITASERUM: Calixta doesn't have anything to be secretive about.  Yet.

   MIRROR OF ERISED: Obviously, to become the greatest witch of her age.  Isn't that everyone's desire?


Calixta is a friendly, outgoing and funloving girl.  She's easily able to make friends with anyone from any house, so long as they give her the chance and can put up with her insistence that she's better than them, a fact she won't soon let anyone forget.  It's not that Calixta particularly thinks there's anything outstanding about herself, and if anyone asked, she'd probably struggle to name anything she excels at.  She's just spent eleven years being told how amazing she is and the idea is embedded into her psyche.

Likewise, Calixta comes from a traditional pureblood home and fully believes muggles and muggleborns are inferior to her.  What she doesn't do, however, is hate them at all.  Active discrimination genuinely shocks her and she cannot comprehend those like the Dark Followers or Death Eaters.  She's completely in the dark about her parents' activities while they were at school.

Unlike some of her peers, Calixta is a proper pureblood princess.  She's proud of her linage and believes the responsibilities that go along with that are a privilege.  Things like being betrothed to someone she doesn't know are merely the way things are done and evidence of how much better she is than ordinary people.


   FATHER: Graham Montague

   MOTHER: Tracey Montague

   SIBLING/S: Dareios Montague

   OTHER: other significant family or family-like people

   BLOOD STATUS:  Pureblood

   SPECIES: Human






From Calixta's earliest days she was enormously spoilt.  Her wide, blue eyes and brown ringlets along with her sweet disposition allowed her to charm most anyone she met.  There was barely an outing she didn't come away from without some form of chocolate or sweet.  She soon learnt that adults had little real interest in children beyond ornamentation.  As Calixta was pretty, she was easy to show off before she'd be given a biscuit or sandwich and sent to play.  






   ALSO KNOWN AS: Selwyn


   HOW YOU FOUND US: dunno

   MAIN CHARACTER:  That other dude

   CHARACTER PURPOSE: Calixta is fun.  You like her.



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Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Re: MONTAGUE, Calixta Juliette

on Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:09 pm
I think she'll be really interesting, Sel. We are always excited to see young students around the site. I put it in the cbox, but in case folks chat and you miss it, Barbara is taken as a playby. So I can accept the character but you'll need to claim someone else.
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