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ROWLE, Erik Christopher

on Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:00 pm



FULL NAME: Erik Christopher Rowle


AGE: Twenty-One


The Ministry of Magic
The Daily Prophet
Finnigan/Hayes families
The Connolly family



WAND: Hornbeam wood, Unicorn Hair, 8 4/5 inches, springy

"My own wand is made of hornbeam, and so it is with all due modesty that I state that hornbeam selects for its life mate the talented witch or wizard with a single, pure passion, which some might call obsession (though I prefer the term ‘vision’), which will almost always be realised. Hornbeam wands adapt more quickly than almost any other to their owner’s style of magic, and will become so personalised, so quickly, that other people will find them extremely difficult to use even for the most simple of spells. Hornbeam wands likewise absorb their owner’s code of honour, whatever that might be, and will refuse to perform acts - whether for good or ill - that do not tally with their master’s principles. A particularly fine-tuned and sentient wand." -- Garrick Olivander

PLAY BY: Luke Newberry







Erik could be described as charming or awkward, depending on who you ask. His hair is longer on top that at the sides, and his face always seems lit up (though it does more so when he laughs). He has straight, white teeth from years of his parents ensuring that their children looked their best. Erik most of all. He was expected to fill the role of the perfect heir to the family name, whether or not his family was still pureblooded.

He has a rather funny tendency to dress nicer than he needs to, be that with suit jackets when he should just be casual, or by ensuring that he's dressed properly even when he's home. Unless he's in bed, he's dressed well, and he attempts to convince Abraham to do the same. But two-year-olds are a bit testy. Terrible two's and all that.


Easily Discouraged

Toast with jam
His many jobs
Muggle music

Exceptionally hot weather
Wasting time
Being alone
Late mornings
His parents
The dreams about Her

01. Provide for Abraham on his own, without his family interfering.
02. To find some success with his talents outside of little jobs here and there.
03. To get past his first love and find new chances for a family of his own.

01. Has an oddly proper way of speaking when around his family, where he's really open around friends or Abraham.
02. If Abraham is with Elliot or someone else, Erik is more than happy to hole himself away and work on his projects. His mind constantly feels like it's racing, like he could be doing more than he his. It's why he has so many jobs.
03. Erik rarely gets more than five or six hours of sleep a night, as he is a complete morning person, but he tries very hard to stay up late and get work done as well. See Veritaserum.

BOGGART: He's most afraid of losing Abraham, but he is also afraid that someday he'll have to remember Abraham's mother, and based on how upset it makes him, Erik is sure that it would hurt terribly to know the truth. Unfortunately, he couldn't be more right.

PATRONUS: Most of his good memories come from spending time with Abraham, who he feels is the only family he truly needs. It does make him feel a bit guilty because of his siblings and the fact that he truly does care about them, but he has never fully fit in with the rest of his family.

DEMENTOR: He isn't quite sure about this one. He has several bad memories, but they have been covered up with potions by a master potioneer he wasn't even granted the name of.

VERITASERUM: He would never admit it, but he has nightmares that keep him up at night, leading to his desire to blame it on getting more work done. They're always about Her, whoever she was, and losing her. The potion his parents claimed to have given him didn't work. Or so he assumes.


Type: ESFP

"Where's the party?" ESFPs love people, excitement, telling stories and having fun. The spontaneous, impulsive nature of this type is almost always entertaining. And ESFPs love to entertain -- on stage, at work, and/or at home. Social gatherings are an energy boost to these "people" people.

SPs sometimes think and talk in more of a spider-web approach. Several of my ESFP friends jump from thought to thought in mid-sentence, touching here or there in a manner that's almost incoherent to the listener, but will eventually cover the waterfront by skipping on impulse from one piece of information to another. It's really quite fascinating.

New! ESFPs are attracted to new ideas, new fashions, new gadgets, new ______. Perhaps it's the newness of life that attracts ESFPs to elementary education, especially to preschool and kindergarten.

ESFPs love to talk to people about people. Some of the most colorful storytellers are ESFPs. Their down-to-earth, often homespun wit reflects a mischievous benevolence. Almost every ESFP loves to talk. Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question.

The dominant function of ESFPs is concerned with the reality that is perceived through the senses. This type's prime directive is to examine the tangible through taste, touch, sight, feeling and hearing. ESFPs' need for new experiences surely results from this function. Feeling gives focus to the collected information, producing the amiable nature of this type. As perceivers, ESFPs do not linger on moral concerns unless it is in service of a Greater Good and/or a unifying cause.

Feeling, which tends to decision-making in the interest of individual beings, is auxiliary to sensing. As with all introverted functions, feeling for ESFPs has a surreal, cryptic, quintessential nature. It is more often implied than verbally expressed, more apparent in countenance and deed rather than word or creed. Feeling takes care that playful pokes and pranks do no harm to the victim.

Communication style:
Feelings and more feelings fill the life of ESFPs and give it meaning. They are easy to communicate with, and a lot can be discussed and laughed about with ESFPs. They exhibit great warmth when talking about others, even if they sometimes tease them. When it comes to gatherings of friends and acquaintances, ESFPs are always the life of the party. That is how trusting and warm relationships start, which are especially strengthened by their sincere attentiveness to the pressing problems of their conversation parties. ESFPs energy and capacity for empathy inevitably engage others in the lively atmosphere they create around themselves. It is true, however, that their drive to create a festive or cheerful atmosphere can lead to displeasure among some who may find it inappropriate.

Some topics are not particularly interesting to ESFPs, for instance those related to theoretical and logical reasoning. Elaborate discussions of scientific or technical topics do not particularly engage them. They can sometimes keep up a conversation around these topics, but it mostly has to do with their drive to have a wide social circle.

ESFPs have a large circle of acquaintances and friends. After all, a lot of people like to engage in communication with people who are open and who exude an elevated happy mood.

As a rule, business communication among ESFPs is connected to participating in solving current problems that are often related to public relations, advertising or sales. They often manage to find quick solutions to practical tasks where establishing trusting and warm relationships plays an important role.

Alignment: Chaotic Good


FATHER: Thorfinn Rowle

MOTHER: Adelaide Rowle

Paige Rowle, 17. Sixth year.
Unnamed Sibling, 16. Sixth year.
Unnamed Sibling, 15. Fifth year.

Abraham Rowle, age 2.

BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood.


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy, when it comes to his parents. But he wants to take care of things for himself, so when it comes to his personal finances, he's pretty much lower class.

PET/S: --



From the beginning, Erik's parents found that there was something odd about him. He went to primary school because they wanted him to excel, but while he was there, the boy found that he loved the Arts, and he quickly began to care most for creativity and fun. He respected people who excelled in those areas more than he did his parents, who were stiff and commanding and harsh. He, of course, was not surprised when his magical ability showed up, and his parents were all the more concerned that their son would leave for Hogwarts but return to them just that much more distant from them every time. Their interest easily switched from their eldest boy to their second child, a daughter named Paige.

Erik didn't find that he minded, really, and for the next four years, he willingly accepted the fact that he was more or less on his own. It led to his passion for writing, and painting, and for generally having a good time. He is by far the friendliest of his family members, though it sometimes managed (and still manages) to get him into a good deal of trouble.

His father was furious, and his mother was utterly unimpressed, but he was sorted into Hufflepuff without a moment of hesitation from the Sorting hat. His only love during school was Quidditch, but he was never the athletic sort, so he watched it with adoration and pure excitement every time there was a match. When it came to classes, Erik wasn't exactly the best student. He did make sure he got his work done on time, but it was never worthy of top marks.

His exams, too, were poorly done. He had many friends, though, especially in his own house, and his summers home were what he disliked the most. Even more than homework or essays. The majority of his time outside of class was spent goofing off, or panicking at the last minute to get things done. And when it comes to "goofing off," that was really the start of his tendency to pick up random projects here and there. He's more creative than most of his classmates gave him credit for, despite his kind nature. Loyalty towards those who treated him well helped to keep those folks safe from any mischief he "accidentally" caused while within the castle grounds.

Erik had only just graduated when he heard about what his sister Paige had done. She was fifteen, and the idea of allowing her to ruin the family with word of her pregnancy getting out was utterly unacceptable. Of course, this was something that his parents very successfully hid from their younger brothers. Erik overheard their plans to move her elsewhere, and it wasn't long before he had to be "talked to." His father had never felt Erik was interested in the right things, had never felt him worthy of the family name. (Which, frankly, Erik never understood, given that they aren't even a pureblooded family anymore) Thorfinn knew that his son would never live up to old family legend, of their ancestor who was Minister for Magic. Erik was very wise not to comment that his father had not managed it either.

His mother, on the other hand, considered her eldest son to be weak, and more likely to share secrets than to keep them. Neither felt he would be able to preserve their family's honor. So they spoke with a potioneer about whether or not it was possible to plant false memories in someone through the means of a draught or potion. The potioneer confirmed that yes, it was possible to create an imagined reality, provided those around him confirmed what he would start to believe. That, or they had to prevent anyone from telling him the truth.

It's curious, though. A brain is exceptionally powerful, but everything has its limits. Magic has weaknesses and costs. For example, the brain can never create an image of a face that it has never seen. Not even in a dream. So when the potion kicked in, Erik found himself convinced that he had loved a woman whose name he couldn't recall but whose face seemed burned into his memory. He didn't understand why the name was missing, but when he asked, his parents claimed they had given him a potion to help him forget his heartache after she left. Erik could remember them giving him something, but not what it caused, so he felt he had every reason to believe them.

As for their siblings, Adelaide convinced them that Erik and Paige went for a year and a half to stay with cousins and make advancements towards their careers. During that time, she claimed, he had met someone and intended to marry her, but she died after their child was born from the illness that had postponed their wedding. The woman was kind, she said, and refused to tie him down when she knew there was nothing good ahead of her except their child. Of course, that woman never existed, and Paige has no intention of telling her brother the truth. She, far more than any of the others, is cold and dark and firmly believes that Slytherins are meant to be that way. The fact that her older brother was a Hufflepuff made her cringe, but she was actually pleased with the fact that he would take such good care of her son when she did not want to.

In truth, Erik offered to take Abraham in until she could care for him. So there seems to be a slight pinch of guilt within Paige, though he could never place why it was there. It seemed to tie up the loose ends to do as her parents wanted, and so his offer was ignored, yet taken up at the same time. His parents, of course, don't know what the face looks like. The one he sees, that is. So they've no idea how to go about preventing his meeting whomever it is - not that the potioneer told them that part. No one expects to run into any real problems now that everyone around them believes it. Two years in, nothing has gone wrong yet. And Erik is none the wiser.

Erik found himself with a plethora of little jobs here and there, between writing for the Prophet and working sales at Fleurish. He also has an affinity for writing and painting personal projects. The apartment he lives in with Abraham is full of unfinished canvases and he has a spare room set aside for his scribblings. On the whole, his life is really quite happy, and Abraham enjoys all of the time he gets to spend with the man he thinks is his father.





MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne/Keiran

CHARACTER PURPOSE: I just love him, okay?

NOTE: I've left some people unnamed for plotting purposes, so people can fill in the gaps if they'd like to. Just send a PM to Adrienne's account.

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Re: ROWLE, Erik Christopher

on Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:17 am
He's adorable! Accepted and sorted into Graduates! <3
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