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Solstice Cane
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CANE, Solstice

on Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:05 am



FULL NAME: Solstice


AGE: 33


HOGWARTS HOUSE: former Hufflepuff

CLASSES: Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND:Aspen with inlays of hawthorn and rowan,  with a core of veela hair—a hair donated by her mother. The aspen itself is yielding, but the hawthorn and rowan are more formidable, resembling a user who is soft and gentle on the outside but can be strong and formidable if she has to be. The aspen and rowan being good for divination and healing, the hawthorn good for protection.

PLAY BY: Stevie Nicks





BODY BUILD: slender

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Solstice is someone people are often drawn to without knowing why. She carries some of the mystical aura that is so common to her mother’s Veela heritage, and it reflects in her slender build and graceful, fluid body movements that are just natural to her. Her blonde hair is long and usually casual. Bohemian styles are natural to her. She loves boots, hats, fringe, bright scarves, all sorts of jewelry, flowing skirts, lace, and she loves combining them to make her own style.



Hard working
Free spirited
Solitary, generally
Can be passive aggressive
Patient, generally
Fun loving
Fiercely protective of those she loves
Family and friends
Moon and stars
Bright colors
Herbal tea
Candlelight and firelight
Crystals, stones, beads
Printed fabrics
Writing poetry
Comfort foods, loves cooking
Doing things “old school”
Flea markets and second hand stores
Sketching, Painting
Fluorescent lighting
Metropolitan life
Muggle electronics
Hot weather
Processed foods
Neon lights
Contemporary décor
Social excess and excessive spending
Loud noise
Cold hearts
Heavy metal music
Artificial anything
Waste and misuse, especially of nature

GOALS: Love. Solstice believes that the love of family and friends is all important. She wants a simple life with those she loves, without excessive intrusion or complication of either the wizarding world or the muggle world.

HABITS & QUIRKS: She’s a night owl by nature and she’s a bit reclusive. She doesn’t give out the location of her home easily, but she always welcomes friends and loved ones. She can be wary of strangers if they show up at her home uninvited  She can be evasive with strangers--she tends not to tell all she knows, finding some security and defense in keeping a couple “cards in her hand.”

BOGGART: Incompetence. What if someone she loves comes to harm and she has to live with knowing she could have done something to prevent it or stop it?

PATRONUS: Ironically, as much as she hates parties, her best memory is of a camping trip with the extended family on her father’s side of the family. She remembers a large family dinner one night at the camp. She remembers all the music and the laughter and the love, all at one place at one time.

DEMENTOR: The death of her grandmother when Solstice was 16, during a Christmas break, in the deepest coldest part of the winter. She remembers, despite her father’s telling her otherwise, that there should have been something she could do to help cure her grandmother’s illness.

VERITASERUM: Despite loving her house in the woods, she sometimes becomes desperately lonely and she’s been known to stir a bit of a Romanian “dream tonic” into her tea.

MIRROR OF ERISED: She dreams of being the sort of powerful “mystic” she believes her grandmothers were, and dreams of them being proud of her.

PERSONALITY:Solstice is a blend of her parents. She is independent, free spirited, very spiritual, and tends to see life through the eyes of divination and magic. In a natural environment, she is at home and is bright, vibrant, and blissfully content. In the city, she is repressive and uncomfortable and out of her element. She is creative and loves repurposing things, and although she has the means to buy what she needs, she most often will repurpose something, and loves to frequent second hand shops and flea markets for “good finds” and likes to paint, re-upholster, re-decorate. She is big hearted and loyal to those she loves. She doesn’t have a huge crowd of friends, but she has deep relationships with those she has gotten close to and is unyieldingly loyal to them. She highly values her heritage and her family. She rarely gets angry and tends to repress those feelings. When she does get angry, though, she most often resorts to some sort of passive aggression.


FATHER:Stefan Costin, age 58, halfblood, translator in Romanian Embassy, London.

MOTHER:Bianca (nee Cane), age 51 , Veela, jewelry designer, homemaker.

SIBLING/S:   Dimitri Costin, brother, age 31

                 Sorin Costin, brother, age 28
                 Emil Costin, brother, age 25
                 Simona Costin, sister, age 21
                 Zina Costin, sister, age 21

OTHER: Solstice has a huge family on her father’s side. Her mother’s side is much more limited. She has an on again, off again romantic relationship with Miles Bennett.

SPECIES:Half Veela

SOCIAL STATUS: She prefers a solitary lifestyle, but she is very comfortable financially—far more than she ever lets anyone know, some of the wealth having come to her in inheritances from both sides of her family. Most of it has come through her mother's side, though.

PET/S: Pfft. She has endless animals hanging out at her place. Not enough space on the app. However, for the purposes of the app, she has a great horned owl named Jal (a European name for a wanderer.)

OTHER POSSESSIONS: a sizeable collection of palantirs that is combination of ones handed down to her and ones that she’s acquired herself through the years.


EARLY YEARS: Solstice was born July 6, on a bright, clear moonlit night to Stefan Costin and Bianca Cane. Her conception had been unexpected, and it had threatened to cause an immense rift between her mother’s rigid and wealthy Veela family and her father’s earthy and warm Romanian "gypsy" clan.

Stefan Costin was a brilliant, studious man who had a natural knack for languages. He met Bianca in London when he had started serving as a translator in the Romanian consulate. His skills were valuable because Stefan was multilingual, speaking 5 languages and a number of regional dialects. He was 24.
BIanca Cane was beautiful, bright, and artistic.  It was Bianca’s 17th birthday, and he met her at a Christmas ball. Stefan was hopelessly captivated by her. Bianca was a young, willowy, stunning blonde, and her mother had been trying to keep a strong hand on the girl. As it happened, though, she allowed her flirting to go entirely too far, and Solstice was conceived in the broom closet of the party’s host. 
The Cane family was outraged to find that Bianca was carrying the child of a gypsy, much less than it was before Bianca’s graduation. They confronted Stefan’s parents and demanded Stefan “do the proper thing” by marrying Bianca. However, her parents refused to let them marry until after Solstice was born solely so that Bianca was not pregnant at her wedding.
Once Solstice was born, though, she was well loved by both the Canes and the Costins. Her parents married, moved into a small flat in London, where Solstice spent the first seven years of her life. Stefan continued to work in the consulate, and her mother used her artistry skills to design fine jewelry and to sell it, bringing in a satisfactory sum herself and being able to be available to care for the children.  When her mother became pregnant with the third child in the family, Sorin, they moved to a house in Tinworth, where she became the eldest of six. Although her maternal grandparents definitely would have preferred that Bianca would have married into the wealth and affluence that befitted her heritage, Stefan and Bianca had a warm, loving relationship, and provided a happy home for their children. It never centered on wealth or things but, rather, it centered on people, love, laughter, and genuine closeness and caring for one another. Of all her siblings, she was closer to Dimitri, and that has never changed for her.
The Cane family made sure that Solstice had a well versed knowledge of her Veela history, and although she did spend time with them, it was the Costin family that Solstice grew to feel closer to and love. It was their great love of nature, their zest for life, their fierce love for one another, and their knowledge of magic and divination.  She grew up knowing how to speak not just English but also Romanian and her family’s traditional local dialect. Solstice had Veela in her blood but she had "gypsy" in the deeper part of her soul. It colors her values and traditions and her tastes.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Because of Stefan’s work at the consulate, Solstice attended Hogwarts. She was sorted into Hufflepuff and was not disappointed by the warm, comforting atmosphere of the Hufflepuff house. She took quickly to her classes and got above average grades. She excelled, though, in Divination, Care of Magical Creatures, and Charms. She found she preferred to spend extra time with the magical creatures that she studied and soon found she had some aptitude for healing, especially when it was with the creatures she so loved studying. In her later years, she served an apprenticeship at the Ministry in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and she spent most of her time working with injured or ill animals. She started to shine as an animal healer.

She was a rather quiet student when she was outside of the Hufflepuff house, but she had a small handful of close friends that she remains close to. She did date, sort of, if one could call it that. She found herself pairing up with some of her male friends at social events so that neither of them had to appear dateless. Miles Bennett was the first exception to that. He was her friend, and the New Year’s Eve dance of their 7th year, he dared to kiss her at midnight. Once the potential for romance had been unleashed, the two of them became an item.

ADULTHOOD: When she graduated from Hogwarts, she spent almost ten years working in the Ministry as an animal healer. When she first graduated, she took a room in a boarding house and spent two years there, saving her money. She frequently visits her parents and often returns to Romania to visit her father’s family. Her contact with her mother’s family is more sporadic but she writes often to her maternal grandparents. She remains close to her siblings.

If there was anything she was unhappy with, it was London city life. She hated the endless concrete, and she started to look again for something in a small village. When she came across a cottage deep in the woods on the edge of Hogsmeade, she scooped up the property and was quick to make it hers, wrapping herself in the Bohemian lifestyle that has been such a tradition to her family.  The cottage is well hidden and protected, not easy to get to, and rarely does anyone manage to find it unless she intends them to.  She likes it that way. She has left the Ministry now, but never has a shortage of animals that, one way or another, find their way to her for healing. She has a small barn on the property that has become an informal animal clinic. Often, domestic and wild animals alike hang out close to her property.  She raises much of her own herb and food supply.
Miles still comes and spends time with her, off and on again. It isn’t that they don’t get along. He, however, likes the city as much as she detests it.  He can bear to spend a few days at a time with her, but much more magnifies how much of a fish out of water he feels sequestered hidden in the deep woods. He has a steady, conservative job in one of the offices at the Ministry.  Solstice honestly doesn’t know how he stands the banal 9-5 paper shuffling.  He doesn’t know how to live in the free spirited, no rules style she blossoms in because it’s too unpredictable for him.  She and Miles have considered children, but neither of them have any faith it would really work long term. She has been pregnant once by Miles but lost it early on, and it has created an obstacle between them that neither of them can bear to talk about.






CHARACTER PURPOSE: Because she’s stuck in my head.

RP SAMPLE: Okay, I’m leaving now….
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Re: CANE, Solstice

on Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:57 pm
Lovely! Accepted and sorted into graduates!
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