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Michael Corner
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Michael Corner
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Corner, Michael Valentine Empty Corner, Michael Valentine

on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:05 am



FULL NAME: Michael Valentine Corner


AGE: 48



WAND: Cedar, Phoenix Feather, quite supple, 13 inches





HEIGHT: 6'1"

BODY BUILD: Athletic

TATTOOS:  D.A. 1996-1998 in block letters on his left bicep, L'amour vient de la connaissance in cursive across his right hip.


Michael is the kind of man who gets described as beautiful, pretty, occasionally hot but rarely handsome.  He doesn't have a problem any of this. Indeed, he possesses that typically Ravenclaw ability to dispassionately agree that he is the walking embodiment of classical masculine beauty, though not contemporary attractiveness.  

The problem is more his discomfort with the attention it garners him. Michael doesn't see his appearance as any kind of accomplishment.  He would prefer to be lauded for his abilities and skills, yet everyone is always most impressed by his looks.



+ Charming
+ Optimistic
+ Insightful
- Impulsive
- Determined
- Flexible morality


+ Dark chocolate
+ Quidditch
+ Snuggling up with a good book on the couch
- Black & white thinking the wizarding world is so good at
- Reunions, anniversaries & get-togethers.  He goes, but they hurt.
- Hogwarts.  He's sure the professors were stricter when he was a kid.


He has a goal to continue his father's work, but it's vague and never been acted upon.
Obviously, he wishes to see his family happy.


bites his lower lip whilst concentrating

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear)  Jenna or Terry's death.  He could barely cope with his dad's death murder.

PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory) He knows it should be seeing Jenna the first time, but the way her mother set it up, that ended up being a horrible surprise.  So it's really the moment when Terry turned up on his doorstep, and Michael didn't even need to ask why he was there.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory) The feeling of sheer helplessness after he found a stash of calming draughts in Terry's trunk that could have knocked out a fully grown dragon.  And not knowing if he should say anything about it because they didn't know if they'd live through the year anyway and if this was helping his friend cope then why not let him be?

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret) He's pretty sure he could have been a Slytherin

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire) Terry has a recurring nightmare about the time Mike was tortured.  He recalls it even more vividly than Michael himself does (probably because Mike had lost consciousness long before it was over).  Michael would give anything to stop those dreams.  As it is, the best he can do is hold Terry until he either wakes up or slips into a deeper sleep.


Michael is a friendly and outgoing person, with a predisposition toward optimism though this has been tempered by traumas of his past.  His confidence and disposition makes him great at working with other people, an essential part of his career.  

However, Michael does have a tendency to hold grudges, sometimes for years, and woe betide anyone who even thinks about hurting those he loves.


FATHER: Uriel Jason Corner (deceased)

MOTHER: Estelle Bronwyn Corner

SIBLING/S:  Zoe Artemis Brennan (nee Corner), 50, squib


Juniper Tessa Boot-Corner, Ravenclaw student, 7th year, Daughter
Terrence Silvius Boot-Corner, Ravenclaw Grad, 48, Husband

Alan John Brennan, Brother-in-law, 53, muggle

BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood

SPECIES: human

SOCIAL STATUS: Socially upper class, wage bracket comfortable





Born in 1980, the first two years of Michael's life was stressful, but he doesn't remember that.  After the "death" of Lord Voldemort, things became much more laid back.

The child of a family as synonymous with healing as the Lupins, when Michael began showing magic early it was not long before he became his parents favourite, no matter how much they resisted such bias.  However, his sister though two years his senior, still hadn't shown any ability and Michael inevitably became the one shown off to neighbours and friends.

His natural talent in areas apart from magic did not help the situation.  A bright and vivacious child, Michael was keen to learn about anything and everything.  He was truly the epitome of the Renaissance ideal, and the ideal child for Ravenclaw parents, perhaps apart from his impulsive nature.


Unlike his sister, who turned out to be a squib, there was never any doubt that Michael would go to Hogwarts and possibly even less that he would be sorted into Ravenclaw.  

Michael's first few years at Hogwarts were unremarkable, or as unremarkable as they can get when one's in the same year as the Boy Who Lives.  He kept himself out of trouble and avoided Harry Potter as best he could.  Michael could never seem to figure out whether he felt sorry for Potter or thought he was an attention seeking arsewipe.

Then he got involved with Ginny Weasley and didn't get the luxury of thinking like that anymore. From what Michael understood the entire Weasley family worshipped the ground Potter walked upon.  He certainly couldn't go voicing his less than flattering opinions to one of the guy's biggest fans, and Michael was under no illusions that Ginny still was one of Potter's biggest fans.  That was okay, though.  She was trying to make Harry jealous; he was trying to make Terry jealous.  It worked out well for everyone no matter what some people might say about other people's quidditch skills.

Regardless of dating Ginny, he still joined Dumbledore's Army in fifth year.  Later that year, with Voldemort looking to send a message to any who'd opposed him in the past, Michael's father was murdered in the street.  Uriel Corner had been well known for attempting to destroy the myth of blood superiority.

Sixth year was a haze of study and... more study.  Although the wizarding world was getting bleaker by the minute, Michael's desire to become a healer was always been foremost in his mind.

When he came back (was ordered back) for seventh year, it was to a school that was more like a prison.  The sixth and seventh years figured out very quickly that their learning was less important than their ability to withstand a cruciatus curse and the DA reformed with a much more martial focus than the study group it had been.

It was, of course, during this year that Michael was tortured by the Carrows for attempting to assist a first year and when Terry developed his potions dependency, something Michael has never forgiven himself for not doing anything about.


After Hogwarts, Michael travelled for a couple of years, doing the typical grand tour.  It was during this time he got his DA tattoo, partially in defiance of those who made such a big deal out of the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter.  There had been nothing more offensive to the entire DA than for Potter to stand there and admit he had no idea what he was doing and then, on top of that, to refuse their help as well.  Michael had felt a detached sort of melancholy when he heard the other man had died or disappeared or whatever had happened, but he'd never got over his dislike of Potter enough to truly be upset.  At the time, the tat had just been a way of showing he was loyal to Dumbledore's Army, not The Boy Who Lived.

The next 10 years were spent at St Mungos, expanding his skills and studying to become a real healer (oh, and being a healer, it doesn't take that long...).  Michael didn't know if it was fortunate or not that he'd been an impromptu medic for the DA.  He'd probably taught himself a lot of bad habits (he knew he'd taught himself bad habits, if his internship was anything to go off) but by the same token, it meant he didn't baulk at much either.

At first, he'd kept in touch with Terry, but after his friend got married, they somehow lost contact.  Lisa was one of those women who always wanted to know where Terry was and what he was doing and it just got too weird.  And if he was honest, too painful.  It was ironic, because they'd both always assumed Michael would be the one snatched up by someone else.  So Michael drowned his sorrows in booze and women.  After all, he had the looks for it, everyone always said so.

What he didn't expect was a little bundle of joy.  He was a healer for Merlin's sake!  He was always safe!  The slag had deliberately waited until the very last moment.  As in, when she was in labour, to tell him (he wasn't even at work that night).  Unfortunately, she'd not counted on Michael's cynical side testing the child.  But then he'd not counted on those tests coming back positive.  She promptly wrote his name on the birth certificate and informed him that she had a life and she never wanted to see either him or the baby again.

Two years passed, and to be honest, Michael acclimatised to being a father very quickly.  Probably not even because he was already used to looking after people, he'd just never enjoyed the party lifestyle that much in the first place and raising a child gave him the perfect excuse to give it up.

He bumped into Terry at a supermarket, which was either the most or least likely place Michael could think of for Terry Boot to be.  His parents weren't pureblood, didn't even try to pass themselves off that way, but they certainly thought magic was better than muggle.  They got talking, made plans to go for a beer one day when Michael could get a babysitter for Jenna, and he was soon learning all about Terry's rapidly deteriorating relationship.  When the other man turned up on his doorstep out of the blue several weeks later, Michael let him in without a word.

They dated for three years before having a small marriage ceremony at a registry office in Muggle London, however for Michael at least, it felt like more a matter of paperwork than anything else.  He'd loved Terry since they were in school.  He celebrated the occasion by getting his hip tattooed.  Terry has the same phrase... somewhere.

They've settled into a quiet family life, being sure to raise the kind of child who doesn't race headlong into magical battles or sign her name to contracts she doesn't understand (everyone remembers what happened to Marietta, after all).  Although there have been a few terrifying moments, Jenna remained at Hogwarts because at least with Voldemort gone, the Death Eaters in the UK could be relied upon to consistently mess themselves up.



RP EXPERIENCE: I'm way too obsessed with this place

HOW YOU FOUND US:  I can't remember


CHARACTER PURPOSE:  Another healer!  yay!

Personal Information

Date of Birth: 17 / 3 / 1980

Gender: male

Sexuality: bisexual

Current Address: TBD

Social Status: middle class

Economic Status: comfortable

Magical Information

Patronus: Hummingbird

Amormentia: Copper, ink, lemon, vanilla, lavender

Favourite kind of magic:

Least favourite kind of magic:

Classes taken:

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Michael Corner
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Michael Corner
51 : Alumnus
NoneHogwarts Healer

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Corner, Michael Valentine Empty Re: Corner, Michael Valentine

on Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:07 am
Sorry, this is like a novel!
Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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St Mungo's

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Corner, Michael Valentine Empty Re: Corner, Michael Valentine

on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:42 pm
looks good, Selwyn! And I never mind reading long apps.

Accepted and sorted to grads!

Corner, Michael Valentine Mki25h
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Corner, Michael Valentine Empty Re: Corner, Michael Valentine

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