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The House Elf, Port.

on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:07 pm

Port, The House Elf


Port Kekel, The House Elf (He's created Kekel as a sort of 'Last Name', as master says. It sounds right.)

AGE: 31

ALLEGIANCE: To Master. (Likely the Death Eaters however.)

PLAY BY: Kreacher


HAIR COLOUR: White. Many spots on his head fill in where hair should be.

EYE COLOUR: A hazed and mixed brown and black.


BODY BUILD: Deathly thin. Even skeletons say Port should gain more weight. He disagrees with the skeletons.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Long and drooped. All of his features are living proof that gravity exists, and perhaps double for him. His eyes are sunk in and his ears fall to his shoulders. He has a long piece of skin hanging from his neck at all times that he occasionally plays with. His nose droops to his mouth and there are marks on it from the times he's bitten it.



  • Undying Obendience
  • Drunkard
  • Quick to emotions (Typically anger and sorrow.)
  • Impatience
  • Intelligent

+ Master
+ Newspapers (He prefers to read them after Master, making sure it's perfect.)
+ Alcohol (Typically something light in the morning, and something heavier at night.)
+ Singing (Sometimes songs he's made up, other times ones he has stuck in his head.)
+ Rain and Clouds (It feels funny on his head, and it doesn't hurt his eyes. Double bonus.)
+ His Cockroach, Yibba.
- Parties/Guests (It generally means he must attend to their needs, which he dislikes. He'd rather serve master, or himself.)
- Other House Elves (Try talking to one of those happy-go-luck snots and tell me you don't have a headache. He'll know your lying.)
- Sunshine (It hurts his eyes. It also has made him trip a couple times. It's out to get him.)
- Diagon Alley (He had to stay there alone while he looked for a master.)
- Ravenclaws (They're too smart for their own good.)

To redeem Yibba's death.

  • Whenever he's bothered by something, he bites his nose.
  • He tends to scratch his head.
  • He prefers to read things after someone else has read it.
  • He obeys his masters commands fully, but if a guest tries to command him, he'll try and twist their words and do something nasty.
  • He makes up names for the drinks he has. It never stays the same for longer than a few days.

Solitude. He often has nightmares that he is on an island that he can't leave, even if he tries to apparate. Nothing more, except that. No visible land in sight, or generally complete darkness.
When he first met master. It was a particularly rainy day as he recalls. He was completely alone as he sat in Diagon Alley. He held a sign that was rather hard to read, as the paint on the cardboard had nearly been washed off. All that was legible was 'Elf wants Master'. Finally, a master had found Port and took him off that street. That alone was good enough.
Yibba's Death. Yibba, Port's best friend in the wizarding world, was a rather energetic house elf. Port and Yibba would run around, playing pranks on people walking by. One day, Port saw a bottle in some man's pocket. It was in a silver flask, which intrigued Port. Yibba stood nearby on watch as he grabbed the man's flask. He failed to realize that stealing was illegal. He panicked as the man called Wizards to take them away. Port apparated away, hoping that Yibba would escape as well. He took a sip of the flask, discovering it's interesting taste. After asking, he discovered it was alcohol.

After a week of loneliness, he found a paper. The headlines were filled with many different things, but one small story in the corner bought his interest: 'House Elf caught thieving. Executed for horrible deeds.'. It made no sense to him, knowing this was Yibba (As what other elves were there, stealing?), why they would kill her. It brought tears to his eyes, and he tore the story out, keeping it with him. He kept the flask, filling it with alcohol from and open flasks he could find. Anything to keep her out of his mind longer.

He got Yibba killed. He considers it unforgivable, and now attempts to forget it.

To redeem Yibba, though he refuses to recall. If he could find a way, he would.

Sour. If he were a flavor, he'd be a green apple and lemon. He dislikes attention and new people. He acts violently when certain things are brought up, such as his flask, and Yibba. With his master however, he acts like a completely different person: Grinning, singing, and generally excited for the next thing. He's still somewhat of a prankster, and finds ways he can fool guests.


Pop. He doesn't particularly remember, as all House Elves generally leave their parents as a child, but he definitely remembers he was good.
Mum. Once again, he doesn't recall very well, but he certainly believes she was very aggressive.
None. He certainly remembers he's an only child.
Master. (Details pending, mostly on who accepts me.)
BLOOD STATUS:  Elven (I suppose so. Isn't any of those, but can still cast magic.)



A Cockroach named Yibba.

A silver flask.
The latest edition of The Daily Prophet
The story of Yibba from The Daily Prophet.


ADULTHOOD: While his childhood was somewhat muddled, he definitely recalls his adult life. Serving. Serving. Talking to Master. Serving. Pranking a couple of guests. Serving.

His life is rather dull in his opinion.



Terell Bud Adair

Reviving one of the oldies I had when I was a kid. Also, because why not?


Port sat quietly, eyeing the guest with a wicked glare.
"What are you staring at you oaf? Fetch me something to drink." The guest said, his hand near  to smacking the look off of Port's face.

Port nodded quietly, hopping to grab a glass from the counter and headed toward the bathroom.
"A drink he wants. I'll give him a drink. . ." he said, his voice crackling a little bit as laughter took it's place. Suddenly, Yibba hopped onto his shoulder and looked frantically at the toilet now approaching the pair.

"Master won't be happy, you know. Don't want to disappoint Yibba, do you?" the Cockroach cried. The words stung Port and he swung his hand over his shoulder, trying to beat the creature.

"Shut up about Yibba!" he shouted, the words echoing in the house. He hastily dunked the glass into the porcelain throne, drawing out it's tinted beauty. It was probably clean, but it'd give Port a good laugh. That's what he needed: A good laugh. Surely. He turned around, and headed for the guest at the door.

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Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:32 am
I like him b/c he's not as flat and one dimensional as, perhaps, we might see a house elf.  However, I have a question. In canon, it appears that Dobby had magic--and very sophisticated magic, at that, if you compare what Dobby could do to what Harry an Ron and Hermione could do. Are you considering Port to be nonmagical, or not trained, or are you making some distinction between house elf magic and wizard magic? Can you clarify for me please?  Thanks!


Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:10 am
There is actually a difference between House Elf Magic and Wizard magic. Here's a link to the threads I used on the Wiki for House Elves:



If this is in any way wrong to you, feel free to let me know, and i'll simply say he can't cast magic, or that he can cast only simple servicing magics.

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Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:55 am
Hi, Terell! I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I'd like to help get your app figured so that you can start posting with Port, and Khaat has a great deal of work to prepare for tomorrow, so she's asked that I help you out.

When I think about house elf magic, it isn't that they have less ability than witches or wizards. They actually have more ability. They can break rules wizards can't, they don't need a wand to harness that magic, and they are overall more powerful. Service is something that the elves choose to do. They enjoy serving a family. The house elves were angry when Hermione tried to free them, so it is truly something they want to do. In theory, house elves should be more powerful, and able to do spells outside of simple service ones. Dobby broke the rules to (in a rather ridiculous way) try to save Harry. In the lore of Rowling, and on this site, it would make more sense for Port's magic to be different in that he isn't constrained to simple service spells, and that he very much wants to help his master's family.

I really like his personality, as cranky house elves are quite a lot of fun to read, so I imagine he'll be loads of fun to write or RP with. I think my only question for you would be, if he cares for his master, he should want to serve, right? Even though his magical ability is higher than the family he works for. We don't want to take away your character's motivation, but to fit into the lore, wizard magic would be beneath him, and we definitely don't want you to experience any hiccups in trying to write him because anyone is confused as to what he's after.

Does that make sense? I don't want you to feel like I'm just rambling at you or anything. If there's any part of that which you feel stuck on, you're more than welcome to PM me so we can figure this out and hopefully get him going so you can chat with other members about which family he'll be working for. Smile

Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:57 am
I completely agree. I've changed his goal to redeeming Yibba's death.
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Slytherin Graduate
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Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:03 am
I think that could be really fun, actually. Especially if he works for a dark family, with magical artifacts and things, y'know? Ones he thinks might help him? Definitely something you could have fun playing around with Very Happy

If anyone looks at your app, it might be a wee bit confusing with the Goals still saying to learn that other sort of magic, but it can definitely be a side goal as a sort of interest if you think he finds wand use curious or something along those lines.

But I'll go ahead and sort him into Other so you can start figuring out who he's involved with Very Happy

Re: The House Elf, Port.

on Wed Jul 01, 2015 4:21 am
Sorry. I didn't see my goal. I figured you meant the Mirror of Erised. Changing goals now.
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Re: The House Elf, Port.

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