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on Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:01 pm



FULL NAME: Andraste Dericotte

NICKNAMES:  She typically goes by 'Andra' around friends.

AGE: 26


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Graduate, Former Slytherin

WAND: Acacia with Veela hair core, twelve inches and flexible. Tends to be temperamental, skilled at subtle magic, fairly uncooperative with users other than Andra, and easy to overlook or miss.

PLAY BY: Tara Emad


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown, nearly black

EYE COLOUR: Dark, steely brown

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Approximately 5' 6"

BODY BUILD: Thin but gently curved, Andra is slender with little extra weight (although her arms are well-formed from obvious exercise).

GENERAL APPEARANCE:  On immediate glance, one could describe Andra as feline.  She carries herself with the kind of care and grace of someone who spends a great deal of time thinking about her appearance and always seems clean, well-dressed, and intentional with her every move.  Her movements match the other, she is quick to share smiles or silent, confiding looks, but no matter the situation she has a difficult time shaking the small rise at the corner of her lips giving away her perpetual amusement at the unfolding of the world around her.


TRAITS: Intelligent and manipulative, ambitious, attentive to detail, observant, organized, focused.

LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes: Wealth and power, the finer things and material goods, animals and magical creatures, success.  Dislikes: soapbox value systems, the mindless masses, dirtiness and disorder, losing.

GOALS: To find wealth and power, to achieve, to be admired.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Andra borders on being a neat-freak with her level of organization-- the only exception being her love for caring for her animals, despite its messes. She smokes pipes (in her mind, her single way to unwind and relax), cherishes wine, has a library of scrolls from shopkeeping records, and has a collection of quills and ink that is her pride and joy.

BOGGART: Herself, collapsed in a heap overcome in sobs.  She fears her own weakness in attachments to others and being out of control of her own life. On occasion her boggart resembles nothingness, her fear of being forgotten.

PATRONUS: To conjure her Patronus, she immediately imagines the day she left her home.  Her Patronus takes the form of a faintly spotted panther.

DEMENTOR: Andra hears echoes of voices from her childhood, voices mocking her. "Your dad is such a loser, you're just like him."  "What's wrong, weirdo? You gonna cry again?" and other such phrases

VERITASERUM: Her love for a muggle boy as a child and his turning her away, her greatest shame.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Wealth, power, and ultimate control.  She sees herself ruling the world around her with coin and status that no one can take from her.

PERSONALITY: When Andraste went to Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat would have sent her into Slytherin quickly, though not without contemplating Ravenclaw as an initial choice.  Andra is an ambitious woman who values power, particularly power in status, above all else but relies on her intelligence in order to arrive at her goals.  She is witty and sly when it comes to her relationships and uses them as the means for her to arrive at her ends, though she values a strong connection more than anything else and treats her allies like gold.  A charming and charismatic woman, Andra tends to either draw people to her or repulse them immediately, the former those of similar ambitious minds and the latter more dimwitted fools who rely on silly concepts of honor and value.  She is always thinking, always analyzing, and only pauses for air when she knows she is completely alone-- to a point where some might call it paranoia.  But to Andraste, she can never be prepared enough, never know enough about the situation at hand.


FATHER: Orion Savoya, Muggle

MOTHER: A woman named Natasha, half-blood (Andra knows nothing else about her)

SIBLING/S: No full-blood siblings, unknown of any half-siblings

OTHER: Anita Dericotte, an elderly witch who mentored Andra when she was younger



SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class/Wealthy

A male Maine Coon named Mythil

She has a collection of quills and ink, all of which are either not magical or are of basic magical variety (quick-notes, self-writing, self-inking). She also has an Augrey-feather quill that she doesn't use for writing, since it repels ink, but cherishes it as a keepsake.


Andraste was born to a Muggle named Orion, who owned a small pet store in a small town rural area, and a traveler named Natasha who was exploring the nearby wildlife.  The two were enamored with one another on a whirlwind romance.  When Natasha became pregnant, she decided to settle in the town and gave birth to young Andraste.  Orion was a quiet, modest man who was passive and slow-to-action, and passionate, adventurous Natasha began to resent him. She left when Andraste was two, unable to handle the dullness of his life, never telling Orion of her being a witch. It broke her father's heart and he dove into his shop, hardly paying Andra any attention.

As Andraste grew up surrounded by Muggle children, she couldn't comprehend the strangeness that was happening to her until an elderly witch living in the area, Anita, began to mentor her and explained the magic.  Andra reveled in the realization and learned all she could, isolating herself from her father and the other children.  She was outcasted by all but Anita and began to resent them, hating them for their cruelty and ignorance. There was only one exception, a Muggle boy she grew enamored with, but when he shot her down she became enraged and cut herself off from them entirely.  Anita passed away shortly before Andraste learned of wizarding school and left.  She took Anita's last name, stole every coin from her father's shop and a small kitten, Mythil, that she had grown attached to and left for Hogwarts.

Andra flourished at Hogwarts, being sorted into Slytherin, connecting quickly with other like-minded students and excelling in class.  Particularly, her classwork with magical creatures showed particular skill (making up for her lack in other areas) gave her a certain kind of passion and she spent a great deal of her time in trouble for harboring different kinds of creatures all over the school.  She never forgot her hatred towards her Muggle father and the members of her town, and quickly she fell in with other students who aspired to inherit their parents' memberships in the Death Eaters or join anew themselves.  

She was initially reluctant, not because of their aims and intent but because of her own discomfort in being in another's control.  But after graduation she began to travel, picking up a variety of odd jobs and her travels and perspectives all only convinced her.  She became a Death Eater and spent her first several years on various assignments, before recently moving to London.  Having saved a great deal of her coin (and the coin she initially stole from her father), she decided to open up a shop and combine her passion for animals and the darker things in life.



RP EXPERIENCE: Been in the RP world for going on twelve years now! (Good lord I'm old.)

HOW YOU FOUND US: Affiliate of an affiliate of an affiliate (and so on)

MAIN CHARACTER: Andraste Dericotte

CHARACTER PURPOSE: I would love to have her own a shop in Knockturn Alley that sells Magical Creatures and creature-based items! (She could also be a substitute teacher at Hogwarts if that's helpful too.) I'd be happy to work with admins on what kinds of creatures would and would not be acceptable for her to sell. Ideally this could be used for the Death Eaters as they'd like, whether they'd want it as a front or whatever they'd like.


Gently, she lifted her finger towards her face, a light sniff bringing in the husk of visceral and powerful transitions and resounding with recognition.  Andra smiled softly, pleased, the gentle light touching her eyes and gentling the typical steel of her gaze. She gently shook her fingertips, allowing the ash to fall back into the tank, before rubbing her hands on the apron draped around her waist. The tank was vast, large enough that ashwinders could crawl from a fire at one end and make their way to the small, warm cave at the other before they lay their eggs. The ash smelled like the ashwinder who had been born from the small fire, only about two hours ago. This one had lasted awhile. Regardless, the eggs were the real prize.  Soon the soft straw in the cave would start to smolder and Andra would know the eggs were mature enough to freeze.  With all the summer romances beginning, she was sure ingredients for love potions would be in high demand.

Content, Andra turned to look to the rest of her shop, quietly working her way through the aisles of toads, crups, rats, bats and billywigs, all chirping and crowing and crooning in a kind of healthy hum that made the shop  tremble with the vibrancy of the life within.  She adored it.  For all of her dislike of so many people, she found it was always much easier to get along with animals. They tended to protest less often, really.

She wound her way through the aisles to the counter, pausing only the scratch the head of Mythil who laid lazily along the edge.  The air was filled with an etching sound near where an open scroll rested and the self-writing quill quivered, darting words and numbers along in rows and columns.  "There should be five ashwinder eggs," Andraste called out to it as she opened her drawer, pulling out her wand.  The pesky thing had been much less temperamental once Andra had let it take a break in the drawer every couple hours.  Whatever helped really, Andra suspected the wand wasn't a big fan of London's climate and the last thing she needed was for it to grow depressed again. "Though make sure you mark three of them as reserved, Harris should be stopping by for them sometime tomorrow." The wand hummed into her palm, a kind of connection that Andra could never really vocalize or explain, but it was something she would never forget.  The moment she first held the wand, felt the magic come alive in ways she didn't know were possible... Well, no one forgot their first.

She meandered back towards the ashwinder tank where the smell of smoke drifted, the layer of paper and straw and small twigs in the cave lighting.  Lifting her wand, Andra froze them, the ruby red eggs cool to her touch as she pulled them from their hiding place.  Five, her guess was right.  She was getting better at this. The soft smirk touched her lips, a smugness coloring her expression as she placed the eggs carefully in their new container before renewing the straw and twigs in the cavern. The smirk still glittering in her eyes, Andra lifted her wand once more, igniting a fire at the far end of the tank, where hopefully another ashwinder would be born and she could repeat the process.  Easy money. Andraste smiled, practically tasting the coin now.    
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Re: DERICOTTE, Andraste

on Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:27 pm
Hey, Vy!  

Welcome to PA!  I've read your app, and I really like her. I like the creativity that she brings with all the magical creature knowledge.  She sounds like she's going to be a lot of fun.

I'm going to accept her.  Don't forget to apply for your playby's face claim.  

Accepted and sorted to Grads!

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