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Kubin, Jack Nathanial

on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:18 am



FULL NAME: Jack Kubin


AGE: 20

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix



WAND: Vine, 12 inches, Dragon Heartstring

PLAY BY: Jonas Armstrong




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Slightly above average

BODY BUILD: He is about a normal build, with broad shoulders, and extremely lean.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Standing at a height of 6'2", or 1.8 meters, Jack is slightly above the average male height, however this does not seem so, because Jack is usually slouching down, his shoulders hunched forward when he sits or when he is standing idly. His lightly tanned skin compliments his dark brown hair and his striking green eyes. Jack has a slightly muscular build, as it is shown due to the fact that most of his shirts and pants are rather fitted, however his body is constantly hidden by work robes, as he is now a Reporter for the Daily Prophet.


TRAITS: Stubborn, quiet, thick-skinned, sarcastic, kind, soft-hearted, forgiving, impulsive


  • Reading

  • Magical Creatures

  • Butterbeer

  • Quidditch

  • Muggle Technology


  • Dragons

  • Arrogance

  • People who are bad at small talk

GOALS: To get over his fear of dragons, and to gain enough wealth to support himself and his future family

HABITS & QUIRKS: When bored, Jack tends to play around with his hands, and is always fumbling with something with his fingers.


PATRONUS: The night of his Hogwarts graduation, as it showed that he had actually made it somewhere in life.

DEMENTOR: When him and a friend got in an accident when in Romania transporting Dragons, which resulted in a nasty burn on Jacks back and the death of his friend and his owl.

VERITASERUM: He doesn't believe he deserves to be a wizard, as he wasn't able to prevent the death of his close friend at work

MIRROR OF ERISED: To be with a family and his few close friends, together.

PERSONALITY: Jack is a quiet fellow. As opposed to his former self, he doesn't start arguments as much as he used to, and he definitely does not come off as the arrogant, brash child that he once was. Now, he is seen as a great deal more somber than he once was, infinitely more quiet. After dragon keeping, he decided to enjoy the quiet, beautiful things in life as opposed to nearly getting himself killed every second he got.

When angered, though, Jack tends to be impulsive, and doesn't think things through. His actions have caused many broken appendages to him and others, and have also landed him trouble with The Ministry and Muggle Law Enforcement. But when he is even tempered, Jacks mind is calm, and his eyes are always on the watch for anything out of the ordinary. Jack is always observing everything around him, and takes note of whatever he can.



FATHER: Michael Kubin(Deceased)

MOTHER: Sarah O'Gonnel Kubin

SIBLING/S: James Kubin (Age 11; Hufflepuff), Nicole Kubin (Age 18; Slytherin)

OTHER: George Libra(Step Father)

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle-Lower class.

Stumpy (Pygmy Owl)



EARLY YEARS: Jack was born just as every average muggle was. He was raised in a household that typically didn't condone magic, although he has faint memories of his mother flicking a stick in the direction of certain rooms and they would begin to clean themselves, but he had always brushed those memories to the side, thinking them to be part of his imagination. Jacks father had previously died when he was the age of four, so that left few memories that Jack had of him, however his mom quickly remarried after that, settling upon a hairy, greasy man who Jack had little contentment for.

When Jack first got his letter for Hogwarts, he thought it was some sort of prank, and subsequently burned the letter with a lighter in his room. It wasn't until he received another two letters at the same time when he decided to figure out what was up. When his mother listened to him talk about the letter, her face had lit up with joy, and she began to talk to him about the entire wizarding world, while also creating an intricate lie about how Jack would be going to an academically gifted boarding school, as Jack had always been the top in his class.

HOGWARTS YEARS: After his mom had helped him purchase all his school supplies, and had successfully bought him a pet owl, Jack was sent off to Hogwarts, where he remained by himself in a train compartment, refusing anyone that offered to sit in the compartment next to him. When he got there, Jack was very much in awe at the magic that surrounded him. He was an above average student for the most part, his natural ability for academics aiding him to no end as he constantly joked and caused problems in class, yet his grades were always above average.

Jack had taken an inclination towards the dangerous side of the magical world, which is what somehow got him tangled into a mess with his past-girlfriends brother, Elijah Krum. Elijah had trained him into becoming an Animagus, and Jack had never registered with The Ministry, so he had kept this ability a secret with himself for as long as he could remember.

ADULTHOOD: After graduating Hogwarts, Jack got himself a job almost immediately as a Dragon Keeper in Ireland. This sort of job was one that Jack had always dreamed of, and he had loved it to no end. There he had spent about a year in Romania, learning how to care for a dragon and how to keep one sedated and everything, through experience, where one decided to get loose.

A Romanian Longhorn had somehow gotten free from its cage, and was wreaking havoc during Jack and his colleagues shift at work. The two of were not as prepared as they had originally thought they were, and in the heat of the moment and  in an unfortunate turn of events, the dragon had ended up stepping on Jacks companion, killing him almost instantly). From that point, Jack turned in his resignation and decided that Dragon Keeping wasn't for him.

Months after that episode, Jack finally got another job as a Reporter for the Daily Prophet, choosing to be a bit less extreme in his professions, although he does keep in contact with a few of his friends when he was out there.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Cap'n Jack Spearow

RP EXPERIENCE: five years

HOW YOU FOUND US: You guys were advertised on some website I believe


CHARACTER PURPOSE: I'm bringing him back to life.

Taking a deep breath, Jack pondered the thought of going up to the woman. He had nothing to lose, did he not? It's been literal years since Jack has last approached a female, in regards to whether she wanted a romantic relationship or not. He had the fortune of dealing with a crappy relationship in his teenage years, and he had never quite moved past that-- until now, that is.

Jack closed his eyes for a second, the pub around him bustling with customers and workers, while he tried to make up his mind as quickly as possible. She was an attractive lady, no doubt, and she didn't seem that old, perhaps his age, or a year older, at most? But, she was also a muggle, so how would that bode for Jack? That would mean either keeping his magic a secret, or telling her and risk scaring her off, and Jack wasn't about to risk the second option, if he were to ask.

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Re: Kubin, Jack Nathanial

on Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:18 pm
Jack, we give two weeks for applications, and it looks like you still have some things to finish.  I'd like to see this character back on the boards, so I'll give you a few more days, but if you can't get it finished, I'll soon need to move it into storage until you have time to finish him. 



Re: Kubin, Jack Nathanial

on Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:12 pm
Hi hello I'm done sorry for taking so long you got my PM I assume

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Re: Kubin, Jack Nathanial

on Tue Jun 30, 2015 8:17 pm
Looks good to me, Jack! Just remember to do claims and things, and I'll get him sorted for you!
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Re: Kubin, Jack Nathanial

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