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Selwyn Thorfinn
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
24 : Alumnus
HalfbloodPart Veela

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Bits and Pieces Empty Bits and Pieces

on Sun May 17, 2015 11:16 pm
Mr Selwyn Thorfinn the Younger of Glencoe

Burmese cat

Books, Sandalwood, Ozone, Lanolin


Height Logistics

Bits and Pieces W1pkc1

Selwyn 5'11" : Shylock 6'3"

Bits and Pieces 2n00wg8

Selwyn 5'11" : Addie 5'5" (approx)

Bits and Pieces 2hs900i


1.  Sìth Brugh, Glencoe, Scotland - family home
2.  72A Elizabeth Street, London - personal flat
3.  Hogwarts Castle - work


Bits and Pieces 2qvqhc6

Sìth Brugh

Bits and Pieces Zkhbpf

[Shut up, he can live in a fairy castle if I want him to]

72A Elizabeth St

Bits and Pieces 281g5k7

Bits and Pieces 2ufytjq

Bits and Pieces 2qc4boo

Bits and Pieces 9ut8h5

Bits and Pieces 23leirk

Bits and Pieces Of7c08

Bits and Pieces 2zey0xt

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Shylock Ashcroft
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Shylock Ashcroft
23 : Alumnus
NoneDaily Prophet Columnist

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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

on Sat Sep 19, 2015 3:10 am
The Ashcroft Family

They're technically quintuplets:

  1. Monroe Alpha  b. 2006 (22 July)
  2. Shylock Beta  b. 2008 (29 February)
  3. Destrey Gamma  b. 2008 (15 August)
  4. Cassabian Delta  b. 2010
  5. Lusk Epsilon b. 2012 


Bits and Pieces 2iiiu03

Monroe, Shylock & Cassabian = 6'3"
Destrey & Lusk = 5'10"

The Family Home - Connistone Hall

Bits and Pieces Qrnssh

Bits and Pieces 2wmp9qd

Bits and Pieces N4yscp

Personal Stuff


Address  Parallel Path, one of the streets off Diagon Alley
Patronus  Wolf
Bits and Pieces 300s7ir


Address  Camden Town, NW London
Patronus  Peregrine Falcon
Amormentia Grass, Suede, Ink, Liquorice
Sexuality Pansexual
Other Genderfuçker
Bits and Pieces Etfvo9


Address  Hogwarts
Patronus  Unable to produce a patronus (so far)
Sexuality Aromantic Heterosexual
Bits and Pieces 29c9sn5


Address  ---
Patronus ---
Other Musician
Bits and Pieces 1628wte


Address  Connistone Hall
Patronus Swallow
Other Magical Prodigy
Bits and Pieces 14cvafs
Selwyn Thorfinn
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
24 : Alumnus
HalfbloodPart Veela

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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:13 am
À Trois

Selwyn was floating in the pleasant warmth of half wakefulness before skin slid against skin and he was catapulted into awareness.

There was an arm thrown lazily across his middle. Hair tickled his chin. A knee hooked around his own was what had woken him; Shylock stretching in his sleep. His own arm was pinned uncomfortably beneath Shylock's torso.

He knew he was stuck. They were so well entangled that there was no way Selwyn could get up without waking Shylock as well. With his free hand, he reached down to trail his fingers through Shylock's hair.

There was a muffled groan of irritation.

“Morning,” Selwyn said, amused.

Shylock gripped Selwyn's ribs and burried his head in Selwyn's shoulder.

“No,” Selwyn felt lips moving on his skin as Shylock tried to deny reality.

“Oh, yes,” Selwyn replied. “How're you feeling?”

That got a better reaction, and Selwyn filed it away for future reference as Shylock looked up, eyes still hazy with sleep.

“Fine, I was fine last night. I told you,” he said.

“Just checking. Can I have my arm back, please?”

Shylock rolled off him, allowing Selwyn to slide his arm out from underneath.

“Thanks, it was going numb.”

They lay side-by-side in silence for a moment, Selwyn rubbing the feeling back into his arm.


“I should-”

They both laughed.

“Go,” Shylock said.

Are we an item now?” Selwyn asked.

“I don't think you're allowed to be an item if one of you is dating other people,” Shylock replied.

“That's what you want, isn't it?” he added, before Selwyn could speak.

“Not necessarily,” Selwyn replied. Still unsure himself, he thought he knew what Shylock wanted to hear.

“You're in love with Adrienne.”

“I'm in love with you.”

“With both of us.”

They lapsed into silence. He wasn't going to deny it.

“I don't mind,” Shylock said. “I wasn't serious yesterday.”

“You sounded serious.”

“Seriously annoyed,” Shylock replied. “But, I already knew about her, really. You told me you were in love with her the first time you came over.”

“Then...” Selwyn paused. “Why? Why were you annoyed if you already knew?”

Shylock sighed.

“Because,” he said, “I was angry at myself. I knew you were lying when you said she was just staying at yours but I told myself I could handle it, and obviously I couldn't. So I was angry.”

“Strictly speaking, she is just staying there,” Selwyn said.

“I mean, she knows how I feel, but I have no idea what's going on inside her head,” he said. “That's why I came round that first time, I couldn't decide whether I should ask for advice or a shag.”

“You came to me for advice about women?” Shylock sounded disbelieving.

“You had a lot of girlfriends when we were at school,” Selwyn replied.

He wasn't sure why he sounded defensive. It was true; Shylock had been the playboy of Slytherin, if not the rest of the school. Not that Selwyn could ever fathom why. He'd never seemed to behave much nicer to any of the girls who fawned over him than he did to anyone else.

“Yeah,” Shylock snorted, “and one hundred percent of them were dating me to annoy their perfectly pureblood parents.”

“So you and Adrienne really aren't together?” he said.

“Well, I think she doesn't want to deal with me until everything with Kaiden's sorted out,” Selwyn explained. “Having said that, I doubt she'd be impressed if I flooed home and told her all about you.”

“Ah,” Shylock said. “You have an understanding.”

“No, Shylock. We have a misunderstanding,” Selwyn was becoming frustrated now. “That's kind of what I was maybe going to ask you about.”

Shylock shrugged.

“I'm all ears.”

“It's like, I'm trying to do the right thing by her, y' know? She's just come out of an abusive relationship so I don't want to rush her or make her uncomfortable or anything. But then she seems to think that's all kinds of wrong.”

“Have you told her this?”

“It's hard enough getting her to stop apologising every time she speaks without explaining that emotional abuse is a real thing as well,” Selwyn said.

“Uh huh." There was a moment of silence. "Well, do you know what she does want?”

“Apparently, I need to initiate more.”

“When did she tell you that?”

“About three weeks ago.”

“And did you?”

“No! It just... ends up so awkward.”

“And you were preoccupied?”

“And I was preoccupied.”

“You're gonna have to improve your time management if you wanna make this work, love,” Shylock breathed, amused.

“This isn't funny.”

“No, I know. Anyway, you were fine surprising me last night. What's stopping you doing something like that with Adrienne?”

“It's not the same with her as it is with us.”

“Can I ask?”

“She's really shy,” Selwyn replied, “and she seems really naïve, but then she'll come out with something completely unexpected.”

“Such as?”

“She was teasing me once about how much more patient she is than me, and I said it didn't matter because I have a perfectly good relationship with my own hand,” Selwyn smiled.

“So you were trying to get into her pants,” Shylock said.

“Not her pants. Maybe her bra,” Selwyn replied. “Anyway, then she says, like she's all disappointed, that she'd hoped I'd be thinking of her when I did that, but obviously she was wrong.”

“That's hot.”

Selwyn nodded. It kind of was hot now. At the time, he'd been thinking of other things.

“The thing is, she didn't even realise what she'd said until I repeated it back to her.”

“That's even hotter. I'm not seeing any shyness there.”

“Yeah, she is quite frank when she's talking about things. The shyness is more in her body language. It's uncomfortable and it makes me worry that she won't tell me if I cross a line.”

“So ask.”


Shylock leaned across and kissed his boyfriend.

“Is this okay?” he whispered, not breaking eye contact.

“Um, yes?” Selwyn replied, not exactly sure what was happening.

Shylock smiled, ran his fingertips up Selwyn's chest and across his nipple.

“How 'bout this?”

“Uh huh,” Selwyn gasped, tipping his head back.

“Uh huh,” Shylock repeated thoughtfully.

He lowered himself by Selwyn's side, dropping his head to speak directly into Selwyn's ear.

His hand had moved low on Selwyn's body, but now it stopped.

“What d' you want, Lovely?”

“We can't,” Selwyn groaned. “I have to get upstairs.”

Shylock drew away immediately.

“Mmm, but you see what I meant about asking now,” he said.

“You tosser,” Selwyn replied, but his heart wasn't in it. “You were gonna get me all worked up to prove a point?”

“Let it never be said I don't know how to enjoy myself,” Shylock said. “And you might want to reconsider your choice of insult since a moment ago you were practically begging me to do exactly that.”

Selwyn Thorfinn
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
24 : Alumnus
HalfbloodPart Veela

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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

on Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:48 pm

Thread Titles

Give it a whirl Split Enz
song title

I Kissed a Girl Jill Sobule
They can have their diamonds and we'll have our pearls

Let me entertain you Robbie Williams
song title
(Let you entertain me)

Lines on Palms Josh Pyke
We need to feel the sum of all our parts
(the sum of all our parts)

Music is the Victim Scissor Sisters
song title

Prejudice Tim Minchin
Only a ginger can call another ginger "ginger"

Sew my Name  Josh Pyke
You can't outgrow something sewn under your skin
(Something sewn under my skin)

Shark Attack Split Enz
Shark Attack - further lyrics in thread

Ship My Body Home Ben Lee
And I'm finally hoping / That I'll be torn open
(Now I'm hoping I'll be torn open)

Short Skirt / Long Jacket CAKE
I want a girl with a mind like a diamond

Suddenly in blue Cordrazine
song title

Teardrop Massive Attack
Love is a doing word

The 2nd Law: Isolated System MUSE
In an isolated system entropy can only increase

Unnatural Selection MUSE
No chance for fate / It's unnatural selection

Unsent Letter Machine Gun Fellatio
I don't know if I lied when I said we're not together

Who put the devil in you?  You Am I
song title

Character Inspo

Selwyn Thorfinn

Black and white boy Crowded House
Common People Pulp
Hallelujah Rufus Wainwright
Heroes David Bowie
I'm not in love Deni Hines
Paradise Charlie Chan
Skin Tight Scissor Sisters
Tainted Love Soft Cell
You've ruined all my favourite songs Machine Gun Fellatio

Shylock Ashcroft

Break Me, Shake Me Savage Garden
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) Garbage
Hurt Nine Inch Nails
Howl Florence & the Machine
Love is the drug Bryan Ferry
Not Perfect Tim Minchin
Sex and violence Scissor Sisters
Time is running out MUSE
You've ruined all my favourite songs Machine Gun Fellatio

Monroe Ashcroft

Changes David Bowie
I can make the world safe for you The Whitlams
It's a sin Pet Shop Boys
Survival MUSE
Theme from BBC's Sherlock David Arnold
Werewolves of London Warren Zevon

Destrey Ashcroft

A little party never killed nobody (all we got) Great Gatsby Soundtrack
Dangerous M. Pokora
Howl Florence & the Machine
Mack the Knife Louis Armstrong
Sweet about me Gabriella Cilmi

Angelique Pyrites

Bette Davis Eyes Kim Carnes
Short Skirt / Long Jacket CAKE
The girl of my dreams (is giving me nightmares) Machine Gun Fellatio
Wicked Game Chris Isaak

Michael Corner

Michael Franz Ferdinand
Love like Semtex The Infadels
Believe Me Natalie The Killers
Sex on Fire Kings of Leon
Home Skunkhour

Jenna Boot-Corner

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Michael Corner
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Michael Corner
51 : Alumnus
NoneHogwarts Healer

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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

on Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:38 am
Michael Valentine Corner

Born 17 March 1980
Patronus Hummingbird

Terry Silvius Boot-Corner

Born 23 December 1979
Patronus Butterfly
Selwyn Thorfinn
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
24 : Alumnus
HalfbloodPart Veela

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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

on Thu Mar 02, 2017 5:03 am
Owlr Addresses
because I can


  • Selwyn = Selwyn @blacknwhiteboy
  • Shylock = The Weakest Link @CherryLips
  • Clair = Prisoner of Society @WildThang
  • Clytemnestra = Lux @MorningStar
  • Darcy = Darcy Dris @NotYourNPC
  • Lucy = Lucy Weasley @Lulucachoo
  • Christian = Christian T @TheYoungMaster
  • Monroe = Monroe Alpha @OffTheRecord
  • Destrey = Destrey Ashcroft @MissAshcroft
  • Michael = Michael @dancewhore
  • Terry = Terry @TerryCorner
  • Percy = Percy Weasley @Percival
  • Jenna = Jenna Boot-Corner (Tutor) @JuniperBC
  • Angelique = Angel @Ma'am


  • Selwyn's Parents = Thorfinn @SithBrugh
  • Shylock's Parents = Connistone Research @ConnistoneOfficial
  • Cassabian Ashcroft = Cass @NotThatCassabian
  • Lusk Ashcroft = Lusk @GeekChic
  • Lusk's Startup = Hogwarts Cheat Sheets @SurviveHoggies
  • new wolf pack (potentially) = Werewolves of London @LondonWolves
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Bits and Pieces Empty Re: Bits and Pieces

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