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Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
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Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Sun May 17, 2015 12:12 am



FULL NAME: Wendy Eliza Fudge
In the case of the character from J. M. Barrie's play 'Peter Pan' (1904), it was created from the nickname fwendy "friend", given to the author by a young friend.
In American the meaning of the name Wendy is: Family; Wanderer.

NICKNAMES:  Every now and then, her mother will call her Lizzie. When she is being scolded, she is called Wendy Eliza.

AGE: Fifteen.

+The Ministry of Magic
+The Fudge Family
+House Hufflepuff
+The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
+The Wimbourne Wasps
+Leaning towards Potter's Army


CLASSES: Charms and CoMC.

WAND: Holly, unicorn tail and pixie hair, twelve inches, whippy.

PLAY BY: Carey Mulligan


HAIR COLOUR: Short blonde hair that curls just under her ears. Sometimes, it’ll grow passed this length. When it does, it becomes frumpy, and a bit closer to brown. She doesn’t like tis length, however, but always gives it a chance.

EYE COLOUR: A deep brown.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: She’s a tad tall for her age.

BODY BUILD: Slender. Pixie-like.

+Pale blues
+Pale pinks
+Deep reds
+Mustard Yellows
+Crème-dark beiges
+Floral patterns
+Skater Skirts
+Boyfriend jeans
+Light, summer dresses
+Inch-high heels
+Week Of Outfits

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Wendy has a round face that leads into a strong jaw and a soft chin. She has a natural blush to her pale skin, and her lips are noticeably pink. She has long eyelashes and light brown eyebrows that she makes sure she maintains. Her eyes are soulful and brown, and typically full of light. She has pixie-like ears and she smiles easily, causing dimples and smile lines. Her eyes tend to crinkle. She has short blonde hair that sometimes grows out - she always tries it, and rarely likes it.

Wendy puts in effort for her appearance, but it is typically fairly minimal. On a day of major preparation, she will put on natural blush, some shade of brown eye shadow, light mascara, brown eyeliner, and a little bit of lip gloss. Usually, she'll just add the mascara or eyeliner, but not usually both. She has a natural eye for quirky fashion so she typically throws on the quickest ensemble she can arrange.


Hard Working
Self conscious
Uncertain of self

+Peach tea
+Her siblings
+The Quibbler
+The weather – sunny or rainy, she loves it.
+The ocean
+Maritime stuff
+A good mystery
+Writing and receiving letters
+A kind word

-Tough competition
-Death Eaters and bad people
-Being alone for too long
-Extended silence
-The fact that she can’t play piano
-Animal abuse
-Unkind people
-Being left out
-Her hair when it’s long
-Getting papers handed back, getting her grades
-Fighting with her siblings
-Metal music
-A messy room

+Pass her classes
+Save some money
+Graduate Hogwarts
+Take a year off, hopefully with Simon, to travel
+Take care of her siblings

+Loves sewing
+Collects antiques bottles and vials
-also collects things such as scraps of fabric, old cushions, doilies, etctera.
+Giggles when nervous.

BOGGART: Harm to happen to her siblings. A boggart will take the form of one or more of them hurt or dead.

PATRONUS: One particular memory? Try plenty of memories up in her attic with her siblings. Being announced as Hufflepuff and seeing a sea of clapping people, eager to meet her, is also a fond memory.
Once she will be able to cast a patronus, it will be a swan.

DEMENTOR: She hasn't had a particularly hard life, so the worst thing she probably has ever seen is the look of disappointment on Simon's face when he realized his sister would not be joining him in Slytherin.

VERITASERUM: Sometimes she wishes she could get away. She would miss her family, for sure, and would be afraid of getting lost. But she has wanderlust like crazy and wants to explore the world. Not that she would tell anyone. She wouldn't want anyone to think she wouldn't miss them.

MIRROR OF ERISED: If Wendy looked into the Mirror of Erised, she would be sailing home after a long trip, returning to see her family.

Giving (from most dominant to least dominant).
1.Acts of Service
2.Words of Affirmation
3. Gift giving
4. Quality time
5. Physical Tough

Receiving (from most dominant to least dominant).
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Physical Touch
4. Acts of Service
5. Gift giving

TEMPERAMENT: phlegmatic

Your temperament is phlegmatic. The phlegmatic temperament is fundamentally relaxed and quiet, ranging from warmly attentive to lazily sluggish. Phlegmatics tend to be content with themselves and are kind. They are accepting and affectionate. They may be receptive and shy and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change. They are consistent, relaxed, calm, rational, curious, and observant, qualities that make them good administrators. They can also be passive-aggressive.


The caring, interpersonal type. Twos are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. They are friendly, generous, and self-sacrificing, but can also be sentimental, flattering, and people-pleasing. They are well-meaning and driven to be close to others, but can slip into doing things for others in order to be needed. They typically have problems with possessiveness and with acknowledging their own needs. At their Best: unselfish and altruistic, they have unconditional love for others.

PERSONALITY: ESFJ - Extraverted Feeling with Introverted Sensing) – The Caregiver

As an ESFJ, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you deal with things according to how you feel about them, or how they fit in with your personal value system. Your secondary mode is internal, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion.

ESFJs are people persons - they love people. They are warmly interested in others. They use their Sensing and Judging characteristics to gather specific, detailed information about others, and turn this information into supportive judgments. They want to like people, and have a special skill at bringing out the best in others. They are extremely good at reading others, and understanding their point of view. The ESFJ's strong desire to be liked and for everything to be pleasant makes them highly supportive of others. People like to be around ESFJs, because the ESFJ has a special gift of invariably making people feel good about themselves.

The ESFJ takes their responsibilities very seriously, and is very dependable. They value security and stability, and have a strong focus on the details of life. They see before others do what needs to be done, and do whatever it takes to make sure that it gets done. They enjoy these types of tasks, and are extremely good at them.

ESFJs are warm and energetic. They need approval from others to feel good about themselves. They are hurt by indifference and don't understand unkindness. They are very giving people, who get a lot of their personal satisfaction from the happiness of others. They want to be appreciated for who they are, and what they give. They're very sensitive to others, and freely give practical care. ESFJs are such caring individuals, that they sometimes have a hard time seeing or accepting a difficult truth about someone they care about.

With Extraverted Feeling dominating their personality, ESFJs are focused on reading other people. They have a strong need to be liked, and to be in control. They are extremely good at reading others, and often change their own manner to be more pleasing to whoever they're with at the moment.

The ESFJ's value system is defined externally. They usually have very well-formed ideas about the way things should be, and are not shy about expressing these opinions. However, they weigh their values and morals against the world around them, rather than against an internal value system. They may have a strong moral code, but it is defined by the community that they live in, rather than by any strongly felt internal values.

ESFJs who have had the benefit of being raised and surrounded by a strong value system that is ethical and centered around genuine goodness will most likely be the kindest, most generous souls who will gladly give you the shirt off of their back without a second thought. For these individuals, the selfless quality of their personality type is genuine and pure. ESFJs who have not had the advantage of developing their own values by weighing them against a good external value system may develop very questionable values. In such cases, the ESFJ most often genuinely believes in the integrity of their skewed value system. They have no internal understanding of values to set them straight. In weighing their values against our society, they find plenty of support for whatever moral transgression they wish to justify. This type of ESFJ is a dangerous person indeed. Extraverted Feeling drives them to control and manipulate, and their lack of Intuition prevents them from seeing the big picture. They're usually quite popular and good with people, and good at manipulating them. Unlike their ENFJ cousin, they don't have Intuition to help them understand the real consequences of their actions. They are driven to manipulate other to achieve their own ends, yet they believe that they are following a solid moral code of conduct.

All ESFJs have a natural tendency to want to control their environment. Their dominant function demands structure and organization, and seeks closure. ESFJs are most comfortable with structured environments. They're not likely to enjoy having to do things which involve abstract, theoretical concepts, or impersonal analysis. They do enjoy creating order and structure, and are very good at tasks which require these kinds of skills. ESFJs should be careful about controlling people in their lives who do not wish to be controlled.

ESFJs respect and believe in the laws and rules of authority, and believe that others should do so as well. They're traditional, and prefer to do things in the established way, rather than venturing into unchartered territory. Their need for security drives their ready acceptance and adherence to the policies of the established system. This tendency may cause them to sometimes blindly accept rules without questioning or understanding them.

An ESFJ who has developed in a less than ideal way may be prone to being quite insecure, and focus all of their attention on pleasing others. He or she might also be very controlling, or overly sensitive, imagining bad intentions when there weren't any.

ESFJs incorporate many of the traits that are associated with women in our society. However, male ESFJs will usually not appear feminine at all. On the contrary, ESFJs are typically quite conscious about gender roles and will be most comfortable playing a role that suits their gender in our society. Male ESFJs will be quite masculine (albeit sensitive when you get to know them), and female ESFJs will be very feminine.

ESFJs at their best are warm, sympathetic, helpful, cooperative, tactful, down-to-earth, practical, thorough, consistent, organized, enthusiastic, and energetic. They enjoy tradition and security, and will seek stable lives that are rich in contact with friends and family.

Jungian functional preference ordering:
Dominant: Extraverted Feeling
Auxiliary: Introverted Sensing
Tertiary: Extraverted Intuition
Inferior: Introverted Thinking


FATHER: Rufus Fudge, 42, halfblood.

MOTHER: Maura Fudge, 40, halfblood.

Simon, 16. PB : Evan Peters.
Pippa, 13. PB : Milou Sluis. 
Noah, 11. PB : Colin Ford.

OTHER: Lucy, 55, maid.

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.


SOCIAL STATUS: Lower upper class - well off.

A teacup munchkin cat named Mia.

+Books galore
+Antique bottles and vials - collects them


EARLY YEARS: Rufus Fudge had the unfortunate pleasure of having a family name tied to politics. His grandfather had been Deputy Minister. His father was Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. And his uncle would become the Minister of Magic. Despite the fact that Cornelius' career did not end with tons of approval on his side, the Fudge name still had to be maintained and upheld.

Rufus, however, did not have a talent for it whatsoever. He tried and tried and tried, until he finally found his position as Head of the International Magical Office of Law in the Department of International Magical Cooperation. It was there that he met Maura Douglas, who was working her way up to take a British Seat on the International Confederation of Wizards. Maura was the most genuine of the women he felt comfortable taking for wife. He found himself very much in love within a few months, and they were married by twenty three.

Maura had a firm plan for her life. She wanted the seat and her fourth and final child all by the age of thirty. Rufus often laughed that it wouldn't be done, but stopped laughing when Maura turned blew out the candles on her cake with little Noah in her arms.

Simon was the first. The little boy was quiet, but the important part was there was a son. Maura assured Rufus she would have two boys and two girls, as she had always known it, but Rufus just desperately wanted a son. They had barely adjusted to life with a baby when Wendy came, a shy thirteen months after her brother.

Maura would have continued at this pace had her job not gotten to her. Still, Pippa followed two years after Wendy, and Noah came two years after. Maura was named the British chair three weeks before she turned thirty.

Wendy grew up happy. The dynamic between her parents was loving. Maura was a naturally lucky woman, and naturally lucky people tended to be fairly happy with their lot in life. She often joked, often smiled, and loved dancing while she worked. Rufus was a quieter, more plain man with no remarkable talents. He was, however, consistent. He got home at the same time every day, read the paper for the same amount of time, and always said the same few things before bed.

Unfortunately, her parents lacked any real intrigue or interest. They loved each other because they loved each other. They worked to pay bills. They had kids because that was what people did.

Simon was a broody child. Something in him was unhappy and he never did seem to have an easy smile or light spirit. Could this be because his siblings all had a period of time in which they were the only baby in the home? Perhaps. Just as his parents became enamored with him, they began preparing for Wendy. He could never hold it against her, however. The siblings were drastically different. Wendy was born with a smile and a giggle in her throat. But they loved each other. And while their parents raised Pippa and Noah, they raised each other.

Simon took to reading and sneaking much more easily than Wendy. But she was natural with animals and climbing. They taught each other, and they created a small space for themselves in the attic. Wendy never asked where the books came from, as she supposed they were stolen but did not want to presume. She decorated the space with scraps of her the maid's sewing, stuffed boxes of snacks in, and warded off mice the best she could.

Simon didn't want Pippa or Noah to join their hidden world for a long time. Wendy, however, adored her younger siblings. She was obsessed with them when they were babies, often sneaking into the nursery to stare at them and sing to them and talk to them. She would fall asleep curled up in the rocking chair, until her parents carried her out. She loved Pippa because she was her only sister, and adored Noah because he was the baby. Every sibling had a special meaning to her and she loved them all with her tiny being.

Wendy developed a love for animals early that manifested in her trying to tame mice that wandered in - until her parents finally had to have them magically removed for fear of their daughter getting rabies. She would stick her head out of windows and try to tempt birds onto her fingers. More than once she walked inside with a neighbor's cat clamped between her arms, proclaiming that the cat was a stray and needed her help. Her parents tried to slow this by allowing her a fish - soon she had an aquarium full, as she managed to get her hands on a female goldfish to pair off with their male. She watched the birth with wide eyes and an excited heart. She named every fish - and gave each one a proper burial once they reached the end of their lives.

Her love of stories came from Simon. By the age of six, he had a vivid imagination and would spin wonderful tales for her up in the attic. She often clung to his every word, and loved attempting drawings of the tales. By the time Pippa was six, Wendy wanted her to join them in their Secret House, but Simon didn't agree until the next year. Wendy noticed her brother was not as warm to Pippa, and still did not invite her every time they went into the attic.

The year Simon left for Hogwarts felt lonely. Though Wendy had her younger siblings, she dearly missed her brother. He sent her plenty of owls, having been given a large eagle owl for his birthday, and they kept in constant contact. Wendy would spend the time writing his letters alone in the attic, before calling up Pippa, and now Noah. The younger siblings didn't like the Secret House as much, thinking it too small and too drafty, but Wendy rarely tore herself from the place, preferring it. She liked her parents but they were busy and had not minds for imagination.

She needed to explore. And that was what excited her so much about Hogwarts.


The Sorting Hat did deliberate for awhile before settling on Hufflepuff, unlike Simon who had been immediately sorted into Slytherin. [[The canon list does not support this, but I was hoping to change this, if possible. If not, I can change it.]] Despite Simon's moody demeanor, Wendy managed making a few friends on the Hogwarts Express, and continued to do so. Those in her house thought her very sweet and she soon became a sister to most of her fellow female Hufflepuffs.

She wasn't great in school. She wasn't horrible, of course. She managed to get decent grades at the least in her core subjects, and even managed good grades in Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. It was never for lack of trying. But how could she study when there were unexplored corridors, beautiful trees, magical creatures, and lovely people. How could she do anything but continue exploring?

Back home was changing. Her parents were working longer and harder hours, leaving the children to themselves during the summers. Simon's stories took a dark turn and they had to stop when Noah woke up one day screaming from the nightmarish thoughts of Simon's beastly tales. Wendy gently tried to persuade Simon to return to his tales from before, but he shook his head, beginning to write the stories instead and keep them to himself. Wendy tried to take his place, but her stories were never as organized. They were sweet and fantastical, but they never were as good as Simon's.

Pippa loved hanging out with Wendy at Hogwarts, but she made her own friends as well. Simon had few friends, and Wendy never saw him with his peers socially, but he seemed to prefer his independence. With her youngest brother close to coming to Hogwarts, Wendy is excited to feel at home once more.




RP EXPERIENCE: A thousand years

HOW YOU FOUND US: You were always there... I just had to open my eyes and see you.

MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan-Morrison, I guess.

CHARACTER PURPOSE: To take care of all the itty-babies. And I need an uncomplicated character with a fairly blank slate.


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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Sun May 17, 2015 12:20 am
omg. you've honestly read chapman?

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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Sun May 17, 2015 12:40 am
I haven't read his work, but we talk about 5 Love Languages a lot in psych and acting classes.
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
Sixth Year Hufflepuff
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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Tue May 19, 2015 2:15 am
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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Tue May 19, 2015 3:13 am
the book is a short read, but his theory on relationships is really a good way for most folks to help them wrap their head around communication issues, etc.  

anyway, i like wendy. i do like reading characters that are well explored in their apps. and i don't have an issue with changing her house on the canon list.  

but you gotta promise me wendy will get to know poppy.  that's just a must.  Smile

sorted and accepted to hufflepuff!

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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Tue May 19, 2015 3:37 am
I quote his theories a lot. I should probably read it. haha

I meant Simon's house being changed to Slytherin. Hers matches with the canon list, I believe.

And of course!

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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

on Tue May 19, 2015 4:03 am
oh.  ok

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Re: Fudge, Wendy Eliza

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