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MASON, Matilda

on Mon May 04, 2015 6:10 pm



FULL NAME: Matilda Mason


AGE: 15


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff

CLASSES: Defense Against the Dark Arts

WAND: Oak Wood, Thestral Hair, 11 inches  + slightly springy

PLAY BY: Rita Ora





BODY BUILD: Middling/Curvy

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Matilda Mason is tall and curvy compared to other teens her age.  She has average length curly hair that is large in volume, almost burly, and doe eyes.  She has taken to dying her hair since she became a teenager, so most people don’t remember what color her actual hair was because before she started changing her hair color she was shy and unremarkable at best.  Matilda has turned into a bit of a wild child in appearance and personality.  Her dressing style can be categorized as street punk with flamboyant accessories.


TRAITS: Matilda was a shy and unremarkable child. She had lived with her father  but her parents,  who were divorced, got back together bringing the lone eleven year old her older sister back.  Mary was very wild, an average American teen who partied a little too much.  The more Matilda grew up the more she became like Mary.  Wild, unforgiving, charming, aloof to serious situation and easy going.  The only personality traits that Matilda seemed to pick up on her own was her prankster and bookish habits.

LIKES & DISLIKES: Matilda is the kind of teenager whose mind is always open and ready.  She loves books, people, pranks, dancing, and unity (among like minded individuals). She doesn’t get into the habit of disliking things because she doesn't normally take anyone or anything serious (except her grades).  The only thing that she really, really, does not like is disorganized chaos.  Organized and well-constructed chaos was okay, but not the kind that called for someone to actually get hurt.

GOALS: As a fifteen year old teenager Matilda doesn’t have many goals.  She plans on finishing school at the top of her class and maybe become a perfect.  She also wants to pull off as many pranks as she can without getting a detention… this term.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Matilda has a habit of laughing things off, even when they have the potential to be very important.  She also lives by her sister’s words, whatever Mary says goes and whatever Mary teaches her is the bible.  She also has a habit of being self-centered, when she wants something or has decided that it is the time for something she turns into a brat, demanding things until she gets her way.  She also has a habit of being wishy washy when it comes to relationships, even though she is charmer and may make someone feel as if they are a friend she has no real loyalties… other than Mary.

BOGGART: Matilda’s greatest fear is being alone.  She loves the company of others and is almost too friendly.  Her mother died shortly after she and Mary had come home.  Mary went to college in America but she keeps in very close contact with her baby sister.  Matilda never once to be alone.

PATRONUS: Matilda’s father is a prankster.  Growing up he would prank Matilda every chance he got, and when Matilda was old enough to stop crying at the joke, she joined her father in the game of pranking.  The first time she had ever successfully pulled off her own prank would be her fondest memory.  She was eleven and her snuck into her older sisters bathroom and put some spello-tape on her shampoo bottle then screwed the top back on.  Mary had had a fit trying to get the shampoo out the bottle before she realized that Matilda had been in her stuff.

DEMENTOR: Matilda’s worst memory is of a courtroom.  She was only four when her parents had gotten divorced but she remembered the stuffy courtroom and the judge, in black, with his gavel.  When he hit it against the wooden desk, that seemed larger than life to tiny Matilda, her mother left forever.

VERITASERUM: Matilda’s greatest secret is that she hates people.  She is a charmer and is afraid of being alone, but she hates people because they leave often.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Matilda’s greatest desire is to work in the Department of Mysteries

PERSONALITY: Matilda is loud and fun.  There normally isn’t a moment when the teen is not being active and involved with her peers, well maybe except for when she is studying and she has been known to have a study party or two.  She is easy-going and charming so she finds her way into many different social circles, but doesn’t actually have one of her own.  She is too mindless for the bookworms and too bookish for the in crowd.  She is not easily influenced by anybody but her older sister, an American college student who she worships.   Matilda is a tiny version of her rambunctious sister with a side of prankster.  With everything in life she is slightly aloof and uncaring, too busy making jokes and making friends.  Friends, is a very general term to Matilda, whose loyalties blow with the wind.  The only time you will find her calm is when she is alone, then she gets this far off look in her eyes and remembers exactly what it feels like to be alone.


FATHER: Marshall Mason

MOTHER: Minnie Mallany

SIBLING/S: Mary Mason

OTHER: none

BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood



A mouse named May



EARLY YEARS: Matilda lived with her parents in Philadelphia.  She loved her busy city life.  Her parents divorced when she was four, and she and her father  moved to England to live near her family.  They both were wizards so she lived a childhood full of pranks, smiles and laughter with her older sister Mary before the divorce.  Though she had never seen her mother, she and her father never stopped seeing each other.  Marshall was a good father and Matilda never wanted for any material thing or attention.  When she was eleven her parents got back together and tried their marriage again, this time in the English countryside.  What the sisters didn’t know was that their mother was sick.  She was a muggleborn with cancer, and soon died after their return to England.  Their father continue to raise the sisters, spoiling them even more to make up for there absent mother.  Matilda also started to take after her father using his pranks and mannerisms.   Marshall grew up in a very strict pureblooded environment, though he cared nothing about most of their values and beliefs.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Matilda spent year one being a shy,timid and bookish first year.  Once her sister and her mother came back into her life they both expressed to her how important it was for her to be herself, her father had taught her to go with the flow.  Second year she dyed her hair and adapted a new attitude.  She was bubbly and energetic while managing to keep good grades.  She tried a prank or two but they were simple and she was never caught.  Third year she spent really becoming little Mary, her older sister was a no nonsense sort of sixth year, a wild child.  Her fourth year she spent replicating her sister while also her own personality start to surface.  Unlike her sister she became a full fledged prankster, even though she kept up with her grades, she spent a little of time in detention.  She never got completely caught, her professors just had a suspension when she’s the only one laughing, so she normally ends up with detention because of her lack of respect for her classmates feelings, persons and belongs.  Her fourth year was her final year with her sister before she left to go to college.  The seventh year made sure to protect her sister from harm and the fourth year in turn had a year to discover herself, her personality and her own quirks without being bullied or influenced by her peers, other than her sister of course.  She is starting her fifth year, ready to be from under her sister’s wing and watchful eyes but also feeling the separation with an characteristically joyful outlook.



RP EXPERIENCE: Couple years



CHARACTER PURPOSE: I’m thinking Matilda will turn into a traitor in the scheme of things.


”So your gonna just watch me, huh?” asked the brown haired young women.  

She was dressed to kill in a leather mini skirt and matching leather top.  She pushed her bangs out of her face and started to pull on her heels.  The other women rolled her eyes and started towards the door.  At second glance the women was not a women at all, but a young teenager.  She was dressed much like her sister but her leather was a full summer dress.  The teenager made another face and then turned to her sister annoyed, and stood with her hands on each of her hips looking every bit of a miniature version of her older sibling.

"I'm not gonna just stand here and watch,  Your gonna take me!"

"Please Tilly, for christ sake I am not taking you to a college party!"

"Why not?  You take me everywhere else!"

The only reply the teenager got this time was a laugh as the women pushed past her younger sister and out the door, letting it shut with a final click.  Matilda stood staring at the door flabbergasted, for only a moment, then the door opened back up and Mary planted a wet and sloppy kiss on her head then shut the door again.  Matilda smiled at her sisters antics, and at the fact that her sister had left the little prankster alone in her room.  Mary would not be laughing at her younger sisters antics when she returned.
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Re: MASON, Matilda

on Tue May 05, 2015 12:29 am
Hi, Frames! Welcome to PA!

I like her.  She seems like a Hufflepuff to me much more than a Gryffindor.   So, since you listed that as one of your house preferences, I will presume that's good with you.  If not, shoot me a pm, and we'll take a second look.

Accepted and sorted to Hufflepuff!

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