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Dawson, Delia

on Sat Apr 04, 2015 8:57 am

Delia Wren Dawson


FULL NAME: Delia "Wren" Dawson

NICKNAMES: Wren, (If anyone becomes her close friend)

AGE: 15



CLASSES:  Charms, DADA, Potions, and Herbology.

WAND: Phoenix Feather, Mahogany, 15 3/4 inches, Swishy

PLAY BY: Chloe Grace Moretz






GENERAL APPEARANCE: Delia is pretty tall for her age, standing at the towering height of 5'6 1/2 and weighing 153 lbs, being a growing girl of 15 she has wide hips and long legs. The teenager has wavy blonde hair with long bangs that always covers her eyes, and blue eyes that are neither fantastic or extraordinary. She has a cream colored face with soft yet attractive features which are covered by small red blemishes and acne.


TRAITS: Somewhat-Introverted, Friendly, Pessimistic, Judgemental, Intelligent, Socially-Awkward, Territorial, Prideful, Resourceful, Helpful, Empathetic, Genuine, Perfectionist, and Envious.


  • Herbology
  • Literature
  • Classical Music
  • Metal/Rock Music
  • Plants
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Assignments
  • Getting Good Grades
  • Perfection.
  • Instruments
  • Horror Movies

  • Hippogriffs
  • Animals
  • Her Fear of Animals
  • When People Don't Try Their Best
  • Getting Sick
  • Heights
  • Secrets
  • Tardiness
  • Mistakes
  • Unfinished Goals
  • Being Tall


  • To become successful.
  • To be able to provide for her family.
  • To get good marks.
  • Despite her perfectionist personality, to have close friends.
  • To find love and start a family of her own.


  • Writing everything she NEEDS to do in her notepad.
  • Biting her lip when she gets in trouble or forgets an assignment.
  • Biting her nails when she has nothing else to do.

BOGGART: To become homeless and alone...

PATRONUS: Finding out that she's a witch.

DEMENTOR: Getting attacked by a Hippogriff

VERITASERUM: She loves rock'n'roll and metal.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To trust people.

PERSONALITY: Delia Dawson is the cookie-cutter goody-two-shoes, She sits in the front of the classrooms, she turns in homework work on time, she stays after class to help clean up, she asks for more homework, and she doesn't interact with others her age. But there is more to her than being a teacher's pet, the reason why she does these things is because she wants to become successful and provide for her family who haven't bothered to finish school at a young age.

The teenage girl strives for perfection, being the perfectionist that she is, she wants to look up to "perfect" people and wants to be perfect as well. This causes her to stick her nose up at people who gives out the wrong answer in class as well as the pranksters. This also makes it hard for her to make friends and pursue romantic relationships since her expectations are too high, she strongly dislikes it when people she had considered friends horse around and procrastinate on learning and school work.

While Delia loves people that she considers 'perfect', she is pretty envious when it comes to those individuals accomplishing something much greater than anything she has accomplished. The girl will overwork herself and put herself in ridiculous situations until she has accomplished a goal or goals, being in an envious state of someone causes her to become fiercely competitive making her stop at nothing until she proves that she is much smarter or efficient.

Delia Dawson can be prideful of her excellent marks and is very bashful when she is praised. Her pride can take her to great lengths, causing her to believe that she can do and fix almost everything. The reason why she becomes prideful is because, she believes that she will fail her family eventually and have them same fate as her parents...

While being a pragmatic and elitist idealist, Delia can be a bit social but only to people who prove themselves and work hard. She can joke around and teases others she consider friends but she doesn't let them get too close to knowing her home life and why she is the way she is. She can laugh and engage in fun conversations when she isn't holed up in her dormitory studying, she loves helping people with homework and problems but only if they listened to her and did it her 'way'.


FATHER: Glenn Dawson: A muggle man of distant magic lineage who works in a factory, he earns low wages that are enough to feed his family. He was a child prodigy, placed in many gifted and talented programs in primary school and even skipped two grades! At the age of fourteen, he thought college was much too easy for him and dropped out. Little did he know, he needed a degree in order to become successful. He met Deoiridh while living under a bridge, she was in secondary school working at her family's fish and chip shop while he was a homeless nobody. They were both snarky, witty, and precocious, whereas pride was also their downfalls. Delia and her father both have a very close relationship, they are so close that Delia gets over her fear of animals and runs into the Owl Emporium to deliver him and her sister letters.

MOTHER: Deoiridh Dawson-Dawson: A pretentious muggle woman who works at her parents fish and chips shop, that doesn't really owe her much but covers the bills. She wasn't a child prodigy but she was smart as a kid, aspiring to be the next Robert Frost or Shakespeare. As she grew up, she felt as if she were much more superior to the other kids since adults gave her compliments and compared her to their kids. After graduating college, she marries Glenn and tears up her college and high school degree thinking that they were only scraps of useless paper. Delia and her mother aren't close, her mother still to this day denies that her eldest is a witch and is thinking about divorcing Glenn, seeing that he had a witch in his family. For someone that is smart, she's lazy and inconsiderate putting her feelings first and logic last.

SIBLING/S: Mairi Dawson (Pronounced Myra): Delia's ten year old sister, she doesn't possess any of the negative traits that the other Dawsons had. She and Delia are extremely close, and the other reason why she puts herself in a risk to deliver letters to her. She is starting to exhibit witch-like qualities...

OTHER: Aisling Agnes Elliott-Dawson: Delia's great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother from her father's side. A proud Gryffindor pureblood girl from a tight-knit family and wizarding community. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and a charming smile, she also had her fair share of friends and enemies. She aspired to be a top-notch Auror! But socializing and Quidditch got in the way of her grades. After graduating, she went to the Ministry to be hired, but was rejected because of her Poor grades. Aisling didn't handle the rejection that well and cut ties with the wizarding world at the age of eighteen and moved away from her community of friends and family to Scotland. Aisling attended a private muggle university and received good marks, it was where she met Wyatt Dawson and they became fast friends. After getting her degree, she co-owned a toy factory and married Wyatt. They lived a happy life; They had three girls and three boys, Wyatt was a surgeon who brought in a lot of money, they were wealthy and elated until the Hogwarts letter was sent to her eldest...

Gillespie Dawson: Gillespie is the youngest son of Aisling and Wyatt. He is Delia's great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He was a Hufflepuff student at Hogwarts and was expected to follow in his siblings footsteps, but since he wasn't a carbon-copy of his siblings he was often teased a lot and didn't have any friends to comfort or console him. He usually spent his time in the kitchens talking to the house elves. After graduating, Gillespie quickly retreated further away from his family and adapted in the muggle community. It was hard to hide his powers, but he fit in real easily and married a muggle woman. He worked as a Lawyer and had four children, that were muggles.

Ian Dawson: Delia's great-great-great-great grandfather, An regular ordinary muggle man who was an oil factory worker, he married his best friend. An extremely intelligent Engineer who was a child prodigy since birth, they weren't happy as a couple since her intelligence made him feel less about himself. They had an ordinary daughter and a son who shared his mother's qualities.

Ian Dawson II: Delia's great-great-great grandfather, a wealthy and successful businessman; also a child prodigy like his mother. He married three times and had seven children, only four of them inherited his traits and became successful as well.

Ian Dawson III: Delia's great-great grandfather, A wealthy brain surgeon who was the top of his class in Medical School. He married twice and had many miscarriages and one child who inherited his traits.

Ian Dawson IV: Delia's great grandfather, CEO of a meat factory. He was successful, yet pride was his downfall. He had three kids and married only once, but lost all of his money on luck charms and gambling. His only son Ian Dawson V inherited the child prodigy gene.

Ian Dawson V: Delia's beloved grandfather, he was the eldest of his father and took after the meat factory after he retired. He married only once (Elsie) and had three kids: Winifred, Kenneth, and Glenn. Winifred moved to America and became a theater actress, Kenneth stayed in Scotland and became a Nurse, while Glenn being the youngest dropped out of school entirely because he thought he was too 'smart'. Delia and Ian Dawson V are friendly but not particularly close.

Elsie Bauers-Dawson: Delia's German grandmother who was an actress back in her day (She still gets her checks), Her and Delia are extremely close. Elsie has an eight greats grandmother who was Pure-Veela and a six greats grandfather by the name of Lyle who was Part-Veela and was in the Ravenclaw House and in the same year as the popular Aisling Agnes. (Lyle and Aisling did date in their fourth and fifth year) But Lyle moved to Germany to get away from England after getting kicked out of Hogwarts for murdering a Professor.

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggle-Born




Just a Notepad.










At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Re: Dawson, Delia

on Tue Apr 07, 2015 1:27 am
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Re: Dawson, Delia

on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:21 am
Okiedoke! So, I really like that she has all of these sides to her, as well as the fact that she came from particularly humble and interesting beginnings.

I'm slightly hesitant to give you the okay on an abusive mother, since that falls under what we try to avoid on PA. If it was just the one time, I think we can make exception to it, though, considering it isn't a recurring event or something that would have particularly shaped her. Let me know which you were intending.

In regards to your RP sample - and this is totally up to personal choice, so feel free to ignore me - most people on PA don't color their dialogue. It isn't a rule by any means, but you shouldn't feel that you have to, since that just involves extra coding for you, particularly if you have multiple NPCs since I saw that you chose a different color for them. Again, up to you.

Now, for the house, my initial thought when seeing her traits and likes/dislikes and personality... I was leaning towards Ravenclaw. But I believe it was proven in the books that the hat could see what the person would become, so I'm also sort of leaning towards Slytherin. This comes from her most recent development. However! That isn't to say that someone in Ravenclaw can't be snooty or mean at times. So if she feels like a Ravenclaw to you, that works!

The only thing you'll need to edit, for me, is the bit about her mother (depending on if it was a one-time event or not), and then you missed the Habits and Quirks bit. But you only need a few of those. And then let me know which house you prefer and I'll get her sorted Very Happy

Re: Dawson, Delia

on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:30 am
Edited; This was a one time thing.

And Ravenclaw, please~
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Re: Dawson, Delia

on Tue Apr 07, 2015 2:31 am
Sounds good! I'll color and add her little labels, and you're good to go!
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Re: Dawson, Delia

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