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Slytherin Graduate
Angelique Pyrites
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PYRITES, Angelique

on Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:11 am


   FULL NAME: Angelique Lucilla Pyrites

   NICKNAMES:  'Lique, Angel

   AGE: 23

   ALLEGIANCE: Death Eater

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin

   WAND: Silver lime, dragon heartstring, 12 1/2 inches, firm

   PLAY BY: Karina Gubanova


   HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown

   EYE COLOUR: Hazel-green


   BODY BUILD: Lean & slim


Angelique stands out in a crowd, at almost six feet tall in flat shoes, and the type of girl to wear stilettos whenever the opportunity arises.  She's lightly built and graceful, seeming to float rather than walk everywhere, but her build is that of a ballet dancer's; lean and strong at the same time.

Her style tends toward the conventional, except for her trademark incredibly short skirts (all the better to distract you with, my dear). Likewise, for distraction's sake, her hair is usually left to cascade over her shoulders and down her back, unless she's doing something terribly important where getting it into her eyes just won't do.


Emotionally numbed

+ Intimidating people
+ Getting her own way
+ Compliments
- Children
- Show offs
- Being misunderstood

To motivate people to use their brains

She really lacks boundaries

   BOGGART: not being able to talk herself out of a sticky situation

   PATRONUS: Setting Ariel Greyback loose in the Forest was kinda fun

   DEMENTOR: Amelia Lyons getting better grades all through school

   VERITASERUM: Having joined the Death Eaters, pretty big secret, right?

   MIRROR OF ERISED: Believe it or not, Angelique has never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend, she's not fussy) and she'd like to try it out.


It was no surprise to Angelique that she was sorted into Slytherin and she's extremely proud to embody all of Slytherin's traits, bar one.  This has resulted in her becoming incredibly egocentric as when she was a student, it allowed her to look down her nose at not only members of other houses, but also the majority of her own.

Also from her school years, she has retained an inability to distinguish between praise for others and rejection of herself, especially when she believes she has or could have outperformed the person being praised.

Additionally, Angelique possesses the unique ability to remain calm under pressure due to years of dealing with stressful situations by numbing herself to her own emotions.


   FATHER:  Rupercht Euan Pyrites

   MOTHER: Ermintrude Arminda Melliflua

   SIBLING/S: n/a

   OTHER: Gluck - house elf

   BLOOD STATUS:  Her family would say they were pureblood

   SPECIES: Human


   PET/S: Gluck kinda counts as a pet, right?




Angelique grew up in the normal pureblood way. Her parents considered her more of an acquisition than a person and so she was reared more by servants than her own family. They were, however the right kind of servants and taught Angelique all the things a girl of her status should know. She wasn't to go speaking to just anybody. She wasn't to mix with dirty little muggle children. And so on.

When the time came, Angelique's nanny was replaced by a series of tutors, and all through the day, she would spend her time learning reading and writing and arithmetic to their exacting requirements. Only then would she be allowed to run and play in the house's huge garden, or floo to a friend's for a visit.


Hogwarts was a big change for Angelique in that she was expected to suddenly interact with a whole array of other children, as opposed to the few offspring of her parents acquaintances that she was used to. Fortunately, a few of those offspring were also attending Hogwarts with her, or would be attending quite soon. The other issue was the number of muggleborn children. No matter how she tried to be good and avoid them, there was just no getting rid of them.

As she grew up, Angelique's opinions soon changed.  It became clear that purebloods were just as foolish as both mudbloods and halfbloods, and that it was ridiculously easy for her to out-think them all. Though she was associated with the very first group of Dark Followers, she was also often disparaging of them, calling them foolish and naive. Her solidarity with other students during an attack on the Hogwarts Express was also noteworthy.


Angelique had trouble gaining employment after leaving school, as her egocentric and antisocial personality make people hesitant to hire and quick to fire her.

She is a qualified healer and in 2025 enjoyed a short stint as the Hogwarts Healer, only to be let go when the school figured out she'd been using her position to torment those under her care.

Being a former member of the Dark Followers, along with having played a central role in Death Eater victories in the past, Angelique did not find it difficult to hook up with the current Death Eaters.  She doesn't particularly share their ideals and, indeed, finds the concept of ideals laughable, but that is little price to pay for being around people who allow her to indulge her sadistic streak.


   ALSO KNOWN AS: Selwyn

   RP EXPERIENCE: For ever and ever

   HOW YOU FOUND US: I just knew

   MAIN CHARACTER: Selwyn Thorfinn



skip if you have another character
Elijah Krum
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Re: PYRITES, Angelique

on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:50 am
Lovely! Detailed yet concise!

Accepted and sorted into Grads! <3
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