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Fourth Year Ravenclaw
Fourth Year Ravenclaw
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on Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:16 pm

Marina "Mary" Maehashi


FULL NAME: Marina Novak Maehashi

NICKNAMES:  Mary, Mar.

AGE: 13 years old. (Although, I'm not sure if you can, but can she be a fourth year student?)

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral (at least for now!)

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw | Huffle-Puff

CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND: Willow, Unicorn Hair, 12" and inflexible.

PLAY BY: Willow Shields


HAIR COLOUR: Dirty Blonde



BODY BUILD: Somewhat chubby

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Marina is a rather short person, with a slight chubbiness that give her an extra "cuteness". Many people say that, since her skin is as soft as a baby's (if not softer) and she doesn't look, in any way or form, fat. It actually fits her well. Her hair is straight and of a dirty blonde color, falling until midway through her back (and also usually kept on the two sides of her head to hide her face). Her eyes are rather long yet large, and although some people claim she can do a "puppy face", her pupils are always sharp as a knife and questioning, which sometimes make people fascinated... or scared.


TRAITS: Studious, Quick learner, shy, questioning, friendly and loyal (to those who can get her friendship), respectful, good listener, careful, alert, merciful, honest, kind, patient, determined, persistant, a bit cynical, detached, indecisive, overcritical and unpredictable.


+Her family
+Learning new things
+Making questions
+Answering questions
+Sensitive people
+Caring people


-Narrow-minded people
-Making choices
-Breaking friendships
-Evil people in general
-Seeing others getting hurt
-Callous people
-Talking to strangers
-Speaking in public

GOALS: To one day graduate Hogwarts, become a healer, have many friends and overcome her shyness.

Tends to:

Speak to herself frequently.
Write things in Korean and Japanese.
Take notes.
Hide her hands under her sleeves.
Hide her face with her hair and hands.
Use light coats in the summer, and not too heavy ones in the winter.
Look around and inspect people and things that hadn't been seen before.
Uses vanilla lotion. ALWAYS. USES. VANILLA. LOTION.

BOGGART: Being forgotten by everyone and wiped from history.

PATRONUS: The day she met her original best friend who she trusted with her very life.

DEMENTOR: When her aunt was wounded by a lost gun shot. She still remembers how everyone panicked, especially since no one knew anything on first-aid or how to stop the bleeding. By the time the ambulance arrived, she already had passed. That also made her lose connection with her cousin, who was one of her close friends.

VERITASERUM: She actually has a very deep way of thinking deep inside her multiple layers of personalities.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To become the greatest healer the world has ever seen!

PERSONALITY: To most, Mar is just a shy, quiet and cute person that never does anything but look at them with that weird look of hers. To her not-so-intimate friends, it's obvious that she is wise, friendly and very nice. Her intimate friends, however, know that she has many different opinions about things, loves a good argument, finds it amazing to learn new things, and likes inspecting things on every way possible. She notices when people are actually affectionate and like her not just because she's cute or things of the sort, but yes because of the way she is. She guards those friendships above all else.


FATHER: Júlio Maehashi

MOTHER: Maria Maehashi (neé Santos)


OTHER: Cousin; Leonard Maehashi // Aunt: Leia Maehashi Aguiar (deceased) // Uncle: ______ Maehashi

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggle-born



A female cat named Amber.




Marina was born to a Muggle family in the January 22nd. Her family treated her well and lived on a house on a hill on Brazil, rather far from sight from anyone from the main street. At an early age, she was introduced to books, reading and writing, so that she could be prepared for these things soon. Years passed, and she very much loved being on her house with her parents.  By the age of 10, she already had developed a love for K-Pop, rock and anime. It was at that time that she moved to Portsmouth, in England due to a career change from her father. She had to say goodbye to all of her friends and acquaintances in Brazil, which to her, was a very sad moment. She did enjoy the life at Portsmouth, though. She may not have gotten around much, but she got easily settled in with the life near the Sea, since it was how she lived before. not long later, however, she accidentally sent a vase into a wall with a sudden blast of air, all out of anger for the seemingly stupid way of writing the person that she was talking to over her phone. She got scared by it, and attempted to repeat it multiple times, with no luck. Wasn't long, however, until she got a letter from Hogwarts.


During Mary's years at Hogwarts, she never made many friends. She was mainly studying and getting everything done so that she could do well in all classes, although she could not lie that Charms was her favourite, with Transfiguration following right after. Everything was alright, although she missed her parents and her bedroom, where she'd spend days reading while listening to songs on her phone. Of course, she went back every year, but that's besides the point. She passed by classes nice and easily, learning various spells and being fascinated by the way they worked. She still couldn't wrap her head around the fact she was actually doing them. Of course, the feeling of loneliness did get to her, and so she struggles to get over her shyness and make friends.



RP EXPERIENCE: 4.... years?

HOW YOU FOUND US: Um, last year, July or August, Google. Searching for HP RPs!! Very Happy


CHARACTER PURPOSE: I dunno... roleplaying!!! Razz Nah, but really, I do enjoy RPing and interacting with others. You'll see that I fit in easily. And quickly. teehee~

It was a rainy day at Portsmouth. She loved days like that.

Mary had been doing her homework for what seemed like the longest time. Memorizing the rules of numbers, the English language rules, studying German... it was all so boring now. She liked studying, but she found school too horrible. It took the longest time to learn new things, because her classmates took forever to understand something simple. Because of that, she had to stay in her bedroom, listening to music and writing, writing, writing. At least the rain was there to console her. Of course, she had an AC unit on so that she didn't get a cold, but she still felt somewhat cold. It was a weird feeling. Down her spine, creeping up. She liked to imagine that. And she started drawing it. Wasn't soon till she had relocated to her bed, drawing, drawing... until she couldn't anymore. Her vision darkened a bit...

And she slept.

Last edited by Marina Maehashi on Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:52 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Yer killing my 3G, forum!! (and also preps for my lack of imagination.))
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
23 : Alumnus

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Re: MAEHASHI, Marina

on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:58 am
Hi, Nova! 

Other than what I mentioned in the cbox about her face claim and her age, I think this is a pretty good first app. My only concern, really, is the section about her Dementor. It didn't seem to have much of an effect on her, and is definitely leaning towards "too much drama" as per PA standards in the area of backstories. I won't ask that you take it out, but it does need to have some impact on her, or it will need to be switched.

Other than that, I'll explain here that the main forum page has a note about claims, stating that they shouldn't be posted until an application is sorted. This is mostly so that things are fair to all new members. So once you've got it fixed up, I'll be able to sort her and you'll be able to request those things.

Also, I'm thinking Ravenclaw currently, for her house. It fits her personality, I think. If that changes because of how you decide you wish to handle her Dementor, feel free to request Hufflepuff instead. Really, it's whichever you prefer.

Fourth Year Ravenclaw
Fourth Year Ravenclaw
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Re: MAEHASHI, Marina

on Thu Mar 19, 2015 12:42 pm
Gotcha! Sorry if it's too bad, but I really lack imagination these days. Damned math overlapping.

Also, I AM way too much into drama. Idk. Also, keep in mind most of this app was written at night, after college, a bit in between, and now I'm about to arrive to college.... Yup. So if anything goes wrong and you point it out soon, I may be back to fix it in.. An hour, 2. I'll try my best to squeeze in a few hours! Razz

Also, I'm having trouble w/ the dementor.... But, I'll see how it goes, and then I'll fix it up again! (And hopefully the dementor ain't too much...)
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
23 : Alumnus

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Re: MAEHASHI, Marina

on Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:11 pm
The change was quite lovely, actually. I'm totally fine with accepting the app and sorting you. Is Ravenclaw alright with you? I think she would fit there.

As for the drama side of things, it's more to try and start off on a level that doesn't hinder plot making down the road. Don't want to go through everything and then have no ideas, after all! If you're not sure about what is allowed though, ask an Admin. Some plots do need a bit of approval if they're going to be graphic or involve certain disabilities, since we dont really allow those. Other than that you're probably just fine Smile
Fourth Year Ravenclaw
Fourth Year Ravenclaw
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Re: MAEHASHI, Marina

on Thu Mar 19, 2015 3:19 pm
Alright, yeah! Ravenclaw is totally fine with me.

I'll make sure to follow those tips as best I can, thanks!
Well, I gotta go. College awaits once more!
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Re: MAEHASHI, Marina

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