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COOPER, Amelia

on Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:33 pm

[color=#a7342d][font=GEORGIA][size=28]AMELIA COOPER[/size][/font][/color]

FULL NAME: Amelia Caroline Cooper

NICKNAMES:  Amy (By her husband only), Mum, Professor Cooper.

AGE: 42



WAND: Ash, unicorn tail hair core, ten inches exactly, springy.  

PLAY BY: Jessica Capshaw[/list]

HAIR COLOUR: Dirty Blonde

EYE COLOUR: Blue-grey


GENERAL APPEARANCE: Amelia is of average height with blonde hair that is set in waves and curls down past her shoulder. Most of the time this is left long and lose or, on occasions, put up into a messy bun. Her eyes have wrinkles around them and, much like her daughter, she has a defined chin. Her appearance greatly resembles that of her daughter Hallie, although unlike Hallie her eyes don’t show as much emotion – the candle in her eyes was extinguished a long time ago. Even know she has been reunited with her son and husband her eyes are still not as alive as they used to be.[/list]

+ Intelligent: Amelia is intelligent and this is probably where her daughter gets her brains from. Naturally once being in Ravenclaw this makes sense to be her main tribute. She believes that a sound education is needed although did not push Hallie to study or write letters to her daughter encouraging her to keep her head in her books because she knew that her daughter took after her late husband in the sense she is a more practical, driven learner.

+ Wandwork: Amelia is excellent with a wand. She can perform complex charms, in particular charms relating to transportation such as creation of portkeys, using her magic to link fireplaces and household charms. The reason behind this is because she used to be high up in the department of magical transportation until her new job that she recently was given. Like her daughter she is also marvelous at transfiguration, although not as good as she is at charms.

+ Protective. Being a mother of two it is natural that she is protective over her family however due to her loses she is also protective towards all children as she believes they should remain safe and that no family should be torn apart. As a result she would stand in front of another to protect them from dark or dangerous forces.

+ Curious. Like Hallie she is curious and as a child her curiosity was more channeled towards books and learning as opposed to adventures and events. However, over time she has come to learn that curiosity in current events and things outside of learning isn’t always a negative thing.

+ Love. Although it may seem odd having ‘love’ as a strength Amelia’s bond between herself and her daughter is what keeps her going throughout life, even if her daughter has now moved away from home. In addition she will always love her dead husband and, who she believes to be dead, son. This is what gets her through the days and keeps her strong. Love.

+ Emotions. Unlike Hallie Amelia is much better at controlling her emotions and is somewhat distant than how she used to be. Things no longer surprise her, she can’t easily be provoked and knows how to channel her thoughts, which has in time resulted in her being able to become an occlumens and block her mind from certain things and penetrative forces.

- CoMC. She is not the best when it comes to animals, like her daughter she dropped the subject after OWL and so is absolutely useless when given a creature to care for or if she were face to face with something as brutal as a dragon or fire crab.

- Independent. Most of the time Amelia comes across rather isolated from others and more independent than your typical adult. This is because she has been attached to too many people and seen them slip away. Some would say this is a strength being independent but for Amelia it is a weakness because she puts up barriers to try and not let love take over.

- Sleeping. Amelia finds it difficult to sleep at night as so she often has bags under her eyes. Not because she is thinking about her past merely because she is empty, she lost a part of herself when she lost her children and although she does block out negative and worrisome thoughts she just finds it difficult to shut her eyes.

- Workaholic. Amelia will put her heart and soul into her work as she likes to keep her mind engaged and she will spend hours upon hours after work planning and preparing for the next day. She used to do this to stop creating bonds with people so there are less people for her to lose but now it is merely a habit otherwise she will get bored easily. Because of this it turns into a strength because the work she produces as the teaching she will give will be at a high standard.

+ Reading, learning and expanding her knowledge.
+ She loves her daughter Hallie, her son Toby and her late husband more than anything in the world.
+ Amelia likes to see people gain achievements and improve themselves.
+ Having seen her husband fall with no consequences she likes to see justice prevail, this is something that she has in common with her daughter.
+ Being creative with her wandwork.
+ Acid pops, something she has in common with her daughter and son.
+ Magical transportation, in particularly portkey as she finds it very useful and convenient.

- Dark magic and the prospect of death.
- Cheats and people who try to go about things by taking shortcuts.
- People without compassion.
- Inequality and injustice.
- The way the ministry is heading.
- Magical beasts & dark creatures.

To live life without anymore trauma and to see her children live as happy a life that they can.

Amelia rarely drinks anything that isn't water.
Sometimes she will stare blankly when in thought as well as rubbing her teeth with her tongue.
Pays attention to detail and notices things and changes in peoples behavior.

BOGGART: Her boggart takes the form of Hallie or Toby's corpse. Nothing is more frightening to see her son and daughter, like her husband dead. If Hallie and Toby were to die Amelia would probably lose the meaning of her.

PATRONUS: Her patronus takes the form of a swan. To conjure the patronus Amelia calls upon the final memory that the family were together, the day they went on a family picnic and sat by waterfalls and rapids eating homemade sandwiches and cake watching her husband jump the rapids with Hallie – of course Toby wasn’t allowed as he was too young and small to do so. The next day her husband was murdered.

DEMENTOR: When death eaters attacked their village in the lake district she took the children inside from the front garden whilst her husband fought back the death eaters. The death eaters announced they would attack his family and so she took her children and hid in the closet whilst her husband battled them downstairs. However the death eaters fought him all the way to the bedroom where he fell to the killing curse, his family hidden in the closet. Luckily Amelia had her wand so she was able to hide them magically and make the closet seem empty when the death eaters looked inside. It was because of this her children and her survived.

VERITASERUM: She blames herself for her husband’s death because she believes that if shed fought alongside him then he would be here today. As a result she thinks herself guilty for his murder and so keeps that a secret. The fact her husband was murdered by death eaters is a secret that she will keep from the students at Hogwarts.

MIRROR OF ERISED: There was a time when Amelia would see her family as a whole once more, however now that she has been reunited with his husband and lost son upon looking in the mirror Amelia sees herself an elderly lady with her husband and two children with grandchildren themselves all happy and healthy. She wants more than anything for no more harm to come to their family.

PERSONALITY: In times gone by Amelia was once curious, bubbly and full of life. She was the definition of happy.  However when the husband was murdered a part of her died aswell. She became less adventurous and even more protective of her children, telling them not to do things and trying to make them less reckless (something she failed in doing). However it was her son going missing (believed to be at the hands of werewolves) that pushed her over the edge. Amelia was traumatised for years, believing her son to bed dead and even after she has been reunited with Toby Amelia is still an emptier shell of what she used to be. The Mother inside her still burns strong and she is an intelligent lady but she no longer cares as much about what people think of her, yet remains highly curious.

Since discovering her husband isn't in fact dead Amelia is a lot happier as her soul mate is alive and she can continue to share memories with him.[/list]

[size=20][font=georgia][color=#a7342d][i]FAMILY & POSSESSIONS[/i][/color][/font][/size]
FATHER: Derek Montgomery
MOTHER: Addison Montgomery
SIBLING/S: None – Only child.
Robert 'Rick' Cooper – Husband
Hallie Cooper – Daughter
Toby Cooper -- Son


RACE: Human


OTHER POSSESSIONS:Apparition License. Family photo albums.[/list]
[size=20][font=georgia][color=#a7342d][i]CHARACTER HISTORY[/i][/color][/font][/size]

Early Years:
Growing up as an only child in a wizarding household mean’t that Amelia was independent and found a sense of who she was and what she wanted at a young age. She was fascinated by magic and loved to watch her Mum perform even the simplest of household charms. Although she couldn’t uet perform magic herself that didn’t stop her from reading up on charms and other areas of magic that required a wand before Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years:
Upon receiving her Hogwarts letter Amelia couldn’t have been more excited, even if she was starting Hogwarts in 1996, the year that it was officially announced Lord Voldemort had in fact returned, her parents were somewhat uncertain about sending her to the school and would have preferred to have home schooled Amelia. Despite her parents worries Amelia boarded the Hogwarts Express and was sorted into Ravenclaw house and because this was her first time socialising with people her own age she soon broke out of her shell and became a friendly, lovable and nurturing person who thrived off of company as well as knowledge. In her fifth year she was given the position of prefect (then later head girl) and started dating her future husband Robert Cooper, a Gryffindor. It couldn’t have been more romantic. As much as Amelia couldn't hinder Rick's smoking she managed to tame him slightly in his recklessness and night time wanderings (even though she occasionally went with him on a moonlit adventure) and he made her a more carefree person. Upon graduating Hogwarts she held an excellent record: Head girl, straight outstandings in her NEWT’s and a partner who she cared greatly for. Everyone knew that Amelia Montgomery was destined for great things. On the final day of Hogwarts, the sun shining gloriously, Robert and Amelia went for a final stroll by the lake and although the proposal wasn't official they told each other they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together: Till death to we part.

It was a long engagement. Amelia’s parents were still slightly wary of Robert as he was slightly too adventurous for their liking and instead they wanting Amelia to focus on her career in the ministry of magic. However a year later Amelia had entered the ministry in the department of magical transportation and was set to marry Robert in the summer. Unfortunately the wedding was postponed until the following year due to an accident in which her childhood home was destroyed in a magical experiment that her Father (a potioneer) carried out. The explosion killed both of her parents and so Amelia, aged nineteen, was left without parents. The reason she postponed the wedding was because she wouldn’t have her Father to walk her down the isle. Despite that Robert persuaded her to marry him and promised to always be there for her and love her, resulting in the pair being married one year later.
Together they lived with Robert’s parents in Cooper Cottage up in the Lake District and upon celebration of their one year anniversary Amelia purchased a brown leather watch with a golden face for Robert, the watch that Hallie Cooper wore religiously until it was stolen from her when she was mugged the summer after her graduation (something Amelia isn’t aware of).
At the age of 22 Amelia fell pregnant with her first child, Hallie. It was this that provoked Robert’s parents leaving and traveling the world before retiring and settling in Australia to give the couple space and a house of their own to raise the children. Life couldn’t have been better for the pair of them and then, three years later, Toby came along and alas the family truly felt like a family. They lived in peace and harmony until the summer after Hallie’s seventh birthday. What appeared to be Death Eaters arrived in the village during tea time and Robert (aka Rick) burst into the house saying that they were terrorizing the village. It was turning into a dark time and dark witches and wizards were engaging in random attacks on muggles making a statement that they should not be messed with, which made perfect sense to the family. Her husband Robert, an auror, went out and protected the muggles whilst Amelia stayed inside with the children, watching from the window.
The death eaters quickly advanced on Cooper Cottage and threatened to murder all of Robert’s family. Amelia took her children and hid in the closet whilst her husband battled them downstairs. However the death eaters fought him all the way to the bedroom where he fell to the killing curse, his family hidden in the closet. Luckily Amelia had her wand so she was able to hide them magically and make the closet seem empty when the death eaters looked inside. It was because of this her children and her survived. Little did Amelia know that this was all staged by the ministry of magic and the body of her dead husband on the bedroom floor was actually a simple object from the night stand transfigured to look like them. Robert wasn't an auror anymore but an unspeakable ready to embark upon one of the most dangerous mission possible and for that everyone needed to believe he was dead to ensure safety to his family. It was that day Amelia lost her carefree persona that had sparked upon the conjugation of Amelia and Robert.She became more and more protective of her children and would restrict what they could and couldn’t do.
The summer before Toby would be attending Hogwarts she got into an argument with her children who wanted to play out in the wood; however Amelia knew that it was approaching full moon soon and there were rumors of werewolves nearby. Despite Amelia’s best efforts her children stayed out longer than usual and getting worried she wandered the village in search of Hallie and Toby. Arriving back at the cottage she heard screams and ran through the house and out of the back kitchen door to find Hallie being chased by two werewolves, not aware that one was her son. After getting Hallie inside, somehow Amelia fought both werewolves off displaying magic ability that even she didn’t realise was in her – perhaps it was the Mother in her. However she never got to see Toby after this. He had gone and she was led to believe that it was the werewolves who took off with him, of course she blamed herself and soon became the lifeless individual that she was. Being brave she stayed strong for her remaining family member: Hallie.
The summer after Toby was still missing and she believed from his heart that he had died, as a result they had a small memorial service for Toby and a small gravestone added to the village graveyard for him beside his Father’s grave. This seemed to affect Hallie greatly and to this day she doesn’t know that Hallie is the reason for Toby disappearing as she never knew Hallie told him to leave out of fear to protect the family and in an attempt to hide her own guilt from not protecting Toby well enough (Hallie never mean't the words that she said to him when she found him in the forest).
Five years later she watched her daughter graduate from Hogwarts and become a trainee auror, following in the footsteps of her Father. Amelia couldn’t have been prouder and cried for the first time in years at her daughters graduation. Hallie truly was growing into her Fathers daughter and it was beautiful yet sad and tragic for Amelia to watch as her Father would never know.
It took a lot of persuading but when Hallie got the job Amelia allowed her to move to Diagon Alley where she would be closer to work and have less travelling to do each day. Once again Amelia was alone, which was saddening as she had been looking forward to Hallie graduating and getting to spend time with her daughter.Unaware that her daughter had been mugged and that Toby was alive and due for Hogwarts Amelia applied for the charms and Head of Ravenclaw position at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in hope she could once again find the person she used to be because she has finally come to realise that she can not remain an empty shell who puts on a brave face for her daughter. She wanted to find happiness once again, and believed that she could do so at the place she first found love in learning, friendship and Robert Cooper.
The summer before she started teaching at Hogwarts Hallie was mugged and it so happened to be Toby that had saved her - Amelia is unaware of the mugging and both Hallie and Toby keep this a secret from their Mum. As a result, at Hogwarts, Amelia was reunited with Toby and is starting to find herself once more.
Upon late November a dark, bewitched wizard attacked the grounds and Amelia led the defense of the castle ensuring successful evacuation of the students via the boats across the lake. Unfortunately a rouge werewolf pack, at large and being hunted by the Ministry, also broke into the castle grounds and even though Amelia (who was one of the only Professors involved in the defense) managed to secure the castle and restore it's defensive enchantments once all werewolves were led from the grounds. Unfortunately a student died and a few were injured (including Hallie who came to aid the order and her Mother).
Of course life never stayed quiet at Hogwarts. A year later, after watching the breakdown of her daughters marriage in which she lost her child (Amelia knew only too well the feeling Hallie was going through), James Blood's band of werewolves damaged the viaduct for the Hogwarts Express to cross and the entire student body plummeted into the depths of the lake. Amelia helped rescue the students going directly into the lake herself and enchanting the boats to serve as life boats going too and from the shore with soaked students. Things quickly turned sour as the full moon hit and the werewolf pack transformed into full blown werewolves. Sadly a proportion of students died during this attack, some were even transformed and taken away by Blood.
The next day, however, Amelia wasn't at Hogwarts to teach. Her daughter Hallie was sentence for Azkaban for breaking the marriage law and divorcing husband Theodore Rookwood. Amelia was not about to let this happen to her daughter, not after the struggles the law had caused Hallie. Amelia awaited the guards to bring her to Azkaban where she fought them off, grasped Hallie and apparated to Cooper Cottage where they quickly packed their belongings and headed into hiding. The pair went to mainland Spain and posing as muggles Amelia became a teacher and caring for Hallie who was so broken and damaged after holding her premature, still-born baby, in her arms.The time in Spain was rehabilitation for Hallie and Amelia worked her hardest to aid her daughters recovery. Hallie even managed to get a job at a flourists, which is what sparked Hallie's return to England for she saw Gideon Pierce purchasing huge quantities of polyjuice potion on route to work. Upon investigating Hallie learnt that the ministry had been restored and the marriage law revoked, thus making Hallie realised that she was unfinished. Her life had only just started and she couldn't hide from what had happened to her in England.Amelia didn't argue or try and stop Hallie from leaving Spain for her daughter was ready and Amelia knew there was no persuading Hallie Cooper.
Once again this mean't that Amelia was alone as she chose to stay in Spain. Her life was good, calm even and Spain was always the place her and Robert Cooper said that they'd retire too. Still believing her husband to be dead Amelia decided to remain in Spain to continue their intentions. However as much as Amelia enjoyed living in Spain, living their alone only intensified the loneliness. There was being alone and then there was being lonely and living alone in a place where Amelia should be living with her late husband gradually began to break her heart. During the new year Amelia returned to Cooper Cottage to be closer to her family where she began working on a book about prolonged magic, even after the death of the caster because this magic is rare and holds great association with Lily Potter who sacrificed herself to protect herself, something Amelia relates to being a Mother herself.
Months after returning to England Hallie had discovered that her Father hadn't been murdered and, as a result, this mean't Amelia was reintroduced to her husband who was in fact alive and confessed to staging his death on ministry orders as he was an unspeakable and had been sent on a dangerous mission for the past thirteen years. Unlike Hallie Amelia wasn't angry, she wasn't bitter, she didn't place the blame on Rick for all the trauma that had happened since he'd left their family, instead she welcomed her husband back with open arms and her heart felt happiness that it hadn't felt since her wedding day.

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Re: COOPER, Amelia

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its nice to have her back, rj! should make things very interesting!

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