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Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
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COOPER, Robert

on Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:01 pm

Robert Irwin Cooper


FULL NAME: Robert Irwin Cooper


AGE: 42




WAND: a sculpted blend of oak, alder, and hazel--laid out in an inlaid spiral, with a core of dragon heartstring.  11 1/5", somewhat rigid

PLAY BY: Jude Law





BODY BUILD: appropriate build for his height, not overly muscular but well toned.  Tends to be able to be somehwhat stronger than he looks

GENERAL APPEARANCE: He'd like to appear as an ordinary guy. Blending has been important to him most of the time.  He's had to learn to be very versitile in a lot of ways, especially appearance.He'd prefer to dress casually, he can muster up a tux if he has to.


TRAITS:  Intelligent, quiet, depressive, quick to anger but just as quick to get over it. Insomniac, used to being solitary--not that he likes it. plays solitaire exceptionally well, an extrovert shoved into living as an introvert.  Sometimes uses his theatrics to escape being too alone for too long--everybody needs a little attention.  Stealthy, multilingual, well read, disciplined.  Good at DADA skills, agile

+ rain
+ the smell of leather
+ smoking
+ the first cup of tea in the morning
+ solitude
+ quiet
+ the smell and feel of an old book
+ logical
+ analytic
+ quick thinking
+ quick to react
+ firewhiskey
+ night
+ his dark glasses
+ reading
+ sketching
+ backgammon
+ muggle "covers"--lets him use muggle technology and muggle computer games.

- snow
- oysters
- parties, all parties
- too many questions
- loquaciousness
- okra (why would anyone like okra, anyway?)
- loathes boredom
- migraines and what pain does to his life
- heavy metal and rap music
- e-readers.  (they're not real books, after all, are they?)
- foo-foo cocktails.  (if it comes with an umbrella, he's not interested)
- muggle pain meds (they're sub-par to wizarding methods)
- not having a place of his own
- knowing that everything he owns is in a leather duffle
- chewing gum
- strong perfume
- sunshine against the snow
- some muggle foulness in Chinese take away called MSG. He seems to be allergic to it.

GOALS: To know that he's doing something to give his family a better world than he often finds himself in.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Smokes too much, often when stressed or anxious--or depressed, or frustrated...Yeah, you get the picture. Sometimes too self observant--he's working on trying to "eliminate" his tells. Likes firewhiskey.  Needs pain potion sometimes too often.  Sometimes he likes it all too much.

BOGGART: Failure. Failure is not an option

PATRONUS: His wedding day to Amelia.

DEMENTOR: The last time he saw England for many years. His best friend saw him off at the station, thinking he was going on a business trip. Little did his friend know, he never intended to come back.  The memory of the station stands out for him because it felt like the final disconnect between him and everyone and everything he loved--severing him out of necessity for the very thing he wanted, more than his own life, to save.

VERITASERUM: Being alone has become a necessity for survival.  He doesn't disclose how much he loathes it and how very much he misses everything he's given up.

MIRROR OF ERISED: If he could actually look in the mirror, he'd see himself in some little thatched cottage in a small village, being able to be the father that he always wanted to be--the one thing that was stripped from him.  And to him, it was everything.

PERSONALITY: Dedicated.  Loyal to a fault.  Its his biggest asset and his biggest liability. Rick is, by nature, a Gryffindor in the strongest sense.  He is self sacrificing to his core, but with that comes repressing everything he wants for himself. It sets him up to be eternally in conflict.  He can become sullen if he lets himself think about his family. And, does he think.  He thinks, analyzes,  rethinks.  His brain has kept him alive more than once, but he's also aware he can be his own worst enemy by the negative things that are locked there. .It makes him prone to  migraines and cluster headaches.  He is also theatrical by nature, and spent some time training in a drama school to make him more effective in the "roles" he found he would need to play.  Sometimes who he is and who he pretends to be can get a bit muddled because he can't ever be who he wants to be anyway.


FATHER:Thaddeus Cooper, age 74, metamorph, retired from Ministry of Magic

MOTHER:Rose Marie Cooper, nee Alford, age 73, retired from Flourish and Blotts, Herbologist

SIBLING/S:Simon, age 47--lives in Copenhagen
Graham, age 45--lives in Germany in the Black Forest region someplace

OTHER: Amelia Cooper--ex-wife.
       Hallie Cooper Rookwood--daughter

BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood

SPECIES: metamorph

SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy now.  Didn't start out that way, but when you've got no one to spend it on, it racks up.

optional. students may only bring owls, cats, mice and toads to Hogwarts.

OTHER POSSESSIONS: leather duffel bag that he's enchanted to shrink all his worldly possessions into. silver pain potions flask.  whiskey flask.  a third flask that contains "the mix"--a bend of firewhiskey and pain potion for when all else fails to stop his headache pain.


EARLY YEARS: Rick was born in a village in Lincolnshire to Thaddeus and Rose in an early spring, when the crocuses were peeking through the snow. He was originally born on Good Friday, born rather unexpectedly at home. His mother was busy with Easter preparations while his father was at work.  Rose's labor was very fast, and, because he was smaller than his brothers had been at birth, Rick's birth was easier.   When his father got home, he got flustered, and, in a gesture of not just excitement but also remorse for not being there, he snatched all the crocuses out of the snow, shoved them in a whiskey glass with a bit of water and presented them to Rose.  Rick remembers the flower beds being planted ridiculously full of crocuses after that because it remained a memory his parents wanted to keep.

He and his brothers were raised in the small house they were born in, and he shared the same bedroom as his two older brothers.  His mother had a garden patch where she grew medical and culinary herbs as well as vegetables.  His father enjoyed tending the fruit trees they had, and frequently rebuked Rick for climbing them.  Rick was an adventurous boy, and preferred to be outside exploring the woods, climbing trees, catching frogs in the creek, fishing, or playing ball in the streets with his friends. He also liked books, sketching, and followed in his father's love of learning languages. It seemed to come naturally to Rick.

He has memories of family laughter that bring him a smile in dark hours--pariicularly his father showing off with his metamorph skills. Thaddeus loved to amuse the boys and prank Rose with any metamorph idea he could come up with.  Rose would become irked, especially of Thaddeus's love of trying it at the most inopportune moments, and of Thaddeus's love of encouraging his boys to be boys. Thaddeus hoped at least one of his boys would be a metamorph.  Blessedly, Rick was delighted to discover did indeed receive that gift.  

HOGWARTS YEARS: What Rick remembers of his sorting hat ceremony was the hat simply giving a snort when the hat was perched on his head.  Then it remarked, "He's a Cooper. What do you expect? Gryffindor!"  Rick was serious about his studies but he spent more than his share of time in detention and in the Head of House's office, and sometimes the Headmaster's office because if it came to any of his friends getting into mischief, Rick was in it somewhere.  The Headmaster seemed to figure out that it was Rick who, although not desiging the mischief originally, usually was the one to refine the plan to make it work. The headmaster attempted to steer Rick into other areas, games of strategy to occupy Rick's always-working brain.

Rick's migraines and severe headaches seemed to start about the time two things happened in his second year: puberty and the fall he had off a broom at broom practice.  He fell headfirst off the broom and hit hard.  He was in the hospital wing for nearly a week, but the post concussive pain lasted nearly a year. That was when it all started for him.  His grades plummeted for several weeks because of his head injury for a time, and that forced him to spend much of his offtime in the library or being tutored by his professors.  It also, though, drove him to want to be well toned and disciplined to get in as much "life" as he could "between the headaches."

He was a keeper on the Quidditch team because his quick reaction time served the team well. He wanted to be the Seeker, but the coach found he was a much stronger keeper. The coach also didn't want him chasing the snitch because he thought the risk was too great that Rick might fall off his broom again and create more issues for his head.

It was in his Hogwarts years he met Amelia. He found the night time, the dark, caused him less pain, particularly when the headaches flared, and so he often roamed the grounds at night. The other reason he had found he needed to be alone at night was that as he grew in his metamorph abilities, he often didn't want to be seen if he buggared things up and had to spend extra time to put himself back to rights.  And he surely didn't want Amelia to see him with pieces and parts where they shouldn't be.

She was a Ravenclaw, and he thought she was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. He hadn't the first clue at romance, but he could read.  He swiped his best ideas from some of the romance books he could find in the library.  

ADULTHOOD: HIs engagement to Amelia was longer than he'd expected, but she had issues going on in her life. That, and her parents didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. Her father openly mentioned to Rick that he didn't see Rick as "the sort of lad to stick around."  Outwardly, he would later look to prove his father in law correct, and that haunts him. He still loves Amelia, but it hasn't ever been safe to let anyone know he is still alive.

Desperate to prove he could provide for Amelia, he took a job as soon as he could at the Ministry, working as a mail clerk.  He was easily liked by the older Gryffndors who worked there, who took the young man underwing and helped him polish off some of his rough edges with many a night in the pub with a pint or two. They talked him into taking auror training, and he took to it aggressively, seeing it was his chance to better himself.  Once he had established himself as a bit better than a mail clerk, he proposed and married Amelia.

He hadn't been there long when he was recruited as an Unspeakable, and his training intensified.  Some missions found him infiltrating the Order. Others found him infiltrating the Death Eaters, or double agent-ing. He rigidly kept his original commitment to neither, to the Ministry and his own belief of what was the greater good.  He found he really liked espionage, but he hated the risk that it brought to him and his marriage. When Amelia told him she was pregnant, he was thrilled beyond anything he could describe.  When he was alone, though, the terror rose inside him that he was dragging Amelia and their child into a darkness that he wasn't sure he could protect them from. He wasn't sure he was up to being a "true father."

Still, he treasured every second he could spend with them, and he tried to make the time. As his assignments grew ever deeper and darker, he could hear the clock ticking on his family life.  There was no one greater in his heart than Hallie.  He loved Amelia, but Hallie? His love for his daughter was something he didn't believe he was capable of until he held her when she was born. That changed everything.  If Rick was guilty of anything after that, where Hallie was concerned, it was in risking spoiling her.  So far as he was concerned, not only did she need to have the best of everything he could provide, it was never enough. He wanted her to have all of every good thing.

When a mission he had turned sour, he spent several long nights in consultation with the Minister at that time.  It was imperative that they salvaged the mission at all costs.  National security depended on it. On him. They needed one man to stay the course, but to do that, that one man would most likely be working for the Ministry in secret for  years. The only contact he would have was with the Minister himself and was sporadic at best. Rick's interest was in protecting Amelia and Hallie.  To do so, there was no choice. No other option. The Ministry staged an operation to stage his death, insuring that no one would be interested in threatening or coming after Amelia or Hallie in the future.  He hated that they had to stage an attack on his house, on his family.  The minister convinced him that, by his own nature, Rick would not have let anything else take him from his family. He keeps the pain buried deeply of the knowledge that it was that family trust he had had to bank on in order to save them all--by betraying it..

Recently, he found himself in contact with the present Minister, who told him times had changed.  The Minister was interested in utilizing Rick's skills in other ways--back in England.  Rick wasn't interested, wasn't going to turn Hallie's or Amelia's lives upside down.  He wasn't going to risk their lives, no matter the cost.  He was dead, and he was better that way--or to them, he would be.  Lupin played a foul trick on Rick that he hadn't seen coming.  After all the years of deliberately making no contact, going to every effort to separate himself, not even wanting to look like he was glimpsing at what was happening in their lives, there were their faces in front of him.  Their dossiers in his hands.  Photos, bios, newspaper clippings.  It was like offering water to a man dying of thirst.  Rick couldn't deny himself. He sat for hours reading the dossiers, commiting it all to memory as indelibly as he knew how.  It became the undoing of his exile, and so, he is returning.  He isn't sure what to, though.  What remains to be seen is if the Ministry will allow him contact with his family, and even if they do, will they still want him?


RP EXPERIENCE: stupid question

HOW YOU FOUND US: bing, I think....I dunno.


CHARACTER PURPOSE: personal plotting, probably. Maybe site stuff. I dunno

At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character
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Re: COOPER, Robert

on Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:51 pm
Coolio! Accepted and sorted into Grads!
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Re: COOPER, Robert

on Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:01 pm
thank you!

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