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Krissu's Characters Stats

on Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:57 pm
Hey, here is my all characters listed. Also in what house they are, how old they are and so on. It's easy to keep track of them for me and for others too.
I'm using same thing as does Jackles and then now Addie even.

Join Date: September, 24, 2012
Total Characters: 16
Total number of posts: 1500+
Canon Characters: 3
Years on PA: >2
Active Characters: 15
Inactive Characters: 0
Characters Made in 2012: 4
Characters Made in 2013: 5
Characters Made in 2014: 4
Characters Made in 2015: 3
Ravenclaws: 3
Gryffindors: 4
Hufflepuffs: 3
Slytherins: 4
Durmstrang: 0
Beauxbatons: 1
Unsorted: 0
Graduates: 7
Drop Outs: 0
Males: 2
Females: 14
Single: 15
In relationship: 1
Married: 0
Engaged: 0
Adopted by me: 1
Purebloods: 1
Half-bloods: 11
Muggleborns: 3
Muggles: 1
Works in Ministry: 3
Works in St. Mungos: 1
Unemployment: 3
Hogwarts Students: 8
Muggle School Students: 1
Death Eaters: 1
Death Followers: 1
Potter's Army: 2
Order: 4
Neutrals: 7


Name: Aria Lockwwod
Age: 21
Job: Auror (In couple of months she will be at home with baby)
House: Ex-Ravenclaw
Face Claim: Kristina Bazan
Profile/App: Aria

Name: Jessica wendorf
Age: 17
Job: Hogwarts Student
House: Ravenclaw
Face Claim: Ashley Benson
Profile/App: Jessica

Name: Tiffany cruz
Age: 14
Job: Hogwarts Student
House: Ravenclaw
Face Claim: Bailee Madison
Profile/App: Tiffany


Name: Cecilie Montez
Age: 17
Job: Hogwarts Student
House: Gryffindor
Face Claim: Im Yoona
Profile/App: Cecilie

Name: Clara Cadwallader
Age: 18
Job: Jobless at the moment
House: Ex-Gryffindor
Face Claim: Danielle Campbell
Profile/App: Clara

Name: Hazel Parker
Age: 22
Job: Nurse at St. Mungos
House: Ex-Gryffindor
Face Claim: Shay Mitchell
Profile/App: Hazel

Name: Vanessa Clarke
Age: 33
Job: Works in Ministry
House: Ex-Gryffindor
Face Claim: Jessica Alba
Profile/App: Vanessa


Name: Chcocola Meilleure
Age: 26
Job: Personal Assistent in ministry of magical. (Works with dragons)
House: Ex-Hufflepuff
Face Claim: Nam Gyu Ri
Profile/App: Chocola

Name: Christine Ackerley
Age: 16
Job: Hogwarts student
House: Hufflepuff
Face Claim: Bridgit Mendler
Profile/App: Christine

Name: Ciara McGee
Age: 12
Job: Hogwarts student
House: Hufflepuff
Face Claim: Rowan Blanchard
Profile/App: Ciara


Name: Emily Night
Age: 15
Job: Hogwarts Student
House: Slytherin
Face Claim: Ashley Tisdale
Profile/App: Emily

Name: Mason T.  Cuffe
Age: 19
Job: Unemployment
House: Ex-Slytherin
Face Claim: Gregg Sulkin
Profile/App: Mason

Name: Ethan Mieux
Age: 13
Job: Hogwarts student
House: Slytherin
Face Claim: Chandler Riggs
Profile/App: Ethan

Name: Summer Harrison
Age: 11
Job: Hogwarts student
House: Slytherin
Face Claim: Alyson Stoner
Profile/App: Summer

Beauxbatons Graduate

Name: Carmenita Adromera
Age: 34
Job: She is currently jobless. Wants to actress.
House: some house in Beauxbatos.
Face Claim: Jordana Brewster
Profile/App: Carmenita


Name: Cassiopeia Moonwell
Age: 18
Job: Muggle School Students
House: none. She is muggle.
Face Claim: Peyton List
Profile/App: Cassiopeia



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Re: Krissu's Characters Stats

on Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:07 pm
Updated for now!

Re: Krissu's Characters Stats

on Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:29 pm
The list was updated:
Added profile/app links.
Added Carmenita to list.
Changed stats to right on stat list.
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Re: Krissu's Characters Stats

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