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Declan Arryn
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ARRYN, Declan

on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:04 pm



FULL NAME: Declan Michael Arryn
(pronounced Deck-lin & Air-ren)


AGE: 29


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gryffindor House
Gryffindor Quidditch Team

National Irish Quidditch Team
Puddlemere United
England (London)

The Daily Prophet
The Leaky Cauldron
The Ministry of Magic

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor Graduate


WAND: Ash and vine wood, Dittany stalk and phoenix feather, 11 1/5 inches, Solid

PLAY BY: Aaron Ramsey

OCCUPATION: Owner of The Leaky Cauldron/Chef

HOUSING: Generally stays at the Leaky unless a manager can take the night shift. In that case, he’s got a little house in the countryside. It’s nothing too special, but he loves it all the same.



EYE COLOUR: Blue-green


BODY BUILD: Athletic

Declan is pretty tall, and built like someone who used to play Quidditch rather than piano. To be fair, he's done his fair share of both. He isn't someone who smiles much, but when he does it's always a full and proper one. Not one for smirks or arrogance, he tends to just remain aloof, even in his expression. He also dresses quite seriously, rather than going for anything too casual. More often than not, he's wearing his chef jacket, because at work things tend to get messy.


01. Abrasive
02. Sarcastic
03. Witty
04. Skilled
05. Level-headed
06. Decisive
07. Disciplined
08. Forthright
09. Easy-going (depending on the situation, admittedly)
10. Hardworking
11. Independent
12. Rational to a fault
13. Unromantic
14. Private
15. Reserved
16. Tidy
17. Abrupt
18. Faithless
19. Hidebound
20. Pedantic
21. Cynical
22. Intelligent

01. Cooking
02. Piano
03. Alcohol
04. Banter
05. Reading
06. His family
07. Asking other people about their stories (it's easier than telling his own)
08. Quidditch
09. Muggle transportation
10. Distractions

01. Liars
02. People trying to change his mind (or change at all, really)
03. Relationships
04. Anyone named Danica
05. Responsibility he didn't ask for
06. Those who are judgmental of his cooking or the Leaky in general
07. Being cold while trying to sleep
08. Materialistic people
09. Paying bills (he does pay them; just hates it and puts it off until the last minute)
10. Dancing

1. Own his own business, where he can cook.
2. Stay away from commitment.
3. Ensure that the Leaky stays in business, if not better than before he took over.
4. Protect his friends from the pain he experienced.

1. Although he would rather be around other people, it’s only because it keeps him from having to think. He’s not actually a fan of parties, but if other people are talking and he doesn’t have to try very hard.
2. Any time someone mentions marriage or relationships, he just rolls his eyes or makes snide comments until the subject is dropped.
3. He works harder than he has to, because being active is impossibly better than being bored or idle.
4. He always puts forth a persona of nonchalance, though he actually takes things very seriously. Most of his problems come from feeling things really deeply and having to hide it.
5. Still has a heavy Irish accent, despite living in London and Scotland for so long.

DEMENTOR: He fell in love with a woman named Danica who turned out to be a total crazy. She was married to his best friend's elder brother, but none of them had a clue because of the friends' separation at the time. Henry was starting a new job at the Ministry and Declan was taking over the Leaky. Eventually, he took her dancing because she enjoyed it so well and ended up proposing, only to find out that she was already married. He also got entirely decked by Henry's brother, who finally figured it out and showed up. Now, she's divorcing the brother and trying to break up Declan's new relationship, even though Henry took Declan's side and they all basically hate her.

VERITASERUM: “And you know that it’s just a sonata away, and you play… and you play. And everything else goes away. Everything else goes away.”


Based on his wand: “The ash wand cleaves to its one true master and ought not to be passed on or gifted from the original owner, because it will lose power and skill. This tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn. Old superstitions regarding wands rarely bear close examination, but I find that the old rhyme regarding rowan, chestnut, ash and hazel wands (rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans) contains a small nugget of truth. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not, in my experience, lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists on trying wands of this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant.”

“Vine wands are among the less common types, and I have been intrigued to notice that their owners are nearly always those witches or wizards who seek a greater purpose, who have a vision beyond the ordinary and who frequently astound those who think they know them best. Vine wands seem strongly attracted by personalities with hidden depths, and I have found them more sensitive than any other when it comes to instantly detecting a prospective match.”

Personality type: ESTJ

” ESTJs thrive on order and continuity. Being extraverted, their focus involves organization of people, which translates into supervision. While ENTJs enjoy organizing and mobilizing people according to their own theories and tactically based agendas, ESTJs are content to enforce "the rules," often dictated by tradition or handed down from a higher authority.
ESTJs are joiners. They seek out like-minded companions in clubs, civic groups, churches and other service organizations. The need for belonging is woven into the fiber of SJs. The family likewise is a central focus for ESTJs, and attendance at such events as weddings, funerals and family reunions is obligatory.
Tradition is important to the ESTJ. Holidays, birthdays and other annual celebrations are remembered and observed often religiously by this type. The ESTJ is inclined to seek out his roots, to trace the family heritage back to honored ancestors both for a sense of family respectability and for a sense of security and belonging.
Service, the tangible expression of responsibility, is another key focus for ESTJs. They love to provide and to receive good service. The ESTJ merchant who provides dependable service has done much to enhance his or her self image.
ESTJs have an acute sense for orthodoxy. Much of their evaluation of persons and activities reflects their strong sense of what is "normal" and what isn't. ESTJ humor is frequently centered around something or someone being off center or behaving abnormally.
ESTJs promote the work ethic. Power, position and prestige should be worked for and earned. Laziness is rarely viewed with ambivalence nor benevolence by this type.

The ESTJ is outspoken, a person of principles, which are readily expressed. The ESTJ is not afraid to stand up for what he or she believes is right even in the face of overwhelming odds. ESTJs are able to make the tough calls.

ESTJs are very good at making impersonal decisions quickly, and standing by those decisions. They live in their Extraverted Thinking functioning, thus, their prime directive is in discovering that which is true and logical in the events of the real world. Circumstances calling for product invite the ESTJ to supervise or direct other individuals toward production and productivity.

In times of need, ESTJs are tempted to overlook even necessary information if its absence impedes closure.

ESTJs who have cultivated, or have been blessed with, a "natural indirect expression of good will by inference," have great prospects of developing genuine friendships (as opposed to ESTJs who merely act out the behavior of Extraverted Feeling). Such a weak, introverted function is best observed in facial expression, eye contact, body language, and verbally only by implication.”


--Considers forming any sort of relationships unless they’re shoved in his face. (hence his friendship with Henry)
--Explains his personality, even if he’s offended someone.
--Talks about his past or family.

--Shows up early to things he wants to do, and late to those he doesn’t.
--Relaxes when he sits, regardless of how formal the conversation or event.

--Wonders after what other career he could have had if he hadn’t stayed at the Leaky.
--Relies a little too heavily on alcohol or other distractions.

--Likely to be found with a drink if he’s left to his own devices and bored.
--Still a huge fan of Quidditch, so it’s often on at the Leaky.
--Overly cautious.

Is Not:
--Concerned with his own well-being so much as keeping busy.
--Interested in changing his circumstances or inviting people into his life.


FATHER: Neil Arryn
Muggle I Living I Head Chef at Dublin’s finest Muggle hotel

MOTHER: Sadie Arryn (nee McKinney)
Muggle I Living I Journalist

Best Friend (basically his brother): Henry Tross I Halfblood I Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports I 27 I Sarcastic (yet lovable) Bum

Playby: Ben Whishaw

BLOOD STATUS:  Muggleborn


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class


Early Years:
Declan is the only child of Sadie and Neil Arryn, born when the couple were in their early twenties. Sadie took several years off from her journalistic career in order to take care of Declan and ensure that Neil could keep his position as Head Chef.

Declan looks very like his father, though he has a curl to his hair just like his mum. Because both were fairly well known in their neighborhood (as well as the town, really), if he ever got lost or strayed a bit too far, everyone knew where to send him. He was fairly popular with the kids his age, though his years at Hogwarts would prove to be the creator of the wall he later found between himself and the others.

Outside of football practice and school, Declan took up piano to amuse his mother. He was surprised to find that he actually enjoyed it, and people were known to point out that he could well be a prodigy.

Declan could have turned out as a professional pianist if he wanted to, but once he discovered the truth behind all of the strange things that had happened to him over the years, he knew he would need to attend the school which sent him a letter. Although he had worried at first that his parents would not take kindly to the news, they were very supportive about it. That, of course, is one of the main reasons why he is still close with his parents.

Hogwarts Years:
Declan’s first year was one of trying to understand what he was getting himself into. It was when his sports passion turned from football to Quidditch, and when he decided that he was really going to enjoy this newfound ability of his. By holiday, however, he missed his folks, his town, and his usual hobbies. His friends had been told he was sent to a private school in Scotland, which was technically accurate, but the distance had already started between them.

By the time he reached his third year, he was going out for the house Quidditch team and starting to understand why he had been sorted into Gryffindor. The adventures he experienced with his housemates were times he would remember long after graduating. Ever hardworking, though, the adventures and shenanigans did not mean that his grades were poor.

After OWLs, a fellow Gryffindor named Henry Tross approached Declan about helping him in classes. As they were both on the house team, Declan had no qualms about helping the fourth year. Over the next two years, the boys became better friends than either expected or had ever found in anyone else.

Declan, of course, graduated two years before Henry, so the boys kept in touch as the younger went into his sixth year and the elder started searching for a job. As intelligent as he was deemed based on his tests, Declan decided that he would rather start our small to gain experience before going after a job that would require more of a past.He started out at The Leaky Cauldron as an eighteen-year-old, doing what he could as a waiter. When one of the cooks got fired, though, Declan pointed out that his father had taught him a thing or two growing up. So, when given a chance, he proved himself to be skilled as a chef just as he had been in Quidditch, Piano, and several other areas. He found that if he put his mind to something, he would be driven enough to do it properly.

That’s not to say that Declan is proficient in all areas. No indeed, he’s particularly challenged when it comes to dealing with emotions. It all started when he met Danica during a long trip to Dublin. She was a halfblood witch from Durmstrang, and he took to her immediately. She wasn’t the first girl he got involved with, but she was the first he thought he wanted to settle down with. The only problem? When he got down on one knee a year later, it turned out she was already married, and had been leading him on the entire time.

Since then, he has been wary of just about everyone. Sticking by what he knows is now the name of the game, and he avoids change if at all possible. His time has been spent working and waiting until he could finally take on ownership of the Leaky. He’s had the place for nearly a year, and knows most of the regulars. If he can keep his life the same, he will. Though, really, that’s not going to be easy.




HOW YOU FOUND US: Um. *glances around* o.O


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: How could I not make this guy? Seriously.

RP SAMPLE: Hah. Haha. Hahahahahhaha. No.

Elijah Krum
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Re: ARRYN, Declan

on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:28 pm
I adore him. He's lovely. Yes. Wonderful. Good.
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