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Nothing Wrong with No Empty Nothing Wrong with No

on Sat Jul 05, 2014 3:04 pm
with many thanks to Sarah Sellaphix @ Thrive

I want role-players everywhere to know: you can say no. †And itís okay.

No doesnít need to be a judgement or personal, or be loaded with anything other than a little no.

If someone sends you a private message inviting you to a thread they want to start or a plot idea they have going, and for whatever reason you donít want to write in it (or canít) you can just say ďNo, thank you.Ē †Maybe you want to provide some explanation Ė go for it! But make sure itís true. †Even when youíre saying no, you should be polite and respectful.

Politeness does not require a friendly role-player to accept all offers or acquiesce to all requests. †After all the person most responsible for you having fun at any given role-playing site is you! If you canít say no, who else will?

Know the No

Itís easy to say no, and even be polite about it to leave both writers feeling encouraged.

  1. Say thank you! Thank them for asking, for thinking of you. Acknowledge they thought youíd be fun to write with and thank them.
  2. Say no thank you. †Be clear that youíre not interested and wonít be joining them.
  3. Explain why. (Optional!) You are not obligated to reveal why because you are not obligated to write with everyone who asks you.
  4. Initiate another opportunity. †(Optional!) Maybe youíre busy now, but want to write when you have more time Ė say so! Maybe the plot just doesnít interest you, so suggest something else for another time and place. †Suggest something for your other characters. †Be as vague or as clear if as you wish. †The point is, this step can help alleviate the sting of no and reassure the other person that itís not forever no, but just no for now.

Okay, So Someone Just Told You No

Itís okay. †Donít sweat it. †Move on! I know itís disappointing. †You were looking forward to it, it sounded really fun, you had such great plans! I know you did! But you are master of the universe and your imagination is a thrilling machine. †Youíll come up with something new and it will also be awesome.

Thatís the thing. †No can suck, but itíll just suck worse if you attempt to dissect it or take it personally. †In the end, we want to role-play with people who want to role-play with us. †And to attempt to convince, pressure or guilt someone into writing with you isnít going to be a thread you want to be a part of. †Chin up and carry on!

Thanks to Selwyn Thorfinn

Nothing Wrong with No Mki25h
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