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Anastasia Nott
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin
Anastasia Nott
Seventh Year

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Anastasia's Relationships  Empty Anastasia's Relationships

on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:24 am

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Theodore Nott:
Theodore, knowing that Anastasia wasn't his biological daughter, accepted her as his own to protect the Nott family name. His sister Tatiana had almost ruined it when she fell pregnant with a muggle he couldn't allow his wife's adultery dent their family crest. However although Theodore claimed to accept Anastasia as his own daughter he never really did. He would always favour Alexander and Allyson. Ask what they wanted, give them whatever they asked for, teach them how to fly, help them read and write. This was something he never found the time to do with Ana and so she felt forgotten and pushed aside. Irregardless of the way her Father ignored her Ana still fought hard for his approval. All she wants is do him proud and prove his worth.
At Hogwarts Ana writes to her parents, she even writes Theodore private letters but never receives a reply. It's always her Mother who replies and when she does respond Pansy writes 'on behalf of both of them' meaning just herself.  

Pansy Parkinson-Nott
Pansy noticed that Theodore didn't love Anastasia how he promised but there was simply nothing that she could do. It did hurt to see her child saddened at times but the witch simply ignored this, blaming herself for her daughters sadness. In spite of that she did make sure whenever she did something with the children that Ana was included just as equally as Alexander and Allyson. It is perhaps because of this that Anastasia loves her Mother and is closer to her. Not that this means much for it is still her Father who she wants love from.
Since being sorted into Gryffindor Anastasia is rarely mentioned to anyone outside of the family from even her Mother. Of course Pansy will gladly bring Alexander up in conversation, her favourite child, and even Allyson too.

Alexander & Allyson Nott
Anastasia once was close to her siblings but when they both went off to Hogwarts she was the only child in the house. Just her, the Nanny and a house elf. The day she received her Hogwarts letter Anastasia thought it would be the rebirth of their relationship but was wrong. For starters she was sorted into Gryffindor but despite that Ana realised that even Allyson and Alexander weren't as close as they used to be. Perhaps that was part of growing up? The first year she appeared the annoying younger sister, begging for their attention, wanting to show off the spells she learned. Neither of them cared - Alexander cared the least. The day she was sorted into Gryffindor was the day that her brother tried to not associate himself with her. He was becoming like their Father. Why? Because he didn't want his pure blooded Slytherin friends to think anything less of him.

Hitame Higurashi:
When Anastasia was sorted into Gryffindor both her brother and sister turned their backs on her. Not only had she been the black lamb that didn't appear to follow the pure blood rules but she had gone and gotten herself into Gryffindor. This mean't that, until Anastasia found a strong set of friends, she was pretty much lost and alone at Hogwarts. It was Hitame, a Gryffindor student a couple of years above Ana, that came to her help and slowly became not just a mentor but someone who cared and looked out for Ana as if she was her own sibling. The two now share a strong friendship and Anastasia can always rely on Hit to be there if she ever needs the help.

Jeremy Peakes:
Ana and Jeremy are both in the same year and same house at Hogwarts. Being Gryffindors together mean't that they have nearly always been in the same class, dined together in the Great Hall, walked to lessons and relaxed by the fire in the common room together. Almost everything the two do at Hogwarts is together. Ana and Jeremy really are the best of friends.


Love Interests:
Emily Night:
Ana and Emily shared a boat together when coming across the Black Lake upon their arrival at Hogwarts. It was since this boat road the two realised they are not compatible with each other. Emily appeared to represent everything Ana disliked about her family: the greed, the love for possessions, power, insensitivity. Ana is a pleasant girl but when it comes to Emily all politeness is lost and it isn't uncommon for the pair to bicker if placed in a situation together.

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If you have any ideas about a plot that could involve Anastasia or you believe that your character should be on the relationships section of the page then feel free to comment below and share your thoughts.
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