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PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:57 am



FULL NAME: Kipling Bennett Parsons

NICKNAMES:  Kip, a name that eerily parallels his uncle’s name. On ocassion, KB. When he is putting on an alias, he goes by Bennett or Ben.

AGE: Twenty-six, born Dec. 3, 2001.
Graduated 2017, a year early.

ALLEGIANCE: Kip has allegiances only to the truth, to the search for the truth, and happiness. His ties to his friends last forever, and his budding relationships with his family have spawned loyalty. He is too progressive of a thinker to be divided on the subject of dark or light magic, thinking that instead all magic is magic and can be harnessed.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: former-Slytherin.

FIRST WAND: Elder, dragon heartstring, eleven and three-quarters inches, rigid

HISTORY : Kip, like all Hogwarts students, received his wand before his first year. It was three weeks before school began that he made the purchase. He took care of the wand, diligently polishing it and maintaining it. He never had any major problems with it, but decided to get another after graduation. He keeps his first wand as a backup.

Elder : Associated dates – November 25th to December 23rd. Known to identify with personalities who are outspoken, persuasive, self suffiecient, lively, insasiably curious, unstoppably ambitious, impulsive, restless, and suffers from vainglory. Patronus type is usually that of a creature that is full of knowledge, balanced, open minded, strongly opinionated, and lively. Though considered to be unlucky, this wood is known to protect its wielder from outside forces.

Dragon Heartstring : The Dragon Heartstring often indicates a personality with strong convictions that places much emphasis upon power and wisdom. The Dragon Heartstring core is strongly suited for hexes, the dark arts, and all manner of elemental magic. Dragon Heartstring cores learn the quickest and are considered to have magical heft. Dragon Heartstring cores are most common among those in Slytherin House.

Rigid : This is close to the most inflexible a wand can be, though it does yield considerably. A wand that is rigid is moderately difficult to bend to the wielder’s will, though the results are slightly stronger than average.

CURRENT WAND: Elder, Chimera scale and Wyvern skin, twelve and a half inches , unyielding

HISTORY : Kip was eighteen when he decided he wanted a new wand. His own was just fine, but as he researched magic, he was deeply moved by what a wand could do for its wizard. He began working with a French wandmaker by the name of Remy Dumay to try and create a wand that was powerful but compatible with him. Remy travelled the world in search of new and exotic wand cores. Once the Chimera scale and Wyvern were secured, Remy was able to temper the wand into a powerful object. It took a few months of steady practice to get the wand to bend to his will, but now Kip finds himself in possession of a strong, loyal wand with few rivals.

Elder : See Above.

Chimera Scale : The Chimera Scale often implies a personality that places self above others, and a personality that is strong and not easily controlled. The Chimera Scale is strongly suited for the Dark Arts and The Logical Arts of Magic, and is known to be very supportive of Legilimens. This core strongly favors those who harken from Slytherin House.

Wyvern Skin : A Wyvern Scale core is much like those who find themselves in possession of them – one with stubborn, volatile energy that is difficult to control. The Wyvern Scale is strongly suited for The Dark Arts, followed thereafter by Potions, Transfiguration, Jinxes, Curses, and Duelling Magic. This core strongly favors those of the Slytherin House.

Unyielding : Unyielding is as inflexible as a wand can get. An unyielding wand takes considerable effort to bend to the wielder’s will, but the magic it produces is significantly stronger. It takes several months to master an unyielding wand and the caster must continually fight for control.

PLAY BY: James McAvoy


HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown, ranging from short to medium-shaggy length.

EYE COLOUR: Bright/Electric Blue.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Of average height, though looks closer to tall because of his thin figure.

BODY BUILD: Slender.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Kip is known for two very specific looks. One in which he is well-dressed and well-groomed, and then there are his frumpier days. He naturally looks good in both fashions, though many have argued over which highlights him best. Laziness is the deciding factor between the two looks, but it is definitely his inner charm that helps him carry though every season of his appearance. There are in betweens and days where he does not look his best, but these two specific looks typically cover what he looks like.

When Kip cares about his appearance, he is clean-shaven, his hair is typically gelled back, and he looks fairly immaculate. His wardrobe in this style consists of : nice button ups, blazers, tweed jackets, vests, sweater vests, slacks, shiny belt buckles, and dress shoes. His skin is taken care of, his eyes are bright, his hair is shorter, and he has taken care to dress himself properly, ever button buttoned and every lace laced.

The days that Kip doesn't care for his appearance give him a very lazy charm. His hair is longer (it grows fast so a few weeks without cutting it can get it to a long length) and without product, giving it a very shaggy effect. His wardrobe in this style consists of : eccentric suits, silly graphic shirts, relaxed jeans, vests, silly sweaters, and brightly colored socks with cartoon characters on them. If he is dressed like this, he is typically hungover. His eyes, therefore, will be slightly pink, highlighting he blue, and there can be stubble if not a beard and mustache on his face.


Lazy, bouts of laziness of occassion
Scattered on occassion
Uncaring at times

+New Experiences

-Flirtatious women
-Lack of time
-Modern music
-Quick judgments
-Social codes
-Warm weather

Duelling : Began practicing during his schooling in the Duelling Club at the age of 14. At about 24, he began t be regarded as an advanced duellist.
Legilimens : Began practicing at the age of 15, did not become considered a full Legilimens until he was 19.
Wandless Magic : Began practicing at the age of 18 and mastered the skill at the age of 22.

+Teach at Hogwarts at some point
+Connect with the family he does not know
+Make siginificant change in government
+Learn several instruments
+Pick up another language
+Write a book

>Often forgets to eat
>Is constantly trying his wandless magic in little ways, like moving chairs out for himself
>Loves to garden even though he is horrible at it
>Doesn't believe he is horrible at gardening
>Is constantly picking up new hobbies

BOGGART: Kip's greatest fear is that of mediocrity. He aspires to great lengths and could not imagine himself not achieving these great ends. His boggart typically takes the form of himself or one of his friends, dead with a bottle in their hands, dying a drunkard's death, or as a beggars.

PATRONUS: Kip drawns upon several memories to produce his Patronus. The first being memories of holidays with his family. The second being late night disucssions with his friends. And the final being memories of his triumphs, such as recieving his new wand and the first time he moved something without his wand. His Patronus appears in the form of a falcon.

DEMENTOR: His worst memories include those of his bullied days in Hogwarts, in which he sometimes feared for his safety or his comfort. When a dementor is nearby, he hears gruff voices calling his name.

VERITASERUM: His greatest secret is what he fears - see Boggart.

MIRROR OF ERISED: If Kip were to look into the Mirror of Erised, he would see himself in the robes of a Minister of Magic, his friends standing impressively around him, stacks and stacks of books full of mastered knowledge behind him.

Kip wakes up in the morning after a long night, and he gets up. After a long hard look at himself in the mirror, he sighs and decides to attempt to make himself look presentable. After a shower and a shave, he's already hard at work starting out his window at those passing by him, muttering as he tries to invade their mind - moral, probably not, but necessary to keep his strength in his craft up. After that, he retreats to his study to look over his notes for his coming lesson. He teaches an hour long class at Beauxbatons, apparating to get there before apparating back home after he has done his job. He spends his hours between work and dinner either reading, practicing his wandless magic, practicing at a local Duelling club, or researching new jobs to be done. Dinner is had when he visits The Hobbled Pigeon, the bar belonging to brother and sister MacBain and Kenna guesses correctly that Kip hasn't eaten. She gets some food and lager into his system, and he and his friends retire to a private smoking room where they discuss philisophy, politics, art, and humanity until the wee hours of the night.

The trumpet - I can now play this moderately, but I tend to get squawky at the top of my range. May need to revist at a later time.
Knitting - oddly theruptic, but my needle work is a bit too precise and not quite natural. Needs work. Probably not going to work on this in the future.
Ping pong - Never again.
Soccer - Brilliant, why aren't you doing this with your life?
Rugby - See ping pong.
Billiards - simple geometry, old chap. Some hustling might be in my future.
Gobstones - meh, it lacks in interest, methink.
Gardening - I've found my calling. This makes the wee hours of the afternoon before my friends steal me absolutely magical. The control over life is so brutish, and yet the craft itself is so very refined. You could have been a florist. Your Herbology professor wronged you greatly. Truth be told, though, roses are very fickle things.
Stamp collecting - kill me now. I have no appreciation for the little things.
Wine tasting - I enjoyed this. And I didn't even get drunk. Many great discussions came of it.


FATHER: Gregory Dyllan, muggle

MOTHER: Luciana Parsons, halfblood.

Riley Dyllan, muggle, 26.
Jack Dyllan, muggleborn, turning 21.

Chip Dyllan, uncle, MIA.
Charlotte Dyllan, cousin, muggleborn, 17.
Sunny Dyllan, niece, assumed-muggle, 7.
Raelyn Dyllan, stepmother, muggle.

Arthur Oswald, mother's boyfriend, halfblood.
Randall Parsons, uncle, halfblood.
Katherine Donalds, nee Parsons, aunt, halfblood.
Leonard Donalds, uncle-in-law, halfblood.
Judith Parsons, nee Hunt, grandmother, halfblood.
William Parsons, grandfather, halfblood.

Maximus Morrison - A friend of Kip's from Hogwarts, Max has always been a good friend of Kip's because Kip feels like he can teach Max. The two share an interest in muggles, so Kip often likes to pick Max's brain on how to bridge the gap between the magical and nonmagical world.

Flynn Maccarthur - Kip became friends with this boy when he became friends with Max. More will go here when I know about him, but he is basically Kip's Watson.

Yuri Volkhov - Yuri is about ten years older than Kip, and harkens from a Russian Death Eater family. Yuri concerns himself heavily with theoretical magic and is highly interested in magical diplomacy so he never got involved in the Death Eaters. He did, however, learn the Dark Arts and teaches them at Durmstrang. Yuri is a passive man so he often lets Kip take the lead.

Remy Dumay - Remy is three years older than Kip but has a very young soul. He is fairly hyper active and constantly moves, though he is a brilliant wandmaker with a new take on how to create wands, focused on creating wands that suit the needs of someone specifically, rather than finding a wand that generally fits. His aunt is the Headmistress of Beauxbatons and Kip's connection as an occassional teacher there brought the two together.

Rory and Kenna MacBain - Rory and Kenna seem unspectacular. Kenna, technically, is. She's not exceedingly clever and she has none of the brains that her older brother does. She's twenty three and runs a shady bar in magical London, but she is potentially one of the most dangerous women you could know because she knows almost everything that is going on. She doesn't know what to do with this information, but her drunk of a brother is a clever politcal theorist whose conspiracy theories are more often than not the truth of what government is doing. He is also a master dueller at twenty-seven years old and trains his group of friends. Rory and Kip often drink together, and though Kenna is not apart of Kip's immediate group of friends, he is close with her by extension.

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood.


SOCIAL STATUS: Middle class.

Kingsley, his fifteen-year-old Eurasian Eagle Owl, whom he often calls "Old Gent." Kingsley is a remarkably large owl with a large capacity for sass.

An extensive library.
A piano.
A trumpet.
A French Horn that he has not begun playing yet.


Early Years: Twenty-six years ago, Gregory Dyllan was engaged to Raelyn Connoly, a mean woman that most people assumed he was marrying because it was just about time he settled down, and she was ready to be taken care of. At the time, Rae was transistioning out of her sweet phase and being taken over by the mean spirit she is known for today. It was hard for Gregory, a mild-mannered man who had always wanted a family, to be with a woman who was so cruel. He met Luciana Parsons through work - she was working in the muggle department and had come to modify a few memories regarding a Death Eater attack, when she met the saddest man she had ever known. The two hit it off and before Gregory knew what was happening, a few meetings to get coffee turned into something more.

Gregory was planning on breaking off his engagement to Rae. He did not know everything about Luciana, but he knew enough to know he had more potential to love her than he did Rae. He prolonged it a few months, though, never sure when to tell her he was leaving her. A week before the wedding had come and he was in a panic. He finally set about to do it when Rae handed him a positive pregancy test. Riley Dyllan was on the way.

The wedding went forth. Gregory broke ties with Luciana, breaking his own heart in the process, and went on to throw himself into his work to hide from his mistakes. He raised two children that he never managed to connect with until they had become two adults, and found himself loving Rae like one might love a testy, sickly ward.

Luciana was much more gracious than Rae. Rae had found the pregnancy to be a delightful way of securing her marriage. When Luciana discovered she was pregnant after her first rendevous with Gregory, she did not trouble him with it. Heart broken and belly growing, Luciana continued about her work. She made good money in the Ministry and did not fear raising the child on her own. Her own brother and sister were happy to help her any way they could, and her parents were supportive, though slightly disappointed to know this 'unplanned blessing' was from a muggle - it just complicated things and made it all the more likely that the child would never know his father.

Kipling was born and the Parsons family rejoiced. Luciana briefly moved back in with her parents for those first two years while she balanced work and baby. Kipling was a bright boy, and began displaying signs of magic as soon as he was able to walk. People everywhere were brought to the little boy's mercy with just a gaze from those big, blue eyes. Luciana did not mind it just being her and the baby. She could afford a nice daycare, and she never truly struggled to pay the bills, for her family always helped when she was in need.

Kipling's grandfather began teaching him to read as soon as possible, while his grandmother would steal him away to give him 'real life experience.' Days with his grandfather consisted of the older man trying to get the young boy to trip his was through the easier classices. Days with his grandmother consisted of going to zoos and to rivers and to historical sites that not many people knew of. Kipling's uncle took it upon himself to teach Kip Quidditch, and it was his aunt that taught him the manners of a gentlemen - she did this by making him watch many a Jane Austen film when he was at her house.

When Kipling went to school, his teachers found that he excelled in most subjects and was fairly well liked by his fellow students. They did not seem to understand him academically, but it did not take long for the young boy to realize it was only he who took school so seriously. Once this discovery was made, he happily connected with his peers on matters of comic books and stickball. Home life was still good. His mother was usually home, and when she was not, he found himself reading, studying, or attempting to control the accidental magic that was coming out of him on a regular basis.

Kipling did not worry much about his father. He was about seven when it struck him that he was lacking a father while most of his friends went home to their own, but it did not bother him. His family was constantly reminding him that he was different from the muggle children at school, so being different did not bother him very much.

He was accepted into Hogwarts with no surprise and much pride from his family. His wand was purchased, an owl was secured, his robes fitted, and more books than he needed were packed into his trunk. Kipling was thrilled to begin life at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Years: Kipling's sorting was the first major problem in his famiy's life. He came from a family of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, and they were all happily divided on what they suspected he would be. Noe expected Slytherin. The family had a slight prejudice against the House and its supposed dark leanings, so this news was originally met with silence. The family soon bounced back and wished Kip luck in his new House.

Kip expected to be warmly welcomed, but he was not. He was a bastard, after all, and the bastard of a muggle - that much of his father he knew. His Ravenclaw mother worked in the muggle department of the Ministry of Magic. And Kip was excited for school? All of this culminated in Kip being teased and bullied for the first year or so of his education. His only sanctuary was his classes, and he soon found himself asking for more for his Head of House. He obliged and Kip happily drowned in homework and projects.

No year was as bad socially as his first year, but it made him want to get on with his life all the more quickly. He worked out a plan with his Head of House that would help him graduate at the age of sixteen, and he began taking more classes each year, testing well enough to be placed in higher grades of his core subjects. Though busy, he found himself able to make some friends and have some fun. He played Quidditch during his third and fourth year, Seeking, but had to quit with his busy schedule. He made friends and often revelled in getting in trouble, often testing his abilities by seeing what he could get away with. He had a habit of tampering with spells, often talking to his Transfiguration professor, who had been a spell creator and curse breaker in his earlier years. This professor was also the one to suggest he look into studying Legilmency, and by the time he graduated, he had the basics down.

His final grades were as follows :

Apparition - PASS
Alchemy - O
Ancient Runes - O
Arithmancy - O
Care of Magical Creatures - E
Charms - O
Defense Against The Dark Arts - E
Divination - A
Flying - PASS
Herbology - E
History of Magic - O
Magical Theory - O
Muggle Studies - O
Potions - O
Transfiguration - O

Kip was able to graduate the year early. His sixth and final year was a good one, and he made friends in some younger students, two of the closest being Maximus Morrison and Flynn Maccarthur, and he enjoyed passing his knowledge of the school to them. In final year, he found he enjoyed having people look to him for guidance, and he often had the two boys accompany him on adventures that sometimes resulted in detention. Though his start in Hogwarts was shaky, he soon found his social niche and he was excited to burst into the world.


Kip celebrated his graduation happily, excited to check out the wide world. He immediately began working in the Department of Muggle Relations in the Ministry, but found that his mind was not challenged enough to keep him engaged. He began teaching at Salem Witches' Insitute, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons to keep himself engaged. While he worked at Durmstrang, he found some exposure to the Dark Arts. He studied it theoretically under the mentorship of Yuri Volkov, who also helped expand his strength in Legilimency, as well as introduce him to wandless magic. The mentorship grew more into a friendship as they continued to work together.

When Kip was eighteen, he decided to invest in a new wand. He made a friend in the Headmistress of Beauxbatons, and became a close friend to her nephew Remy Dumay, a wandmaker who had been studying new theories in wandmaking. The two friends collaborated and soon Kip had a new wand, exceptionally strong. The two men began working hard at wandless magic and found they were fairly skilled in it, Kip being the stronger between the two. Through their work together, the two became steadfast friends.

As Kip jumped between teaching roles, sometimes working at the Ministry, sometimes getting paid through contacts who knew his brain, he developed a tight relationship with his little group of scholarly friends. He never settled in one position, always preferring to work as a free agent so he could study as he chose to.

He passed his adulthood taking any job that involved magical theory, magical stealth, or magical might. He and his friends studied the magical world and often collect their information in a private library of their own that is kept in Rory and Kenna's bar, in the rooms above the bar. When Kipling turned twenty five, Kenna began encouraging him to find his father. Now that he is twenty six, he has, and a new adventure begins.



RP EXPERIENCE: I was born doing this.

HOW YOU FOUND US: I’ve been here before it was cool to be here.


PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Joy. Family. Love. Also thinking he could be a good guy in some position. May have him take the Order from Jack if she retires?


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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:57 am
Working on it. =)
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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:13 pm
He's beautiful.
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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:06 am
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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:09 pm
Perfect! Accepted and sorted into graduates!
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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

on Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:17 pm
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Re: PARSONS, Kipling Bennett

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