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Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Gabriel Short III
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SHORT, Gabriel Jamison

on Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:16 am



    FULL NAME: Gabriel Jamison Short III.

    NICKNAMES: Gabby. Everyone calls him Gabby. Understand?

    AGE: 30, come this January 1st. He’s a New Year’s Baby.

    Not his father’s side.
    Not the Death Eater’s side.
    Not the bad werewolves’ side.
    Not the Ministry’s side.
    He’s not really on anyone’s side, but he’s definitely not on their side.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex-Gryffindor

    WAND: Birch, hippogriff talon, nine and three quarter inches, bendy.

    PLAY BY: Martin Freeman


    HAIR COLOUR: Sandy blonde/brown.

    EYE COLOUR: Brown

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Relatively short.

    BODY BUILD: Stocky – not bad for a man his age. Not bad at all. And have you seen that arse?

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: At thirty, Gabby is a good looking man. He has clear skin, nice hands, easy eyes, and a charming smile. He used to be insecure about his ears, as they are not exactly easy to miss, but he has learned to embrace them, and women often find them quite endearing. He has kept in shape, not through any exercise regime, but mostly because of his spiteful avoidance of fast food (his father owns a chain of those death traps) and his tendencies to throw himself into high-risk thrilling scenarios such as burglaries and other stealth jobs. He has sandy brown-blonde hair and a pleasant demeanor. His style of dress has often been compared to that of the classic professor type.


    +big heart for those he loves

    -History of Magic
    -healing spells
    -lacks control of his emotions
    -acts on whims

    +His friends
    +His bathrobe
    +A homecooked meal
    +Old women – they’ve always been good to him.
    +Magic tricks - muggle

    -Gabrielle Short
    -The Ministry
    -his father
    -Those people, you know the lot. Say things like “I have an early morning” or “no, today” or “think of the children”.
    -Being told what he cannot do
    -Fast food

    GOALS: To continue living his bachelor lifestyle uninterrupted.

    HABITS & QUIRKS: The strangest part of Gabby’s personality is his love for old women. They are the only sort to melt his heart. He loves to walk them across the street, have tea with them, and people watch with them.

    BOGGART: Gabby’s boggart appears as a young child, asking questions or asking for his help. Gabby’s is terrified of commitment and responsibility, and the few pregnancy scares his various lays have had always seem to terrify the usually bold man.

    PATRONUS: Porcupine – he doesn’t have a one. Just many nights with many drinks, many friends, and many women.

    DEMENTOR: The night of he was turned – see history for full details.

    VERITASERUM: He has only ever harmed one human being during a full moon. It was a young girl on Hogwarts grounds several years prior, and he was absolutely mortified. He’s not sure if she survived or not, as he is too frightened to truly investigate.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: If he looked into the Mirror of Erised, he would see his mother at full health, his friends around him, and his step-sister on a toddler’s leash. He doesn’t want much out of life.

    PERSONALITY: Gabby is a big kid at heart. He has not settled down, and has no intention too. He very much has the Trust Fund Baby stereotype following him, as he has never had the need to hold a job. Because of this, Gabby tends to do as he pleases. Though he often chooses to commit petty crime (he loves the thrill) he has chosen fairly well for himself. His friends are all good people (at heart, at least), he takes care of his mother, and he is against any forms of corruption. As a werewolf, he shuns blood purity, race superiority, and tries to help those who are less financially sound them him – after all, it’s not his money.

    Gabby tends to stray towards the extremes of emotion. If he is happy, he is close to giddy. If he is angry, he is throwing punches. His default emotions consist of Smug and Sass. He has a bit of an ego, but it typically comes off fairly charming. He likes to swear, regardless of his company (so cover your children’s ears). He runs from any forms of commitment or responsibility, but he is incredibly loyal to the people he loves. He would fight for the honor of any friend of his, and he fully believes they would all do the same. He has been disappointed by the family he has ended up with, so he prides himself on only choosing the best to be friends, no matter how messed up they actually seem.


    FATHER: Gabriel J. Short II, American pureblood, indifferent father figure.

    MOTHER: Lenora Anne Turner, English halfblood, bordering on squib.

    STEP-SIBLING/S: Gabrielle Short, six, American halfblood, arch nemesis, Antichrist.

    Julianne Short, step mother, American muggle, reluctant acquaintance.
    Mae Short, grandmother, American pureblood, Gabby sympathizer.
    Alfie, his paid house elf.

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood.

    RACE: Werewolf.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy – not of his own accord.

    PET/S: A disgustingly pink pygmy puff named Gertie. Gertie helps him land the ladies.

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: The newest everything


    Early Years: Gabriel Short the Second was a promising young pureblood man. He came from money, he was well connected, and he had a stunning arse. By his twenties, he was already well connected with the American Ministry. By twenty five, he had a fortune in muggle money after using his magic for, well, less honorable purposes to help reach his business goals. He celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday with an expensive European tour with his new business friends. Lenora Turner was one of the lucky women to get a nice little slice of Gabriel the Second, and he left before the poor, slightly-desperate woman could figure out she was pregnant.

    Gabriel the Second was moving deeper and deeper into a high-class social life in the muggle world while Lenora spent the last of her money tracking him down. Gabriel the Second received the news and immediately conferred with his mother who laid out the facts – he had made a mistake, and he had better deal with it before it got any worse. He made it to the U.K. in time to see his son, his potential ruin, be brought in from the nursery. Lenora had insisted her boy take his father’s name, as it had more weight and wealth to it, and named him after his father, accidentally adding Gabby to an established line of Gabriel Shorts.

    There was no escaping Gabby. Gabriel continued to confer with his mother and decided it was safest to set Lenora and Gabby up in a nice home in a nice neighborhood with a tidy monthly income, all provided by him of course. He escaped back to America to continue building his empire, investing in his own fast food chain and beginning to delve into politics, both magical and muggle.

    Life for Lenora Turner was not easy, despite the nice home and the nice income she did not have to work for. Though a good-hearted woman, Lenora had a problem with liquor, and was often fairly absentee. Her magic was poor and as Gabby got older, it was only by the efforts and grace of his elderly neighbor Pearl Carter that the boy was ever properly taken care of. Gabby received letters from his “father” on a monthly basis – he discovered as he got older that it had been Mae Short who had penned them, as Gabriel had refused – and despite his hardship, he was a fairly happy child.

    Hogwarts Years: Gabby went to Hogwarts as he had expected to and flourished. He was sorted into Gryffindor, and here Gabby soared. He was fairly well liked in school, as he was a charming goofball. He did have a bit of a hot head, and he was known to jump between the extremes of emotions. Rarely was Gabby relaxed or content. He was either giddy, moody, or furious. It was difficult for the boy to find an in between.

    His Hogwarts years passed relatively uneventfully. He got the chance to meet his father’s side of the family during his second year, when he spent Christmas in America. Mae made the boy feel the most welcome, but his father remained much too busy to pay his son much attention. It was enough, though. Gabby got a glimpse into the empire which he had a blood right too, and he returned to Hogwarts with a little bit of a bounce in his step.

    Unfortunately, Gabby did have to deal with bullying on several, continuous occasions while in Hogwarts. He had never been a tall boy, and his last name made him an easy target for the less clever bullies. Those who knew his mother often made fun of him for being the son of a drunkard, and he often ended up in detention for punching the boys who dared called him ‘bastard.’ Dealing with this side of adolescence did nothing for Gabby’s highly emotional state, and to this day, he still considers children almost as cruel as Death Eaters – all they lack is the matching tattoos.

    During his third year of school, Gabby and some of his friends went camping during the summer. It would have gotten to his friends too, had a local farmer not seen the attack and shot the creature. It then became a Ministry ordeal, as several muggles had witnessed the attack. Gabby’s friends, having been accompanied by an older friend, had disapparated on the scene, and he had to face the Ministry’s questions all on his own. The experience at the Ministry was equally as traumatic as the attack itself, and to this day, he hates dealing with the Ministry. Needless to say, Gabby lost a few friends that night. The worst part of it all was telling his mom and watching her cry.
    Gabby’s adjustment was not terrible, as one of the professors had a werewolf uncle or something, and knew how to handle the situation. It did not take him long to learn the ropes and to get accustomed to werewolf life. He passed his OWL’s… that was the important thing to remember. Specifics… let’s not get into specifics.

    …He barely passed his OWL’s.

    About this time, Gabby began spending parts of the summers with his father. His father had married during Gabby’s sixth year (neither Lenora nor Gabby had been invited) to a muggle woman of considerable status, so going home to the Short Mansion now had an even colder air. His father was incredibly displeased that the boy was now a werewolf, and put as much effort into avoiding his son as possible. By now, he had a cushy position in the American government, and considered himself fairly untouchable. When Gabby spent his summers in America, he made a point to hook up with random muggle girls, publicly smoke, and show up drunk. It was enough to irritate Gabriel, but not enough for him to actually get involved. The resentment in Gabby was beginning to grow, but he was much too happy of a kid to really care… yet.

    Gabby stepped it up for his NEWT’s, if only because he still had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, and wanted to make sure all of his bases were covered. His father contacted him and informed him that he would help him get a nice job. Gabby was almost touched – and then he discovered the job was interning for the British Ministry of Magic, in the Department for Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures. All bets were off now.


    Gabby’s first order of business as an adult was to move in with his father out of sheer spite. For the first two years after Hogwarts, Gabby did not work. He made out with young women in his father’s pool house, flew his broomstick over the grounds, hung out with drug dealers, and fell asleep in an inflatable duck daily in their heated pool – all to irritate Gabriel the Second. Mae was not pleased with Gabby, but she was even more displeased with her own son who seemed incapable of parenting his child. Julianne did her best to stay out of the way and was often mortified at Gabby’s very existence.

    When Gabby was twenty three, he began dabbling in what work he could find. He rarely kept a job, as he had a bad habit for telling customers to sod off. His father continued putting up with him out of fear for his new positions in government, but every time Gabby was fired, a screaming match ensued in the Short household. Neither Short man ever won – it was always Mae who intervened and told the men to shove off before she gave them a real reason to complain.

    When Gabby was twenty four, he received word that his mother was doing poorly. He returned to London to take care of her, but soon found he was ill-equipped. She had never been a strong witch, and her magic was practically nonexistent. The woman, in her fifties now, resembled something closer to a seventy year old woman. Hardship, poverty, alcohol-abuse, and a lack of magic was working against her, and Gabby hired live in help to take care of her.

    It was then that he decided to stay closer to his dear mum. Still not accustomed to an honest living, Gabby supplemented his income (and his boredom) with occasional burglaries and drug deals (though he was not one for drugs himself). His father was still supporting him, he called it his Bribery Income, so as to keep them on an even keel. He followed his whims, taking jobs that interested him, meeting people who intrigued him, and attending classes he was inevitably going to fail.


    It was in one of these classes that he met Maximus Morrison. Though Gabby hated the Ministry, he made an effort to frequent its lobbies, if not to remind them all that he would one day get his revenge (or, you know, just annoy them all on a daily basis.) One day he spotted a sign for Sensitivity Training, employee-wide. It was fate that he crashed that large lecture, and fate that he sat next to Maximus Morrison, who was doing his best to focus on the material. Both men were thrown out (probably Max’s only mark on his record) and Gabby made it up to him by taking him out to a drink. They’ve been friends ever since.


    Gabrielle Short was born the year Gabriel left his father’s home. The similarity in names of the stepsiblings was entirely the fault of the somewhat nearsighted Julianne, who failed to recognize how closely that connected her darling to her husband’s delinquent until Mae pointed it out – after everything had been signed, of course. Julianne teamed up with the other rich mothers in neighboring estates to absolutely spoil her daughter. The girl had a pony before she could walk. Gabriel didn’t pay her much attention, but by the time she was three, he was expected to have some sort of bond with her.

    The two siblings instantly hated each other. Gabby was twenty four years her elder, but he had no intention on being the bigger person because she started it. The little girl would lie about his behavior, scream at him for no reason, and poke him mercilessly. He returned in kind, feeding her the exact same behavior. When he visits, the two glare at each other from across the table. They fight about childish things like the lyrics to popular songs, proper dance moves, and what holiday movies are better. Gabby often finds his books in shreds or colored upon, and Gabrielle never finds her Barbie’s heads.


    Gabby has had to deal with multiple heads of the fluffies department, but none has thoroughly irritated and amused him as Jack Dyllan had in her time. The woman had been marvelous fun, as she had given him free wolfsbane, which he had then sold to stupid teenagers, telling them it was Weasley’s love potions. It didn’t make them sick, of course, just gave them nasty flea problems. She had returned in kind by sending him a box of kittens – fire-breathing ones at that. Never before had he been out-pranked, so he has a lot of respect for the woman, more so now that she doesn’t work for the Ministry. One of his great joys in life is to flirt with her on the occasions he does see her, as she never seems to notice.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jackles
    RP EXPERIENCE: please stop me
    HOW YOU FOUND US: I have a problem
    MAIN CHARACTER: Jack Dyllan
    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: Emily needs him, I need him, I think we all need him.
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Gabriel Short III
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Re: SHORT, Gabriel Jamison

on Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:00 am
DONE. Love him as much as I do, please.
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Gabriel Short III
34 : Alumnus
Order of the PhoenixThree Broomsticks Owner

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Re: SHORT, Gabriel Jamison

on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:28 am
I wanted to make edits, but every time I try, the formatting gets messed up and it removes my links. I was just going to add the bit that somehow got deleted from the 4th paragraph in Hogwarts years - he and his friends were attacked by a werewolf. So, yeah.
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Seventh Year Gryffindor
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Re: SHORT, Gabriel Jamison

on Thu Dec 26, 2013 3:54 pm
The code keeps making me sad ;-;

But anyways, he looks good! I love him cx soo accepted and sorted into Graduates!
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Re: SHORT, Gabriel Jamison

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