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James Blood
46 : Drop Out
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BLOOD, James

on Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:14 pm



    FULL NAME: James Devlin Blood, aka, James Black Heart

    NICKNAMES:None. Never. Ever. 

    AGE: 42

    ALLEGIANCE: His own. Werewolves.
    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Former Ravenclaw--before he dropped out.
    CLASSES: Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

    WAND:  Paduak wood, with a core of Basilisk fang and manticore hair--Rigid--13 inches.

    PLAY BY: Dwayne Johnson


    HAIR COLOUR: Brown/Black

    EYE COLOUR:Deep brown

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: James, even in human form, is very noticeable and intimidating. He stands nearly 7 foot tall. Height runs in his family. When he is transformed into his preferred werewolf form, he stands well over 7 foot and is terrifying to all but the most experienced of witches and wizards.

    BODY BUILD: Large boned, and is definitely a body builder. Combined with his height, he can be, for the most part, a reasonable facsimile of a relatively common nightmare.

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: James has a darker cast to his complexion. He has always thought that perhaps the man that his mother said was his father was perhaps not. He has not had any confirmation of that, though.  His biological family are all definitely lighter skinned than he is. His dark hair and dark eyes, to this extreme, are also not typical of his known biological family.  


    S--Physical Strength
    S--Courage--what does he have to be afraid of?
    S--Charisma--he can be very alluring and charming if he wants to be.
    S--His ability that is ever growing, to transfigure at will, in broad daylight, or without the full moon
    S--His resilience to weather--it doesn't bother him much
    S--His ability to survive

    W--He doesn't fit well into small spaces
    W--He doesn't have many social skills.
    W--He doesn't have the magical knowledge that many witches and wizards have.  He depends on terror and on brute strength
    W--He needs fresh food sources and a great amount of them, frequently. Beef will do, but supermarket beef isn't as fresh and doesn't give him the same feeling of wellbeing as when its fresher.
    W--Transfiguring without the full moon takes a mammoth toll on his strength, and he's very limited as to how long he can hold that form.
    W--He just generally smells bad, largely from his diet and also from having to live in rather foul places.  That often alerts potential prey and lets them escape before he gets to them.
    W--Usually can't secure a decent place for his pack unless its underground somehow--caves, sewers, etc. And that aggravates the body odor issue
    W--He has no patience whatsoever
    W--He is intelligent, streetwise, but not very well book-learned, except on werewolf matters.
    W--Gullible, to a given extent. Example: Believes everything Fenrir ever told him.

    L--Meat--Raw. Or rare. James needs almost pure protein.
    L--All manner of physical pleasures, at his whim
    L--reading any journals by or books about his hero, Fenrir Greyback.
    L--Seeing humans afraid of him. It amuses him
    L--Fathering as many werewolf pups as possible. Its a pleasant duty
    L--Turning those humans who are enlightened into werewolves for his pack
    L--Body building.
    L--Night and the moon
    L--His claws--he's very proud of how long they are and how sharp he keeps them.

    D--Humans, particularly the Lupins and Edward Donohue
    D--That 'damned stone'
    D--the 'legend' that has become Remus Lupin--the whole pitiful creature who chose death and humanity over power--James finds it nauseating propaganda
    D--well done meat. What's the point of ruining it.
    D--Morning sunshine, little singing birds--'now there's a fairy tale for ya!'
    D--the egotism of humanity, including the nonsense of the Ministry's regulations re: werewolves. He refuses to comply with lesser beings.. It is, in his opinion, myth and ignorance--Werewolves have every advantage and are clearly superior
    D--Muggles--they serve no purpose, and he thinks they smell
    D--Wolfsbane.  Makes him vomit.
    D--the Knight Bus. He fully believes it hit him once on purpose.

    GOALS: Eliminate all inferior humans and either turn them to werewolves or eliminate them. They can make a wonderful food source, after all, and the hunt is a good exercise.

    HABITS & QUIRKS:files his claws meticulously.  He likes them razor sharp, and he uses them to multitask with.

    BOGGART: He doesn't tell anyone this, but he does fear the stone. That damned stone that Khaat Lupin wears. And he fears that someone will find Nicolas Flamel's notebook of how the stone was created so that more can be made. That, and he has a very legitimate fear of Edward Donohue--the only human he sees as wise enough to potentially kill him. It hasn't dawned on him that his belief that he only needs to be afraid of Edward might be a gross miscalculation on his part.

    PATRONUS: It is hard for James to even find one happy memory, but if he were asked, it would be the time he spent mentoring under Fenrir Greyback, brief as it was, it was extremely intense, and he follows it faithfully.

    DEMENTOR: Ironically, his worst memory is also part of his greatest secret. His most terrifying moment was the night, as a child, when his mother willingly allowed Fenrir to turn him into a werewolf.

    VERITASERUM: He hates that his mother forced him into being turned. He had no option.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Domination of the Wizarding World, and then, like the cherry on the sundae, domination of the muggles as the coup de gras

    PERSONALITY: James is always operating in anger, and that is always driven for him by insecurity. Insecurity that he isn't what his family said he was, insecurity that he wasn't acceptable just as he was, insecurity that he'll never prove himself. It drove him to dislike people and that drove him to drop out of school and hang out with men that his mother idolized in hopes of pleasing her. It forced him to do whatever he said was good and to believe whatever he said was right. It became, for him, his form of religion, his faith. His hope that by eliminating what he felt made him unacceptable, he will then be acceptable.  By having a pack that follows him and idolizes him, it reassures him. He hides his insecurity behind rage and charisma and utter brutality.  And if he's operating in the offensive, then he feels it keeps him from having to be on the defensive.  He believes if he can eliminate his enemies, he will then be able to prove he was right, he will be truly happy, and he relishes the day of when he will be adored the world over.  


    FATHER:  David Black (deceased)

    MOTHER: Mary Ann Heart (deceased)

    SIBLING/S:  Janice Black, age 36;  Theresa Black, age 40

    OTHER: Fenrir Greyback (mentor)

    BLOOD STATUS: Technically, he's halfblood. But he claims to be Superior Blood type. Humans just have yet to realize this because they're inferior.

    RACE: James claims to be 100% werewolf. He disavows any connection to humanity whatsoever.

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy, of course. When one is a werewolf of that size, James just takes what he wants.  If there is something he wants, in his mind, its his. He just hasn't laid claim to it yet.  

    James keeps a bevy of human women for his worldly pleasures. They can be taught to be rather nice pets.

    optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years: James was the oldest of the children in his house. His parents didn't get on well, and he often felt responsible. He was usually made responsible to watch his younger siblings.  His father drank often, and his mother often left James in charge and would go out, herself, out of her own loneliness. It was in one of those evenings out that she met Fenrir Greyback and became a 'pet' for him. She spent a great deal of time with him from that point on, and eventually let Greyback talk her into letting him turn James into a higher life form. It was the most terrifying night of James' young life. He was 11--the late winter before he was due to board the train in the fall.  The bite nearly killed him. He survived, he was told later, because Fenrir wished him to.

    b]Hogwarts Years:[/b] James went to Hogwarts through his fourth year. He did not do well in his grades except for the charms, and some aspects of DADA. He just didn't really care. He resented having to be locked up at the full moon or being forced to take Wolfsbane. He met Fenrir again that summer through his mother and dropped out of school to mentor under him and live in the Greyback pack. It was during that time that his mother and Fenrir talked him into turning his younger brother Jack into a werewolf as well. After all, it was elevating him into what mankind had always been meant to be. James never regretted it, but his brother Jack seemed to hate him from that point forward.

    Adulthood: James had been living rather quietly with the Greyback pack until one Felix Barker had 'befriended' a Greyback and the two of them had brought the Lupins and their apparent sainthood to the attention of the newspapers. In the background of one of the photos was the clear image of his younger brother Jack who was bodyguarding the Lupin woman.  It made his blood boil. His own family had chosen a lesser form, and not only that, they were protecting them!.

    At the same time, he was in need of funds. He made his way to Paris and, through the criminal underground, made a connection with one of Robert Lupin's enemies and went to work for him. It allowed him the opportunity to participate in attacks aimed directly at the Lupin family.  Now, that has become insufficient for his hunger for power. It is not enough to try to destroy the happy little fable that the legend of Remus Lupin has surrounded one family in. Now, he needs to destroy them all. Any human that refuses to follow must be destroyed.  


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Admin Character




    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: For site plot

    At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

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Re: BLOOD, James

on Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:23 am
Looks good!

Accepted and sorted into Other!
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