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Durmstrang Graduate
Durmstrang Graduate
Avery Bishop
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on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:32 pm



    FULL NAME: Avery Candace Bishop

    Avery: Taken from the Germanic elements meaning “elf” and “power”

    Candace – From an English word meaning “rhythm, flow”

    Bishop – from the Greek, meaning “overseer”

    Those who knew her in childhood or at Durmstrang likely know her as Candace.
    Those who know her afterwards call her Avery or some derivative of that.
    Her mum calls Avery her “wild flower” because she never did things like everyone else.

    AGE: 24
    Birthday: February 26th

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces
    Key Life Phrase: I sacrifice
    Zodiac Element: Water
    Key Characteristics: Intuitive, victimized, loving (Avery hides this from most people)
    The first class of Pisces: Those born between Feb. 20 and Feb 28/29 have a natural desire to seek out information. They will always be available to help others solve their problems.

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    Family (no matter how estranged they are)
    The Hayes Family
    The Ivanov Family

    The Ministry of Magic
    Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures
    The Daily Prophet

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: N/A Durmstrang Graduate


    WAND: Ash Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 10 1/3 inches, Solid

    Ash Wood – Accurate for the birthday.
    “The ash wand cleaves to its one true master and ought not to be passed on or gifted from the original owner, because it will lose power and skill. This tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn. Old superstitions regarding wands rarely bear close examination, but I find that the old rhyme regarding rowan, chestnut, ash and hazel wands (rowan gossips, chestnut drones, ash is stubborn, hazel moans) contains a small nugget of truth. Those witches and wizards best suited to ash wands are not, in my experience, lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes. However, the brash or over-confident witch or wizard, who often insists on trying wands of this prestigious wood, will be disappointed by its effects. The ideal owner may be stubborn, and will certainly be courageous, but never crass or arrogant.”

    Dragon Heartstring -
    “This core is the most flamboyant of the three, and often produces the strongest wands. Dragon heartstring usually favours ambitious spell-casting and as a result the wand is more likely to turn to the Dark Arts than any other core; however, a wand that has this core will not do so of its own will. Dragon heartstring wands generally aren't sensitive to moving on from previous owners, but bond strongly with the current owner. This core produces wands that are most prone to accidents, being quite temperamental at times.”

    10 1/3rd Inches – Within the average range, the wand it still towards the short side. In Ollivander's words, “longer wands tend to be drawn to bigger personalities, whereas shorter wands suit people whose character lacks something.”

    Solid – Applies both to the wand and to the owner. See Personality.

    PLAY BY: Jennifer Morrison

    OCCUPATION: Dragon Specialist in the Ministry's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures


    HAIR COLOUR: Blonde

    EYE COLOUR: Blue/hazel


    BODY BUILD: Athletic, middling


    EYES: Avery's eyes are a sort of blue-grey around the outside, but closer to the pupils they're nearly brown or gold. They usually appear hazel. She has long eyelashes and trim eyebrows which are actually brown, unlike her lighter colored hair. She often uses her eyebrows to portray her feelings without having to speak. Body language is her biggest asset in communicating. Her eyes are large, and evenly placed across her face. She can often still people with a look, or smile with just her eyes.

    HAIR: Avery has long blonde hair that falls past her shoulder blades. It's naturally straight, but after years of curling it, her hair is far more likely to hold the curl she forces into it. More often than not, she'll have it curled. Pulling her hair out of her face is something Avery prefers, so she'll either have the front of it braided, or wear a ponytail, or even come up with some sort of  up-do just to be free from the stray hairs that tend to get into her eyes. She usually leaves her bangs long, to frame her face and to avoid the short hairs that would eventually grow into her eyes if she let them grow out. Even if she pulls it back, Avery is okay with leaving it straightened. She just thinks that it makes her face look hard, or makes her look overly serious. While she is serious by nature, Avery doesn't necessarily want to look harsh or negative.

    FACE: Avery has a sharp chin, and parenthesis when she smiles. A rounded nose which tilts down rests between round cheeks which are more obvious when she smiles. Her ears are proportionate to the rest of her face, and the attached earlobes almost always have some sort of earrings. With a rather thin mouth, she believes that she looks silly when she smiles fully, so closed-mouth smiles are more of her thing. If she pulls her hair back, it sometimes makes her forehead appear larger than it is, so side bangs are preferable in her mind.

    BODY/APPAREL: Avery is about average height, but not short. She isn't the biggest fan of wearing heels, so it isn't often that she appears taller than she really is. Her favorite color to wear is red, followed by black and white. If the weather is cool, she'll usually lean towards a tank-top and a jacket, or a long-sleeved shirt. She doesn't like sweaters or dresses. If she has to wear a tee-shirt, it's always a solid. For work, she often wears clothing that is relatively tight to avoid getting it caught on anything. Her look could be called “strong” or “unassuming”. She isn't extremely confident in her looks, so she would never wear anything provocative. That's not to say that she doesn't realize that she could be considered pretty. She just doesn't want to assume that people think so.




    1.  Body Language
    2.  Dressing up (hair, makeup, clothes, etc)
    3.  Being Herself
    4.  Dealing with being alone
    5.  Extremely Observant
    6.  Listening to others
    7.  Strategy
    8.  Avoids Manipulation
    9.  Ignoring jibes and negative comments about herself from others
    10.  Secretly Optimistic


    1.  Confident
    2.  Serious
    3.  Ambitious
    4.  Deadpans
    5.  Sarcastic
    6.  Lying – she likes to think she can do it well, as much as she thinks she can tell when people are lying to her
    7.  Willing to put herself in harm's way for others

    [- -]

    1.  Talking about her family
    2.  Being Emotional
    3.  Sharing (words, not objects)
    4.  Making Friends
    5.  Introspective
    6.  Private
    7.  Indecisive
    8.  Allows herself to be used or victimized by certain people
    9.  Her Temper
    10.  Secretive


    1.  Ambition
    2.  Sympathy
    3.  Acceptance that Fear is inevitable
    4.  Faith that things can get better
    5.  Witty
    6.  Polite
    7.  Reliable
    8.  Conscientious

    Bad Traits:
    1.  Stubbornness
    2.  Wary
    3.  Intimidating
    4.  Solemn
    5.  Elusive
    6.  Cynical
    7.  Irritable


    [+ +]

    1.  Being outdoors
    2.  Caffeine
    3.  Magical Creatures (especially Dragons)
    4.  Summer/Hot weather
    5.  Research
    6.  Watching the Stars
    7.  Her sister
    8.  Drinking
    9.  Sleeping Late
    10.  Chocolate
    11.  Writing
    12.  Rural areas
    13.  Music
    14.  Going out to dinner with friends
    15.  Working at the Ministry
    16.  Muggle creations
    17.  Traveling

    [- -]

    1.  She used to dislike her first name, because she thought it was masculine.
    2.  Dancing
    3.  Being told what to do/that she's wrong
    4.  Being sick
    5.  Fire – So she is a bit nervous around dragons. She refuses to allow her fear to hinder her.
    6.  Not understanding something
    7.  Quidditch
    8.  People who break promises
    9.  Being Judged
    10.  People trying to mother her
    11.  Heights
    12.  Trying to keep others from fighting
    13.  Being guilt-tripped

    1. Rise to be the head of the department she works for at the Ministry.
    2. Allow herself to have a true relationship or become attached enough to someone that she would be terrified to lose them. Something real.
    3. To gather enough research to write her own book.
    4.  Reconcile with Clarissa.
    5.  Get back in touch with her parents.

    1. Some people may know her by her middle name, because in school she chose to be known by Candace.
    2. Even if she's going into work with the Dragons, Avery tends to make sure she looks nice before leaving the house.
    3. She's got a rather loud laugh when she's seriously amused. Doesn't happen that often. Usually she'd just smirk instead.

    BOGGART: She'll ruin all of her relationships like she has with her family. Sure, Avery could probably be okay without them, but she wouldn't want to be. Not really. She's used to it, of course, but would rather avoid it.

    PATRONUS: The years before her parents' divorce. She can't remember them completely, but she remembers the feeling she got from being with her family.

    DEMENTOR: Ruining her relationship with Clarissa.

    VERITASERUM: She actually wants to get to know her sister again as well as to form real relationships with people.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Being at a holiday - Christmas or the like - with a family of her own, as well as her parents and Clarissa. She knows it's probably not possible, but can't help but wish for it.


    Wand Traits:
    Never one to be conceited or overly confident, Avery knows when she's in the wrong. While she's stubborn, she can give in enough to change direction if she's proven wrong. It takes her a bit of convincing to realize she's in the wrong. Often, she likes to think that she knows more than she does, and that she's capable of anything after being in solitude for so long. Because of what happened with Clarissa, Avery has learned that she needs to be sympathetic to the plights of others, and has become a very good listener. It's nearly impossible for her to talk about her own feelings, though, so she has never had any serious relationships. Instead, she uses sarcasm, her distant nature, and hard looks to make a point that she's not going to be easily won over.

    After essentially losing Clarissa, Avery finds that it's best just to move on after losing someone, much like the Dragon Heartstring in her wand is able to change owners and become equally loyal. She doesn't see the point in sitting around and hoping people will come back. (see Belief #3)

    When her wand signifies that she lacks something personality wise, it probably refers to her lack of desire as much as ability to be outgoing enough to make friends. While some can make new relationships wherever they go, she has few which mean anything to her. Most people she spends time with are surface friends who she has no intention of becoming truly loyal to or relying on.

    Avery is what you might call “solid.” She is steadfast in her beliefs, doesn't see reasons to change, and is sure of her abilities and herself. She may not be sure about other people all of the time, but she works like mad to keep track of herself. Her goals are unlikely to be changed, not are her personality traits.


    Avery has trouble trusting people and will try harder to do what's right morally than what's right by someone she feels loyal to. If someone helps her, she almost feels indebted to someone and after a few times of paying off her “debt” she tends to realize that she's made a friend and decides to be loyal to that person.

    Avery doesn't have trouble having a good time or anything, but she's fairly serious – especially at work. If you can get her to make her loud laugh, you won't have much trouble winning her over.

    Something one must know about Avery is that she needs concrete proof to believe in something or someone. It's not that she has the inability to trust, because she will put her trust in certain people depending on the reason she has to do so. It's just that she likes to believe that she knows what she's talking about and that she doesn't need new ideals.

    She can pick up on things others would probably miss, because she takes in everything around her that she can like a detective or someone of that sort would do. Avery thinks it's best to know more and be prepared than to know little and be naïve. That said, she has learned to read people to the point where she can tell if someone is interested in her, or what their intentions are towards her. This, she thinks, makes her stronger.

    Avery will admit to being the romantic type, but really only secretly. If a guy wanted to sweep her off her feet, she'd probably go along with it. The only thing, though, is that she has to feel she can trust the guy in question to considering being interested. It's not that she's been hurt romantically before, but she's seen what happened to her parents and isn't likely to dive into a relationship she isn't sure will last.

    More often than not, Avery will take the harder route just to prove that she can do it. Even as a young girl, her mum knew that Avery was going to do things differently. She would rather figure things out for herself than have someone just give her the answers because it feels like giving up. People who ruin books for her or just give her the answer without giving her a chance to figure it out drive her crazy.

    Even those who don't know Avery personally can likely tell what she's thinking or how she feels because she's so obvious with her body language and the looks she gives people. She's quite readable.

    Avery is:
    -A Dragon Trainer
    -A skeptic
    -The elder sister of the Bishop family
    -A lover of music

    Avery is Not:
    -A joker
    -Interested in sports
    -Sly or sneaky
    -The type to dress up excessively (she hates dresses)

    Avery does:
    -Appreciate being outside
    -Have the ability to notice when someone is interested in her
    -Blame herself partly for Clarissa distancing herself
    -Have a sense of humor. It's just not overly obvious
    -Get along with guys better than with girls

    Avery does Not:
    -Keep up with Clarissa, but she wants to
    -Try to spite people, even if she could
    -Like to be a mediator
    -Accept help easily
    -Act recklessly, no matter the situation. She has to weigh the options

    Avery did:
    -Enjoy school well enough, except that most of the guys at Durmstrang were right jerks
    -Most of her studying outside
    -Have quiet years in University. She enjoys a drink now and then but she doesn't really party too much
    -Miss the time she had spent with Clarissa and her parents when everyone was together and happy. She still does, but has accepted it by now
    -Realize early on that coffee was a beautiful creation

    Avery did Not:
    -Fully understand why her parents divorced at the time
    -Have any serious relationships in the past
    -Have a large group of friends in either of her schools
    -Know she wanted to work with Dragons until her first class on magical creatures
    -Become a lover of music until she was at University

    Avery has:
    -A serious love of Dragons
    -Felt like a loner most of her life
    -Never been the type to do things like she was expected to
    -Always been the curious type
    -Accepted that her parents will not be getting back together

    Avery has Not:
    -Talked to anyone in her family for months (if not longer)
    -Ever had a pet
    -Dated anyone more than a month
    -Been the kind to start fights or argue excessively. She'd more likely just ignore someone
    -Excelled at sharing her feelings

    1. Silence is golden.
    2. Guilt weighs heavy on a heart and mind.
    3. The problem with letting people walk into your life is that they'll eventually walk back out of it.
    4. If someone has to do something for you, you're just not trying hard enough.


    FATHER: Mathais Bishop
    Occupation: Ministry Employee
    Blood: Pureblood
    Location: Germany

    MOTHER: Else Bishop
    Occupation: Ministry Employee
    Blood: Half-blood
    Location: Germany

    SIBLING/S: Clarissa Bishop
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Works for the American Ministry
    Blood: Half-blood
    Location: New York

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half-blood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    PET/S: None. Unless you count any dragons you look after.

    -Her research journals
    -Collection of Muggle devices and music
    -Flat in England
    -Impressive book collection


    Early Years: For the first seven years of Avery's life, she was a happy little girl, who was fairly outgoing, but who still preferred books over conversation. With her parents both having worked at the Ministry, Avery was used to the idea of magic in their home. If she read, it would almost always be about far off places and fantasy creatures like the magical creatures one learns about in school.

    When Avery was four, her sister Clarissa (aka, Claire) was born, and Avery took over the role of the adoring elder sister. She wanted to be the one that Claire looked up to, and wanted to spend time with. Things were good between the two of them and their parents for a good while.

    Around Avery's seventh birthday, she noticed that her parents weren't really getting on too well. There would be late night fights and arguments over every little thing. Over that year, Avery would watch them, learning to be observant and careful around her parents. By the time Clarissa turned four, Avery was eight and their parents were separated.

    A few weeks after the divorce, Avery was explaining to Clarissa what had happened. The younger Bishop daughter didn't understand, and was frustrated that her parents weren't living together, and that she had to travel back and forth each weekend. Avery blew up on her, understanding that her mum wouldn't want a life with someone who didn't love her, and knowing that in the future, she would feel that way herself. Claire was furious with her, even for a four year old, and apparently didn't forget.

    During the years leading up to Avery heading off to Durmstrang, the sisters fought more and more, and Avery started feeling like the black sheep. She even started shying away from her parents and the people around her.

    Durmstrang Years: Even when Avery was at Durmstrang without Clarissa, she was relatively quiet, and worried about her sister while she was at home. Surely, one wouldn't expect as much from someone who wasn't close to their family even at age eleven? And yet, Avery was hoping that Clarissa wouldn't turn out as she had – quiet, relatively antisocial, and nervous around people.

    Over the first few years of school, Avery started branching out enough to make a couple good mates who she would later lose touch with when she went to University in England. She learned that she disliked Quidditch, and would rather stay in and learn about the things she found more interesting.

    When Clarissa started at Durmstrang, the girl pretended like Avery wasn't related to her, except that they somehow had the same name. They never spoke of each other, and didn't meet each others' friends. By the time Avery was due to graduate, they practically never spoke even at home.

    Adulthood: After attending Durmstrang, Avery went to University for a degree to do with Magical Creatures – Dragons specifically. The four years she was there were essentially quiet and full of studying and finding out what she wanted from her life. She didn't party, had a few good friends, but wasn't overly participative in clubs or the like. Rather, she wanted to get out of University without complications and as one of the top students of her class. In University, she met one of her best mates, Keiran Hayes.

    Post University, Avery found herself participating in an internship with Dragon trainers which she spent a year doing. It did nothing but convince her that she was going into the right profession, because she loved it.

    By then, Avery was twenty two. Since then, she's spent the last three years working with the Ministry's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and loving her job.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Addie

    RP EXPERIENCE: Too much.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I followed a boy. (no, just kidding.)

    MAIN CHARACTER: Audriana Swan

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To frustrate Robin and Keiran to no end. Oh, and Clarissa later, too. I'm also limiting myself to Eight characters... ;_;

    At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

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