Photo Album of Vivianna Varnes

Photo Album of Vivianna Varnes

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Photo Album of Vivianna Varnes

Post by Vivianna Varnes on Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:36 am

My Photo Album
That's me
And that's me on a potions overdose...
And this is Bertie, the little brother I should've had.
Aww, isn't he a sweetheart? I love you too!
Yah, he's more attractive when he isn't stuffing food in his face.
I'm pretty sure Bertie took this one. I miss that shirt, it's got a big acid-eaten hole in it now.
And this is from the time I hexed whiskers on Bertie. Fun times.
Cousin Allya took this one. She kept trying to make me smile.

 WHO TOOK THIS?!? And what's with the white splotch?
My darling Strike as a kitten.
Huh, Strike looks innocent for once. Go figure.
Vivianna Varnes
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