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Threads of a Du Hunt

on Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:45 pm
Thread names are links, list constantly updated.

Current Threads:

Your Mission Is... -- with Lorcan D'Eath

Finished Threads:

Company is Always Desirable -- with Albus Potter

Target -- with Susan Bones

Darkened Eyes You See -- with Aaron Marcheti

Laws, Shaw's, and Lack of Security -- with Jude Shaw

How to Sell Your Soul to the Devil Herself -- with Albus Potter

Lessons in Legilimencey -- with Athena Rookwood and Audrey Montague

There's Nothing Blue About Firewhisky -- with Elijah Krum

Murder At The Ministry -- with Charlotte Topez, Jude Shaw, and Elijah Krum

Detente -- with Death Eaters

Shooting the Messenger -- with Lorcan D'Eath and Zada Forbes

Broken Strings -- with Albus S Potter and Jaquellene "Jack" Dyllan

In A Deserted Forest --- with herself

The Traditional Greater Good -- with Lorcan D'Eath and Marcus Belby

Always Clean Up Your Own Mess -- with Many

Adult Discussions Over a Child's Treat -- with Matthew Cunningham

Three Times and Lucky -- with Elijah Krum

Isla Blackthorn and the Bounty Hunters -- with Isla Blackthorn, Henry Yewbeam, Rivah Trenton, and Scorpius Malfoy

Be Careful What You wish For: 'Cause You Just Might Get It -- with Fred Weasley II

Unlikely Bedfellows -- with Marcus Belby and Khaat Lupin

Dwelling in Possibility -- with Death Eaters

Laceration Of The Heart -- with Amelia Cooper

The Battle for Khaat Lupin -- with Many

A Meeting Calling for Action -- with Death Eaters

Expressing Suspicions -- with Pansy Parkinson-Nott

Three's Company -- with Thalia Goyle and Marie Voisard

Graduation - Hogwarts Class of 2027 -- with Many

Meeting Through the Snow -- with Death Eaters

Another Day, Another Drink -- with Aaron Marchetti
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