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Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Brant Crawford
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on Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:12 am

Brant Ezekiel Crawford


    FULL NAME: Brant Ezekiel Crawford

    NICKNAMES:   Ezekiel

    AGE: 42 years old

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex Ravenclaw


    WAND: Oak, rose wood core, amethyst tip. strong and unbendable

    PLAY BY: Nicolas cage


    HAIR COLOUR: mousy brown

    EYE COLOUR: blue

    COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: 6' (1.83 m) 

    BODY BUILD: He has a muscular build not that you could see it under all the layers of clothes he wears and the fact his hair is kept long makes him look unkempt.

    He is unkempt to the untrained eye but to any one magical they would see the significance of his old style shoes and unkempt hair all add to his connection to the elements around him. He wears a long leather coat and carries an old style satchel with his herbs and books shrunken inside it. He likes lose shirts and waist coats with lose trousers. Al of these add to his unkempt look to a muggle he looks like a drifter.


    * Loyal
    * Dedicated
    * Focused
    * Meticulous about details
    * Adaptable
    * Capable of agility and stealth
    * Is not frightened or startled easily
    * Capable of remaining calm in high stress situations

    * Highly emotional where family are concerned
    * Prefers the old ways to modern ways.
    * A wonderer
    *He is rather intolerant of pointless humour and disorganize chaos--dislikes mayhem
    * Knows only enough basic healing skills to have helped him survive on his own

    * Pointy shoes
    * Old cars
    * Old Books
    * Old potions
    * Most rock and roll music
    * Cold, damp weather
    * Cowards
    * Traitors
    To be all he can be and help all who need his help.
    He prefers his hair shoulder length and stringy never cuting it any shorter or letting it grow any longer and will always wear pointy shoes and a long coat. He prefers to make his own potions with herbs he has picked up in his travels.
    BOGGART: (Greatest Fear; Optional)
    Not accomplishing al he could be or being unable to help some one.
    PATRONUS: (Fondest Memory; Optional)
    Being give his first wand by his father.
    DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory: Optional)
    The day his father died in his arms after a long illness they could not cure.
    VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret; Optional)
    He loves the sound of children laughing ,it makes him long for home.
    MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire; Optional)
    To work along side his Uncle Edward and earn his praise.
    Ezekiel can be a kind and gentle man, but he can also be a serious and courageous sorcerer he will do all he can for his family and friends but will not tolerate evil or nastiness in his life or work , he is meticulous in keeping his things working and in good order. He acts like a teen some times, but only as it helps relax him, he loves the rain and will stand out side listening to it fall when he can. If he fights its to the best of his ability and he will use his knowledge to back any one up. He is a capable wand welder and quick on his feet should the need arise. He is quick witted but at the same time knows when to be serious.


    FATHER:Kirk Donohue: 58

    MOTHER: Veronica Gorloisen

    Stephen Abraham - 40
    Joshapine Priscilla – 35
    Robert Aquila - 29

    Basil Donohue—uncle --age 79
    Jonathan Donohue--uncle--age 75
    Julietta nee Donohue Smythe-- auntie--age 72
    Marietta nee Donohue Dickinson-- auntie--age 77
    Edward Victor Donohue-- uncle-- age 71
    Sean Donohue:60 (4 grandchildren)
    Benjamin "Ben" Donohue:58 (Angus's father) (5 grandchildren)
    Celeste nee Donohue Mitchell: 56 (3 grandchildren)
    Valerie nee Donohue Jameson: 54 (2 grandchildren)
    Robyn nee Donohue Holmes: age 52 (3 grandchildren).

    BLOOD STATUS:  Half blood
    RACE: Human
    SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class

    A field mouse called tricks that lives in his inside pocket who he feeds scraps of food to.

    optional.  magical artefacts must be claimed through the magical artefacts claim


    Early Years: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history before age 11
    Born to Kirk Donohue and Veronica Gorloisen, in Radda in Chianti, Italy, he was brought up around magic and wear hunting thanks to his uncle Edward who his parents looked up to. They never hid their magic from him, in fact they encourage him to be around it as much as he could. They even went to leaving him with his uncle Edward to nurture his own love of magic. The knew if he was to larn the right way to use it he was the best person to learn it from. At an early age he had a knack with potions and animals he could always be found with a local dog or holding an injured mouse or rat but the rat thing faded as he knew they were unhygienic. Soon at the age of eleven he received his letter and was happy to be going to the school that is mother and father went to.

    Hogwarts Years: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history during their years at Hogwarts
    Brant loved being in school he played pranks as did several others in his family that went even for his cousin Angus when he started at first but after a while he left him alone and focused on his learning. He fund a small liking for potions and care of magical creatures as he could do both outside in the open air. His school life was pretty much uneventful though he did have a crush on a girl but she slapped him and never spoke to him again so he swore off girls until the following year. As each yeah passed he grew in knowledge until he graduated and decided his time had come to travel and find new things for himself, He also wanted to rediscovered passed magic, the old magic that had been long forgotten and reinvent them to use again in the fights between good and evil. So he went around the world, He spoke with druids and old Egyptians finally returning home.

    Adulthood: At least 1 paragraph of your character's history after Hogwarts
    As an adult he finds being out doors better than being inside, when tension rises he heads out, not to run away but to clear his head and think straight. He doesn’t drink and will drink only water, tea or coffee. He still wants Edward to at least praise him for one action but he has found that in adult hood it doesn’t bother him as much as he feels now it means little as he had made his own way in life. His parents are proud of him for being out on his own. He made friends with a mouse when he found it hurt in an old warehouse he'd made his camp in feeding it he healed it and it stayed with him crawling into his breast pocket and staying there. He affectionately called it trick as it would sit up when he offered food to it. But he is a strong independent man.


    ALSO KNOWN AS: Jessica Darkheart

    RP EXPERIENCE:  4 years, possibly

    HOW YOU FOUND US: already a member

    MAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Darkheart

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: To add flexibility to my writing style.

    At least one paragraph. You can skip if you have another character

Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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St Mungo's

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on Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:29 pm
accepted and sorted into grads.

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