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Seventh Year Ravenclaw
Seventh Year Ravenclaw
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DELACOUR, Gisele Empty DELACOUR, Gisele

on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:36 pm
DELACOUR, Gisele Ee24568872d41b69_darla-baker3

Gisele Véronique Delacour


    FULL NAME: Gisele Véronique Delacour

    NICKNAMES: Elle. Her most common nickname, used by her outer circle. People who think having a nickname will strengthen their friendship but aren't close enough to realize she hates nicknames. 

    AGE: Fifteen

    ALLEGIANCE: Hasn't been tainted with the politics of adult alliances yet

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

    CLASSES: Transfiguration and Charms 

    WAND TYPE: 12", Apple Wood, Veela Hair Core

    PLAY BY: Darla Baker


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Green

    HEIGHT: 5 ft 9 in

    BODY TYPE: Skinny

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: With 1/4 veela blood, Gisele is a beautiful girl and knows it. She is quite tall for a girl and has quite a striking presence when she comes in a room. To prevent abnormal height she rarely wears heals (only in emergencies). Her footwear of choice is a simple black flat that she has three pairs of and wears under her Hogwarts robes. Gisele's hair is an average brown shade and can't be said to be anything special. It is not ugly, but is no where close to the highlight of her appearance. Most of the time she pulls in back in an intricate braid. Giseles skin tone varies by becoming very pale in winter and very tan in summer. Her features are interesting but sill beautiful. She enjoys wearing muggle clothing - the more expensive fashionable the better. Gisele has no tattoos or scars as of yet.


    • Beautiful
    • Persuasive 
    • Knows how to Manipulate Emotions
    • Isn't Easily Manipulated (and recognizes when she is)
    • Social Skills
    • Determined 
    • Strong Willed
    • Intelligent 
    • A Planner
    • Very Organized
    • Brilliant at Transfiguation 
    • Problem Solver
    • Her Connections
    • Defensive Magic 

    • Her Brother
    • A Temper
    • Thinks She is Better 
    • Refuses to Loose (and denies it when she does)
    • Doesn't Really Understand Real-World Conflicts (adult DE vs. Order)
    • Lives in a Bubble

    • Her Family (especially Julian)
    • Winter (snow, ice, Christmas lights, etc.)
    • Muggle Fashion
    • Modeling
    • Being Beautiful
    • Being Outdoors
    • Fancy Food
    • School Dances
    • Popularity
    • White Bleeding Hearts
    • Reading
    • Astronomy 
    • Hookups and One Night Stands
    • Pomegranate Tea 

    • Nicknames
    • Hot Summers
    • Commitment 
    • Divination 
    • The Idea of Destiny and Fate
    • Coffee
    • Classic Romances

    • To not fall in love 
    • To finish school
    • To find a career she enjoys (has no idea so far)

    • Runs on little to no sleep
    • Is a girl and hates true romance
    • Loves to twin more than anyone

    • A mermaid 

    • An early memory of a family trip to the park. She and Julian played for hours uninterrupted, experimenting with magic in the sand box. 

    • She sees every person who has ever left or betrayed her. 

    • Her first love called her a crazy b!tch when he saw her doing magic and he broke her heart. 

    • Herself surrounded by gorgeous men

    PERSONALITY: Gisele is kind to everyone on the surface, if only to have them like her and keep her popularity going strong. She enjoys being the center of attention and in the spotlight. Gisele treats life like a game. If she isn't pretty, popular, and basking in attention she looses the game. And if there is one thing G hates, it is loosing. When she doesn't get what she wants or looses a silent storm starts to brew. If pushed too far Gisele will quite literally explode (she once threw fire like her veela ancestors but was not able to do it again). Despite her lack of Divination skills, Gisele is almost able to read people and figure out the best plan to success at whatever task she is doing. With this comes the problem that if things aren't organized and planned out she can't stand it. The easiest way for her to escape her own over-thoughtful mind is drinking and partying. Only with lots of alcohol can she really let loose. Gisele hates romance. Sex and attractive men are wonderful in her book but actually loving someone and making a commitment scares her. She finds grand romantic gestures annoying and hopes to never appear "that stupid looking". 


    FATHER:  Jan Manier. Pureblood. Former Auror. Murdered. 

    MOTHER: Gabrielle Delacour. Quarter-Veela. A French citizen, she moved to London to work at the Ministry of Magic as an Auror but quit and returned to France. 

    SIBLING(S): Julien Delacour

    OTHER: Potters and Weasleys 

    BLOOD STATUS: Tainted Pureblood 

    RACE: Quarter Veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Mid-Wealthy

    PET(S): N/A


    OTHER POSSESSIONS: I'm sure she has them..


    Early Years: (Shamelessly stolen from Madd with edits)
    Gisele was born in France to Aurors Jan Manier and Gabrielle Delacour with her twin brother Julien. This took place shortly after their wedding, and was another joyous occasion to the Delacour family. The children were beautiful, resembling every bit like their mother, and is a quarter-veela, a gene of the Delacours that he thankfully inherited from birth. Gisele and Julien got along well, even though their similar personalities sometimes clashed. There was some compition for attention between the two siblings. Jan Manier was killed in one of the wizarding fights. Julien was closer to his father than Gisele and was rightfully more upset. While the loss of her father was deeply upsetting (as one would expect) it also added to her constantly growing belief that no romance lasts forever and that love is temporary. 

    Hogwarts Years: Like her brother, Gisele was sorted into Ravenclaw. She was fine but not thrilled with her house. They might be her family while a school, but most of her friends came from other houses. And she had a lot of friends. Gisele kept herself very busy with work and a social life. She was never bored for a second. It was clear from the start that her best subject was Transfiguration, as it came almost effortlessly to her. Time went by, and Gisele kept coasting through school, constantly gaining friends and loosing boyfriends. It was rare for her to not have an attractive boy hooked on her arm. The veela gave the effect that Ron expiranced around Fleur - and many people were speechless around her. Yet no boy seemed to last beyond a few months, and none exclusive. Her kindness and beauty countered her romantic actions enough that she miraculously wasn't grouped with the schools sluts. She was just.. Gisele. 

    In the later years of school Gisele discovered drinking. Her overactive mind was calmed when alcohol was added and she found refuge from her own brain. This lead to more drinking and more partying, only enhancing her popularity. She started to have an almost double personality. An uptight, intelligent, and grumpy student at Hogwarts and a joyful and carefree partier at home. Lately Gisele has been searching for a good balance. She doesn't like drinking - but feels there isn't another option.

    Adulthood: N/A


    YOUR NAME: Emily!


    HOW YOU FOUND US: You expect me to remember?

    OTHER CHARACTERS: Mira, Georgie, & Jamie

    PURPOSE OF CHARACTER: I wanted a canon & wanted to plot with my dearest love Madd 


Khaat Lupin
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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DELACOUR, Gisele Empty Re: DELACOUR, Gisele

on Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:08 pm
accepted and sorted into ravenclaw. you made me laugh. a high heel emergency? Is there such a thing? LOL

DELACOUR, Gisele Mki25h
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