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Gabrielle Delacour
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
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DELACOUR, Gabrielle Manier Empty DELACOUR, Gabrielle Manier

on Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:08 am

DELACOUR, Gabrielle Manier 368441-liv-tyler

Gabrielle Delacour


    FULL NAME: Gabrielle Manier Delacour

    NICKNAMES: Gab, Gabby

    AGE: 37

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral Auror

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex, Rawenclaw

    WAND TYPE: Veela Hair, 11 inches, Mahogony

    PLAY BY: Liv Tyler


    HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown

    EYE COLOR: Light blue

    HEIGHT: Tall

    BODY TYPE: Slender, ThinÖ

    +Gabrielle is a very tall woman, at least more then usual for a girl. Even though she is 37, she looks way too much younger as she never stops training. Her tan is bronze more or less, her skin is silky. Hair is dark brown and often wavy though she keeps it straight from time to time. Her hair and tan match perfectly though her light blue eyes are the only thing on her that are distinguished. Those eyes are sign of her as a veela. Though she often wears jewelry, the only one that she wears on daily basis is her wedding ring even though her husband died 10 years ago. Her composure is very self-confident and when she talks to you, she does it looking straight into your eyes. Her clothes is usually muggle clothes to draw less attention though she likes to wear scarves and does so whenever itís not too hot outside.


    +Defensive and Offensive Spells
    +Every kind of charms
    +Good leader

    +Her children
    +Accepting a mistake

    +Walking around streets at night
    +Teaching students

    +Barging into her apartment
    +Having to take a side

    +Retrieve some old position like Head of Aurors in time
    +Working for the ministry and teaching on Hogwarts at same time
    +Staying neutral whenever and until itís possible

    Donít know about this one.

    BOGGART: Dead children


    DEMENTOR: Her husbandís death

    VERITASERUM: She is French Deputy minister (nobody knows that)

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Being with her family without having to worry about Death Eaters

    +Gabrielle has a very strong personality and even stronger authority when she wants to. Her decisions are firm and precise. It is really hard to make her change her mind. Her strongest side are her offensive and defensive spells aswell as charms used for almost everything. Her knowledge in multiple world languages is something that lead her very far in really short time. Subject she was worse at from ever since she can remember it is Divination. Her grandest weakness is her children because in order to protect herself she would betray even herself. She rarely accepts her mistakes though she does it when absolutely inevitable. She likes long walks on London streets at night, teaching students at Hogwrats and Diplomacy. She dislikes when somebody barges into her apartment without invitation or without announcing he or she was gonna be there at that time. She also dislikes the press who often wrote about her in sometime and taking a side unless she has no other choice. Neutralitty is one of her strongest characteristics.


    FATHER: Monsieur Delacour

    MOTHER: Apolline Delacour

    SIBLING(S): Fleur Delacour

    OTHER: All Weasleys and Potters, one daughter and one son

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Part-Veela

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Wealthy

    PET(S): Tawny Owl Mickey

    BROOMSTICK(): Nimbus 2000

    OTHER POSSESSIONS: Auror, Deputy Minister of French ministry, Professor


    Early Years: Gabrielle was born in small town in Northern France when her elder sister was already 9 years old. Her childhood was pretty simple and without worries. At age of 8 she travelled for the first time to England to Hogwarts to triwizzard tournament where her sister was one of the Beuxbatons champions. During her early friends she made just a couple of friends considering her birthplace was a small town with not too many citezens. Even during her childhood, she started showing a lot of skills for simpler charms. Her sister finished Beuxbatons when she was 9 years old. That was during the period of Fleurís wedding with Bill Weasley who became her brother in law. That was the second time she travelled to England. Untill her 11th birthday days passed same as others.

    Hogwarts Years: At age of 11 she was accepted to Beuxbatons academy of magic. There she made a lot of new friends and started developing her extraordinary skills for Offensive spells. They were her first development, but soon after she showed skills for defensive spells aswell proving to be very advanced for her age. Finally when she was about to enter to year seven, they moved to England and she entered Hogwarts being sorted into Rawenclaw. There she got a new subject, Divination which was the worst thing that happened to her. Before she finished seventh year, she was handling non-verbal spells and started to learn legilimency with the help of her Defence against the Dark Arts Professor. She graduated with almost maximal grades.

    Adulthood: Once done with Hogwarts, Gabrielle applied for the auror course in the French ministry. Her training lasted for three years and it was exhausting. She was 20 when she finished. Once she finished the training and entered as an auror to French ministry, she got married to her boyfriend who she dated all years during her training. Her husband became Jan Manier, freshman as aurora swell. Not many months after their wedding, Gabrielle was already pregnant and gave birth to a boy Derek. Four years later she discovered she was pregnant for the second time. During that period when she was around 25 years old began disorders in the ministry for power. When she was in 5th month of pregnancy her husband was murdered in one of those fights leaving her with almost 5 year old boy and pregnant. Later she gave birth to a girl Monet, when Derek was already 5. When both of her children entered Hogwarts, she moved to London for good, retaking her career few years before when she was 33. Since then she changed various positions in the English ministry from Auror to Head of Aurors and later deputy minister. She spent last 3 months in France with her parents after quitting her job as an auror. She didnít come back yet though she is planning on it.


    YOUR NAME: Dana



    OTHER CHARACTERS: Mariana Diggory, Leanne Phoenix


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DELACOUR, Gabrielle Manier Empty Re: DELACOUR, Gabrielle Manier

on Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:22 pm
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