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COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Empty COUPEAU, Julian Xavier

on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:46 am

COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Kj-1



    FULL NAME: Julian Xavier Coupeau


    AGE: Fifteen, Fifth

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw.

    WAND TYPE:Rosewood, Unicorn Tail Hair, 11in'

    PLAY BY:francisco lachowski


    HAIR COLOR:Brown

    EYE COLOR:Brown


    BODY TYPE:(I don't know)

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Muscular, but in the teenage boy type of body. Athletic figure, facial features are kinda boyish and I guess of a Russian feel being his mother is Russian. He has an enchanting smile,but a rare sight and his. He does dress himself classy, doesn't like to look dirty, though nothing to cocky just a subtle look. He dresses normally in the dorms and during school formal events he dresses appropriately.


    • Intelligence

    • Listening

    • Some school subjects

    • Being Social

    • Making Friends

    • Resilience

    • Animals

    • Zee Male gender(blarg!)

    • New york(the idea of it)

    • Plant studies

    • Muggle studies

    • Bullies

    • To be deceived

    • Dark Arts

    • Depression

    • Embarrassment

    • To own a business, or a store somewhere.

    • Possibly move to the states, New York has captured his heart.

    • Gets red when nervous, blushes I guess.

    • He also can sweat when nervous.

    • To drown.

    • To see death.

    • Die by a curse.

    PATRONUS: Pathetically it was the day he returned home on his first year.

    DEMENTOR: Nearly dieing in the great lake.

    AMORENTIA: Strawberries.

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be relieved of all problems, to have an easy life.


    Julian is very quiet and doesn't speak much. He is just a man of not many words. It's not really his fault, it's just that he doesn't feel as if he fits much into the crowd, not really wanting to stand out like he does. Most of this really comes from his insecurities and the bullying problem he has.

    Julian is very trustworthy because he knows if you don't want something out in the open it should stay between you and whoever you choose to tell. This coming from the many secrets he holds and knows if he ever had a friend he told everything to that he'd wish for it to be kept a secret. No worries here for his secrets being exploited because he is completely friendless.

    Though he may seem like he'd hate you all, but at time he can get over some of the things that have happened to him. So he could care for you if you're one to be mean to him, but this is a strong personality trait. Although to the population not at all, ever once been cruel to Julian will have sympathy and understanding from him.

    Hopeless Romantic:
    Yes in love with the idea of love Julian is. He adores the old fashion attempts of romance, the classics are the way to his heart. He has the fantasies of the perfect relationship, being that he's into the same sex relations so he likes the idea of any type of romantic feel with a gay touch to it.

    He takes a second a look at everyone to know their intentions and to keep from making a fool of himself with them. He analyzes others to see if they have the potential of friendship with him. Also being he has a trust issue it'll be hard to pry your way into his life.


    FATHER:Claude Coupeau

    MOTHER:Ginta Coupeau(nee Petrov)

    SIBLING(S):Unborn brother or sister.

    OTHER: N/A

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood


    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealth(By family inheritance, though he rarely spends any of the given his parents send as a weakly allowance.)



    (A replica)Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem/converted to necklace
    Persistent with wanting her son to have more abilities with his mind, being that Julian had difficulties as a child with learning, kind of a mental disorder, so dear Julian's mother had copied the destroyed diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw's. Being successful she used this first on herself, it working like magic she passed it to her son and this helped is development a bunch. He today wears it a necklace, not knowing it's anything special and he never really removes it because his mother warned him not to.

    Enchanted Coin
    Used to communicate secretly, the original idea was from the use for Dumbledores Army members to communicate with each other and a former member surprisingly just handed it over to Julian while he was in Diagon Alley. This may seem unlikely, but it just happened and Julian has yet to test this new toy.


    Early Years: Born May 2nd, sadly with developing disability. His brain was sadly not functioning properly and it was sadly informed that he wouldn't past the age of five, developing wise. His mother wouldn't have this and this came to reason why she restored the powers, though slightly not the same of the Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw. This was a success helping Julian reach his full potential. Nothing much happened after that, they just informed him of the days to come in hogwarts.

    Hogwarts Years:

    Sorting In.
    The year of year one, Julian was sent to Ravenclaw, it seemed like he didn't belong. Sadly this was the effect of his necklace. Other would protest he'd be better sorted into Hufflepuff, being he's shy and very caring,as most Ravenclaws are very outspoken and book worms, traits not given naturally, but given magically to Julian.

    So to into the first! Julian did excellent in his classes during year one, he sadly wasn't the social butterfly everyone wanted and this got the attention of many bullies who picked on him for being a quiet person. This depressed Julian and this kept him from cracking his turtle shell, to possibly be the person to stick up for himself, but all the words sent him crawling back to his social awkwardness. Other than bullies and social problems, Julian had done well in classes and seemed to impress some professors, so his struggles before went away thanks to his mother.

    Creeping our way into Second year Julian was the same, as well as his third year and nothing really hit till his forth year.

    Bullies, everyone has them

    Bullies again, but this time they hit hard with trying to humiliate Julian, and being successful. These bullies which was a variety of other houses and their pranks started childish with pushing or tripping Julian, later to spell pranks and neither Julian nor teachers enjoyed this, which gave him special attention from the teachers. This attention was unwanted, though some of the non-understanding teachers didn't care much for Julian, but besides that this attention gave Julian the dubbed "teachers pet" by his fellow classmates. All through the year Julian was red faced and sweaty. Another plus is that when walking down to the grounds Julian had 'accidentally' fell into the great lake, he had been caught on something as well and could hardly push himself to the surface, thankfully he survived.

    The bullying went on through the year to his fifth and he hardly has yet to break away from this, he is recently thinking of dropping out.

    Sexual Orientation
    Coming into fifth year Julian experienced a difficult time finding out about himself, but given no distraction he had time to himself every night to figure his confusion. This confusion was the one of sexual meanings, yes as much as you'd wish Julian isn't straight, he's as straight as a circle. Now he discovered this, every whisper he thought was about him, everything seemed to be about him in his mind, he couldn't take the whisperes, he thought someone was about to yell of him be gay to the world. Today he still is confused, mostly because he has been single and lonely forever, not matter the good looks he still didn't have the confidence for anything.



    YOUR NAME: Reed

    RP EXPERIENCE:I can't remember

    HOW YOU FOUND US: I forgot

    OTHER CHARACTERS:Yvette Belcourt,Kaya Knightly and Effy Abney


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COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Empty Re: COUPEAU, Julian Xavier

on Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:17 pm
I love him! I want to wrap him up and shower him with kisses. Is he done yet? I want to sort him and send many characters to love him for me. :P I love the playby choice and I love the character I just...love him? Fantastique!

COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Empty Re: COUPEAU, Julian Xavier

on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:27 pm
Yes! Julian is finally complete!
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COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Empty Re: COUPEAU, Julian Xavier

on Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:59 pm
And, of course, sorted into the lovely house of Raven!
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COUPEAU, Julian Xavier Empty Re: COUPEAU, Julian Xavier

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