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WEST, Mazzie Day Empty WEST, Mazzie Day

on Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:26 am

WEST, Mazzie Day I15813497857l

Mazzie Day West


    FULL NAME: Mazzie Day West


    AGE: 12

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: 9 3/4 inch, pine wood, veela hair core

    PLAY BY Zoe Kimball


    HAIR COLOR: At the moment her hair is pale blonde. But changes at Mazzie's will.

    EYE COLOR: A stunning periwinkle. Periwinkle is blue with a hint of purple.

    HEIGHT: 4'8. Very short.

    BODY TYPE: Slender and petite

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mazzie likes to stick with bright blonde hair and periwinkle eyes. Her hair is thick and fluffy, parting on the left. Her bangs sweep from the right to the left across her forehead and she usually keeps them there with a hair pretty. Mazzie's skin is relatively pale. Her skin is clear and free of blemishes, because she washes it daily and eats healthy. Never drinking pop helped. Mazzie used to wear girly clothes. She loves color, but sometimes there was hints of tomboy in them.


    Doesn't let much bother her
    Can take constructive citisism
    Good at arguing/making a point
    Care for Magical Creatures

    Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Perfectionist OCD
    Flirting with boys

    Justin Beiber
    Modern Music
    Four-leafed clovers
    Floral patterns
    Horror movies
    Sad movies
    Taylor Lautner
    Jacob Black
    Seth Clearwater
    Alice Cullen
    New York City
    Adam Sandler Movies
    Jasper Hale

    Edward Cullen

    Have a job she enjoys.
    Volunteer as much as she can.
    Go to Spain.
    Have a Great Dane.
    Meet the love of her life.
    Get a boyfriend.
    Have a pet pig.
    write fiction boks.

    Because she has perfectionism OCD, she must constanty make sure her shoelaces are tied, her socks are at the same level, her tights are not dirted, and she is wearing mascara. She herever she goes she double knots her shes, carries a portable case of mascara, and dusting off her tights.

    BOGGART: To be left out and be left behind by all her friends.

    PATRONUS: When she found her bulldog, Muffin, in a box labeled ' Free Puppies'. He was the last one left.

    DEMENTOR: When her dad got on a plane to go to South Africa on business for 6 months.

    AMORENTIA: Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel, Freshly Mowed Grass, and Honey Almond

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be given a NobelPrize.

    PERSONALITY: Mazzie has a particullay caring feeling. She can't bare to see people or things in need. She can't turn her back on people in need. every Christmas she helps at animal shelters, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. Mazzie also helps out at the Special Olympics all the time. She is very clever, and picky. With particular needs that most wouldn't. Her OCD and ADD probably cause that. Mazzie is rather girly but is just as fiesty. Growing up with only sister and 6 brothers might have caused that again.


    FATHER: Harvey West

    MOTHER: Susie West

    SIBLING(S): (All older and in order from oldest to youngest.)
    Sister: Corey West
    Blood Brothers: Jay West, Avan West, Jeremy West, Alex West, Brody West
    Foster Brother: Jack West


    BLOOD STATUS: Muggle Born

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy-middle class

    Muffin: Male Bulldog (At home)
    Blue: Female, Russian Blue, Cat
    Suzanna: Female Barn Owl

    Bluebottle and Comet Two-Sxty

    Crystal ball
    Muggle Books


    Early Years: Her sister Corey was somewhat happy and angry that there would be a girl in the family. Somene she could do her hair or stick gum in it. She could be the mentor or blame everything on her. Depending on how the girl acted in the first few years. The boys were excited, someone they could draw on, use as a test dummy, and wrestle with as she got older. On Febuary 12, Mazzie Day West was born. She grew tough from wrestling with boys. She could beat them all by age 9. Mazzie even got prettier than Corey. Mazzie could be self-concieded at times. Loving ot look at herself in the mirror and pictures. When Mazzie got older she was told she had perfectionist OCD and ADD and she got a letter from Hogwarts. She was excited, considering no more nomral school. A place where she would only be judged by how well she could turn a person into a bunny.

    Hogwarts Years: She first got a letter from Beauxbatons, but as she did more and more research, she knew that that was not the school she wanted to go to, despite the fact that it was in France. But, London should have been okay, and it was fine to her. She loves Potions because of all the things they can do to you, and make you become. She finds it very interesting. Maybe she will grow to see that Potions is like cooking. Anyways, she also excelled in Care of Magical Creatures. The smaller animals love her, and the bigger ones find her strange because of her small size.

    Adulthood: Her future is not yet decided. She still has alot of decisions to make before that becomes clear.


    YOUR NAME: Bree

    RP EXPERIENCE: Quite enough.

    HOW YOU FOUND US: From another fourms site, Greenwood Academy.

    OTHER CHARACTERS: . . . . .


Your stupid. No one cares about you. This changes everything. Your friends won't like you. . . . the voices rang in her head like whisperes. She stared out the window. The sky was foggy and gray, like her mood. The window of the van was clouded over with a thin layer of mist. Mazzie took her long index finger and drew a frowny face on the window, but as she drew she moved the mist so she could slightly see through the window. She recognized the houses, so Mazzie knew that they must be getting close to home. She opened the door quick as a flash and ran to the door, leaving her brothers, sister, and parents dumbfounded still in the car. Mazzie pulled out her key, fumbling and dropping it. She went to pick them up and saw that the rug was not pushed up to the doorstep. So she pushed it up, and cursed under her breath. "Please." she whispered and picked up her keys on a keychain with a panda bear head on it. she fumbled with the keys again and finally found the right one. Mazzie could hear here family coming up, so she flung the door open, ripping her keys outof the door. She walked straight down the hallway and went into the second to last door on the right, her room. She ignored everything and threw her keys at the wall, not caring the least bit that she hit the wall and made a slight dent on it.

Mazzie ripped the blankets off her bed and lay down into it. She grabbed the blankets and covered herslef up. Mazzie wanted to cry, she wanted to run to Avan. Avan was her brother who she was closest to. She wanted to scream and cry and yell "It isn't fair!" but nothing was fair. While Mazzie was lost in thought she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

She awoke to the shaking of big dark hands, Jack's hands. Jack was a mixture of African American and Indian. Making his skin a dark red. Atop his head lay thick, black curls. He smiled down at her. He was the closest to her in age, being only 2 years older than him. "It's dinner time Maze." he said and with that he left. Mazzie forgot about why she felt bad. Jack could be very intimidating, but his smiles always made you forget why you felt bad. She brushed her hair through quickly and walked out the door. At once, being greated by her bulldog, Muffin. She bent down and let him lick her face. Mazzie proceed to kiss him atop the forhead. After that, she walked down the hall and sat at her fimilar spot at the dinner table. Right beside Avan and Jack. The table went silent. "What? Quit staring at me!" Mazzie said angrily, Her face turning red. Avan patted her shoulder knowing it was her ADD making her do this. "Mazzie, it isn't about that." her mother said. "You got two letters yesterday." her mother said patting her hand. As Mazzie looked around the table she spotted several differnent expressions. Whatever it was, this was obviously not your average, every day letter.

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WEST, Mazzie Day Empty Re: WEST, Mazzie Day

on Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:38 am
Looks good!
One thing, though. You haven't really said how having OCD and ADD has affected Mazzie's life and when it was diagnosed. If you do that I think you're good to go. Very Happy

WEST, Mazzie Day Empty Re: WEST, Mazzie Day

on Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:31 am
Actually, I am going to make that the role-play. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed, the car ride home, dinner, and the next morning she gets a letter from Hogwarts!
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WEST, Mazzie Day Empty Re: WEST, Mazzie Day

on Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:22 am
Oooooh! Very cool! Very Happy

Accepted and Sorted into the mighty house of Hufflepuff!

I am looking forward to reading those threads! Very Happy
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WEST, Mazzie Day Empty Re: WEST, Mazzie Day

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