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Jack Dyllan
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Jack Dyllan
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on Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:31 am

I love music, and I love my charries. So it's understandable that every now and then I run across a song that I feel works so well for them, I just have to make a mental note of it. After awhile, these notes get jumbled though, so I decided to share them with the world... Or, well, PA at least. So please... enjoy!

The Reason by Hoobastank In regards to Vito Dee Symons, Chase Moor, and Andrew Thompson. She feels as though she had wronged all of them and they have changed who she was for the better (mostly) and she will always be indebted to them for that.

Rose's Turn performed here by Chris Colfer Awhile after the summer party. Jack chose Vito over her friends for the sake of her friends but ended up getting crucified over it. Replace the word 'dad' with Chase, 'Miss Rachel Berry' with Mr Vito Dee, 'Kurt' with Jack, and 'Hummel' with Dyllan and... well it's pretty crazy how applicable the song is.

That's What You Get by Paramore Despite what Jack's mind tells her, she sticks around Vito to watch over him, but after the summer party, they sort of lost contact, and now she feels sort of lost, because she changed her entire life for him for awhile and now she's not sure what to do with herself and, for some reason, she still cares about him even though she screwed her life over for him.


Remembering Sunday by All Time Low Elliot recently had a run in with a girl and his fickle heart convinced him that he was in love. After their one night stand, she disappeared and he tried to find her, but she was not interested... her boyfriend was coming home soon anyway. Now Elliot is even worse off than ever.

Breathe Me by Sia Salem feels small and breakable most of the time, as though she can not function, even though she has done marvelously for being alone. She really just wants one person to understand, one person to care for her, to hold her, to be her friend.

Drama Queen by Family Force Five Marla lives for the drama she can create. As an actress she thrives on creating chaos, having to act her way out of situations. She likes to cause trouble just to see if she can get out of it. She also thinks very highly of herself and no one else.

I have more, I'm just getting bored with this. Keep an eye out! xD
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