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Forbes D'Eath
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FORBES, Zada Amethyst

on Tue Dec 21, 2010 12:03 pm

Zada Forbes


    FULL NAME: Zada Amethyst Forbes

    NICKNAMES: none

    AGE: 34

    ALLEGIANCE: neutral.

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: ex Beauxbatons student
    WAND TYPE: 11" ebony, with a silver handle that looks like a dragon is curled around it.  The end of the wand has an egg shaped cabochon of onyx mounted into it, resembling a dragon's egg. The core is dragon heartstring.

    PLAY BY Cate Blanchett


    HAIR COLOR:Blonde

    EYE COLOR:Blue


    BODY TYPE: Slender

    GENERAL APPEARANCE: Zada is a tall, elegant woman who carries herself with dignity and distance.  She wears only designer clothing and usually wears an air of superiority about her.  Her cold attitude generally causes others to keep their distance from her.  She's definitely not the sort of girl most homeboys would take home to meet Mom.


    Dark Arts
    oddly enough, she's very good at seduction.  she considers it a game and a weapon only

    has no conscience
    tends to be self centered and self motivated
    not good with people, by and large

    clean contemporary designs
    vodka martinis and just vodka, poured "neat"

    hugs and shows of affection

    power.  she has wealth.  wealth is just a means to gain power

    QUIRKS: gets uncomfortable around any genuine shows of affection, except if, on rare occasion it is on her terms.

    BOGGART: finding herself in a position of having to depend on any one else.

    PATRONUS: her first kill. she robbed the man of millions--it was how she got about half of her wealth.  Her patronus takes the form of a kimodo dragon.

    DEMENTOR: the murder of her husband by the ministry aurors

    AMORENTIA: the smell of money

    MIRROR OF ERISED: Her greatest dream is to make herself President of the United States.  Queen of England wasn't good enough because the US is bigger.

    PERSONALITY: Zada is the product of her upbringing. She never had a chance to become more than what the adults around her deemed she would be.  She does not comprehend concepts like love and affection.  The closest she ever had was her relationship with her husband, and after his death at the hands of ministry aurors, she turned back to what her father had raised her to become and never looked back.  She believes the only thing worth living for is power and control, and she pursues it relentlessly.  She only involves herself with people who will be useful to her, uses them and then disposes of them in whatever way amuses her.  


    FATHER:  Ian Marshall, 56, lives in Mexico.  Retired professor of herbology from Beaxbatons

    MOTHER:  Anita Marshall, 55, lives in Mexico, retired clerk from the Ministry of Magic

    SIBLING(S): Devon Marshall, age 40, lives in France (older brother)

    OTHER: Husband--Lorcan D'Eath. August 4, 2026. Alexander "Lex" Forbes, 16, Durmstrang student--son;  Olivia Forbes 15, Beauxbaton's student --daughter
                                 Jonathan Forbes, deceased husband

    BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy

    (OPTIONAL. For students only owls, cats, mice and toads are allowed at Hogwarts however you might sneak something else through. Graduates are allowed anything. )


    inherited Forbes family mansion and all their belongings when her husband was murdered. Forbes mansion is located in a rural area of England distant from London. has a penthouse on the roof of a Diagon Alley building.


    Early Years: Zada was born a British citizen and raised in France.  Her father was a sadistic assassin for the dark arts order who masqueraded as an innocent herbology professor.  Her mother was one of the leaders in the French dark arts order, having been raised in it from her birth, and so the lineage progressed to Zada as well.  Zada's parents had predefined ideas about who and what Zada would be before she was born and how they would raise her.  They determined she would be poised, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated--and deadly.   Ian and Anita decided Zada would go to Beauxbatons in order that she would be the polished example of elegance that they wanted her to be.  Ian Marshall trained Zada from almost the time she could walk and talk that life was cheap and expendable and that most of humanity wasn't worth it.

    Hogwarts Years: Zada actually attended Beauxbatons and  excelled at transfigurations and at Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Her father taught her dark arts spells which Beauxbatons would not teach.  She met her husband to be during a holiday break when hs family went to Paris on summer holiday.  Her parents found Jonathan to be the "right sort' for Zada and arranged a marriage for the summer following the couple's graduation.  Although she felt no genuine love for Jonathan, Zada felt a level of familiarity with him that she had never felt with anyone before nor since.

    Adulthood: Zada and Jonathan lived in the Forbes family mansion in England after their marriage, and when his parents died, Jonathan inherited it all.  They had their two children and shortly after the birth of their son, Jonathan was killed in a duel by ministry aurors to passing ministry secrets to the Death Eaters.  Zada lost any remaining spark she had about caring about humanity.  She shifted her interests to purely the pursuit of power, and she is raising her children to follow in her footsteps.  One of her first major triumphs was the murder of a wealthy wizarding family in order to obtain the financial assets they had to add to the ability she had to command power. Zada remains resentful of anyone associated with the Ministry or the "light arts" practitioners because she believes they murdered him wrongfully.


    YOUR NAME: Sara

    RP EXPERIENCE:2 or 3 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: google


    RP SAMPLE: Zada lowered her wand and stood in the silence of the darkened cellar.  She looked down at her full length fur coat and examined it for blood splatters.  She hated to have her clothes mussed.  Sometimes death was such messy business, and Zada didn't like getting her hands, or anything else, dirty.  She looked at the prone figure on the floor.  He was motionless now.  She was glad he'd finally stopped the screaming.  She had become bored of that several moments ago.  She looked at the rough wooden table and pocketted the dead wizard's personal effects, including the notebook that gave her access to his not insufficient Gringotts accounts.  She did not bother to double check the man to see if he were truly dead.  There was not enough to bother with.  She put her wand in the pocket on the inside of her coat, ascended the stone stairs and walked out into the bright winter sunshine with a smile on her face.  It had been a profitable day.
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: FORBES, Zada Amethyst

on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:32 am
Accepted and sorted into grads. Welcome aboard!


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