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MANSON, James Nathan

on Thu Nov 25, 2010 6:12 pm

James Nathan Manson


    FULL NAME: James Nathan Manson

    NICKNAMES: Jamie, Nath.

    AGE: 35

    ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

    HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ex-Ravenclaw

    WAND TYPE: 17 inch, maple wood with a unicorn tail core.

    PLAY BY Chris Evans


    HAIR COLOR: Short Brown

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    HEIGHT: 6'11"

    BODY TYPE: Slim and Muscular


    James Manson is considered quite attractive. His brown hair tends to appear lighter and darker under different lighting. It still, however remains, organized but not strict. His face structure is muscular and lean, giving off a young but mature look. James tends to wear blue jeans with a regular T-shirt, usually blue, yellow, black or white.



    His pet dog, that protects.


    Losing students.
    Losing his animals
    Not doing his job well


    His work


    Dark Arts
    Irritating Students


    Get Love.
    Help the School.
    Getting to know the animals in the Forest.


    Talks much
    Like to clean everything.

    BOGGART: His parents lost.

    PATRONUS: Graduating.

    DEMENTOR: The murderer of His parents.

    AMORENTIA: Fresh Air, Flowers, (Nature)

    MIRROR OF ERISED: To be with his parents.


    James Nathan Manson can be hard for students, he really wants them to learn the dangers of the forest, and he can then be a bit angry or anything. When he is angry and someone is laughing him out for what he is doing, he will get in problems. James Nathan Manson is very protective over his students, when you learn to know him, you would find a sweet man inside him. He just had a terrible history. He is smart and might be a kind of shy. He really wants to help the people get a good life. He shows compassion and that is what the students need. He also hates fighting but when he needs to he will, just to protect himself and others.


    FATHER: Jack John Manson

    MOTHER: Marissa Martha Manson

    SIBLING(S): None

    OTHER: Grandmother Lilly (Deceased)

    BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood

    RACE: Human

    SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class

    A Baby Eagle --> is raising him up.
    A Dog --> as work for Gameskeeperr




    Early Years:

    James Nathan Manson was born on a cold winter morning as he was one of the first child of Jack and Marissa Manson. They were a happy family as they loved him very much. Even if his mother was a muggle, they still loved him very much. But the only bad thing was that on a night his parents got killed by a dark creature, that still hasn’t been found. That happened when he was 3.

    At that time of the murder he was at his grandmother’s house and so she needed to take care of them. She did it with love and care and learned him magic already. It was basic magic but it was magic. The years flew by as he turned eleven. He got his first letter to the school as he followed the magic school.

    Hogwarts Years:

    School was difficult for James, at least initially. While he made friends easily with the boys in his house, his appearance and limited social skills made him the subject of bullying among older students. Thankfully, this did not last too long, only about until his third year. Once James grew out of his awkward preteen years into a somewhat handsome, strong young man with a reputation for doling out nasty hexes to anyone who dared cross him, the bullying stopped and James subsequently began to blossom with self confidence, and his popularity grew. The next few years saw the emergence of a well adjusted James Manson; smart, confident, and well-liked. There was still little he could do in the way of women—he’s been going after the same girl for years, still to no avail—but there still wasn’t much to complain about. He felt like the golden boy of Hogwarts, and in many ways he was.

    Adulthood: (

    When he graduated with O’s in Defence against the Dark Arts, Charms and Herbology he went to travel around. He wanted to see the world. The only problem was he found the murderer of his father and mother. He could take his revenge as it was a heavy battle. The only bad thing was the wound he got on his left leg. He murdered the beast but at the last blow he hit James leg as he fell to the ground, his wand away as he knocked out. When he was found an hour later, it was too late to stop the wound as it still has a scar there.


    YOUR NAME: Marv

    RP EXPERIENCE: hm 5 á 6 years

    HOW YOU FOUND US: a friend (Steven walker?)


    RP SAMPLE: (This is from a other site where James, me plays the DADA Professor and as vampire.)

    It was a good day outside. Something that James Nathan Manson didn't like. It was something he didn't like because the sun was killing his view. He might be a vampire, but he did live in the school more. The blood was also he didn't like. But if he needed to live from that, then yeah that was something he needed to do then. So he entered the DADA Classroom as he put his bags down.

    The school was starting again and he was early for the classes, as he wanted to prepare them well enough. He didn't meet anyone here, as it would be nice to meet someone. The only problem that could work out was the vampire stuff. He waved his finger as he closed the windows as he made it dark.

    He grabbed his bags as he put them on the desk. He opened them as he tapped his finger. The stuff in the bags got out of the desk and appeared into the different places in the classroom. He was prepared already as he really needed it. He then saw his outfit as he changed it into something casual. He didn't like to wear something to block the sun when he was inside. The only thing that was bad here, was the sunlight. He was on the first floor and it would give the most sunlight.

    Oh well he couldn't wish for all as he was the only new guy here. He had so much history that he most of the time hide himself, until he got the courage to become the teacher here. Now he just needed some people that understand and welcomed him here.

    Tag: Open
    Words: 286

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Re: MANSON, James Nathan

on Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:49 pm
Only one tiny thing, you need a Dementor and to say what Amorentia smells like to your character.
However, I'm not going to keep you up just for that, so I'll add you up now, just change those little bits ASAP then tell me, so I can move your app.
Cheers, hope you enjoy being on the site.
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