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Azkaban Prison Orientation Empty Azkaban Prison Orientation

on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:21 pm
Azkaban Prison

Azkaban Prison Orientation Ji2s7p

You are entering one of the most terrifying places in the wizarding world--Azkaban Prison, the nearly impregnible and unescapable center of incarceration for the most devious of magical world. The prison is located on an island of rock out in the middle of the North Sea. It is not possible to plot it on any map and is reachable by boat to those wizards who know how to find it. The only other thing on Azkaban's island is the cemetary for those who have died while inside prison walls. Azkaban has a history of being well past inhumane and it is said that life there breeds insanity because of the prison's extreme cruelty.

The Ministry welcomes you but reminds you that while you are here, you must abide by certain rules and guidelines:

1. Azkaban is inescapable. If you have been sentenced here, you can only join the wizarding world again through express permission of the Ministry. That means you must be released because you served your time, or that you have been placed on parole, have been pardoned by the Minister, or that you have joined a work release program, or that you have become so seriously ill that you have been temporarily transferred from the prison to St. Mungos. Those are now the only five ways out of your conviction.

2. Upon arrival to the island, whether visitor or inmate, you will be subject to search, and all magical items will be confiscated during your time inside prison walls. Your magical abilities will be bound. Only Ministry employees and Prison employees are permitted to carry weaponry, magical items or the use of magic inside prison walls. All visitors will be escorted at all times by prison personnel--no exceptions. Your magical items and powers will be returned to you when you leave. Visitors may bring select nonmagical gifts or send correspondence upon approval by the prison warden, but gifts and correspondence, as in all prisons, will be carefully screened.

3. Visitors will be escorted off the island immediately for disruptive, inappropriate or violent behaviors. All prison decisions are the final decision of the warden, who is responsible to the Minister of Magic.

Enjoy your stay.
Robert Lupin,
Minister of Magic

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